Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/29/13

I feel nothing... download

Al Sims & the Alpine Two: Party (Listen)
Kim Garri & the Rhythm Kings: Big bad Wolf (Terry-Tone)
Jittery Jack: What’s Buzzin’ Cuzzin’ (Gone Plum Crazy!)
Bollywood Argyles: Vinda Loo (Norton)
Renegade Five: Young And Wild (Chattahoochie)
Valery: Vous Dansez Mademoiselle (Singing Mademoiselle)
Navarros: Moses (Corby)
King Salami & the Cumberland Three: The Monkey Beat (Cooking Up A Party)

Jackie & the Starlites: Valarie (Fury)
Max Alexander & the Hi-Fi Combo: Little Rome (Caprock)
Larry Green & the Rhythmaires: Watch Your Step (Lu-Green)
Four Slicks: Ain’t That A Dilly (Four On The Floor)
Hysterics: Won’t Get Far (Tottenham)
White Trainers Community: Goodbye, Girl! (The Long Play)
Kaisers: Take Your Time Caroline (Shake Me)
Skip & Johnny: More Marathon (Invicta)

Mighty Fevers: High School Riot (Fuck’in Great RnR)
Onions: She’s My Altamont (I Am The Amazing Onions $2 Demo)
Testors: Primitive (Original Punk Recordings New York City 1976-1977)
Fury: 100% Proof (Hozac)
Useless Eaters: I Feel Nothing (demo)
Flint, Wozo or Colin Lloyd Combo: Badly Bruised And Slightly Stoned (De Wolfe Records)
No Bails: No Left Turns (Epyx Shredder)
Future Primitives: Have You Been To Mars (Songs We Taught Ourselves)

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Ready For Boredom (Ready For Boredom)
Mil Mascaras: Fuzz (Hozac)
Wild Weekend: Cosmetic Couple (Munster)
Innsmen: Things Are Different Now (Wheels 4)
Finders: Which Way (Finders Keepers)
Tyvek: Scaling (On Triple Beams)
Nightmare Boyzzz: Up All Night (no label)

Cormans: Mingo (Total Punk)
Jewws: Heartbreaker (Heartbreaker)
Bob Taylor & the Counts: Don’t Be Unfair (Yucca)
Del Aires: Someplace Else (Black)
Raydios: Turning Blue (Original Demo Recordings)
Games: Baby Put Down That Gun (s/t)
Ills: Nominate U To Die (Tuning Out)
Fadeaways: Stop It Baby (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
Pagans: Not Now No Way (Drome)

Ana Lucia: Gimme You (s/t)
Cane!: She’s Got Boobs (Cum In Your Heart)
Vomit Tongues: I Don’t Like You (demo)
Peach Kelli Pop: Panchito Blues II (s/t)
Cuntz: Casual Drinker (Aloha)
Armitage Shanks: Jimmy Pursey’s Bastard Son (Nevermind The Ballcocks)
Registrators: Disco Idol (1995 Demo Sessions)
Legendary Wings: Best Friend (Pelican Pow Wow)
Pussy Dogs: I Won’t Go To Sleep (Bite Off More Than You Can Chew)
Surgeons: Chainz (demo)
Dancer: You Got It Man (Daggerman)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/22/13

I'm a disaster... download

Darryl Vincent & the Flames: Wild, Wild Party (Sandy)
Rock Rogers: That Ain’t It (Starday)
Al Foul: When I’m Bombed (demo)
Countdowns: Do It (Anderson Records Inc.)
Styng Rites: Baby’s Got A Brand New Brain (Snaffle)
Four Slicks: I Don’t Need You No More (Four On The Floor)
Kaisers: Don’t Ask Me (Bedrock)
White Trainers Community: Dance (The Long Play)

Al Willis & his New Swingsters: Sock Beat Bop (Crazy Times)
Outcasts: Let’s Do The Ubangi Stomp (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
Yochanan: Muck Muck (Saturn)
Blue Cats: Turn My Back On You (Best Dawn Yet)
Buddy Holly: I’m Gonna Set my Foot Down (Reminiscing)
Nightmare Boyzzz: Batman (Happenin’)
Barreracudas: 7th Time Around (Windian)
Headcoatees: Ballad Of The Insolent Pup (Ballad Of The Insolent Pup)

No Bails: P.R.N. (Epyx Shredder)
Seculars: The Rolik/Social Skills (360 Twist)
Future Primitives: Tell Me Where’s That Girl (Songs We Taught Ourselves)
Pussy Dogs: I’ve Got A Steady Date (Ain’t Nothin’ But A Pussy Dog)
Mighty Fevers: Radio Burn (Fuck’in Great R’n’R)
Peach Kelli Pop: Scorpio (s/t)
Primitive Idols: All The Action (no label)
Dancer: On The Run (Daggerman)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Disaster (demo)
Sunburns: Dumb Girls (Smells Like Fun)
Manateees: Under The Gun (Pelican Pow Wow)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Sally (Ready For Boredom)
Shoes: I Don’t Want To Hear It (Present Tense)
Ana Lucia: Mad Man (s/t)
People’s Temple: Looter’s Game (More For The Masses)
Fink Muncx 4: Coffee, Tea Or Me (Prism)
Night People: We Got It (Del-Nita)

Jam: Art School (In The City)
Finders: Sweet Little User (Finders Keepers)
RAS: Karlek (Blue)
Bum: Don’t Come To Close To Me (Lance Rock)
Cane!: Boring Youth (Cum In Your Heart)
Kyra Rubella: Ego Maniac (Here I Am, I Always Am)
Marauders: I Can Tell (Coulee)
Reasons Why: Don’t Be That Way (Sound Track)

Scientists: It’s For Real (White Rider)
Saints: Demolition Girl (Harvest)
Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp!)
Ty Segall & Seth Sutton: I Hate The Kids (Nasshville’s Dead)
Eastern Dark: Johnny And Dee Dee (Waterfront)
Ex-Cult: Future Victims (s/t)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/15/13

ready for boredom... download

Don Love & the Heartbeats: Panic In The Power Plant (Fern Creek)
Al Willis & the New Swingsters: Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock (Crazy Times)
Sixteen & the Sidewinders: Lightning Don’t Strike Twice (demo)
Jason ‘Hoss’ Hicks: It’s Not Right (Wild Hare)
Bloodshot Bill So Blue (So Blue)
Nate Gibson: Evenin’ Time (Go! Go! Go!)
Rockers: Don’t Leave Me Tonight (Alcatraz)
Mark Sultan: Git It (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)

Bunny & Skitter: Rock With Me Baby (Worldisc)
Charm Kings: Boss Lookin’ Baby (Jamaican Doo Wop)
Corvairs w/Stith Twins & Langdon Twins: Black Diamonds (Twin)
Tennessee Boys: Blue Heated Fool (Wormtone)
Dykmann Family: Side Street Love (demo)
Heartbreakers: I Wanna Be Loved (L.A.M.F.)
Maggots: Let’s Get Let’s Get Tammy Wynette (Wormusik)
Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (Capitol)

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Loneliness (Ready For Boredom)
Kelly Bundys: Hot Box Honda (no label)
Outcasts Four: She Gives Me Love (Kimco)
Roamin’ Togas: Bar The Door (Lightinning)
Styng Rites: Night Cruising (Night Cruising)
New Piccadillys: Baby Jean (s/t)
Finders: Calling Dr. Howard (Finders Keepers)
Wild Weekend: Baby You’re A Leech (demo)

Mighty Fevers: Black Leather No.1 (Fuck’in Great R’N’R)
Raw Prawn: Non Left (RIP Society)
Devil Dogs: Ball Me Out (s/t)
Orphans: Oh Baby (Exposed)
Nazi Death Camp: Mongoloid Rock (Red Lounge)
Golden Pelicans: Chained To The Dumpster (Total Punk?)
Onions: Feel Real Stupid (s/t)
Quango: Fatality (demo)

Buzzcocks: You Tear Me Up (Time’s Up)
Four Slicks: Brand New Chevy (Four On The Floor)
Toy Love: Lust (s/t)
Manateees: Stupifier (Pelican Pow Wow)
Cuntz: Yum Yum Yum (Aloha)
Crushed Butler: Factory Grime (Uncrushed)
Weakends: Wild Type (s/t)
Gaggers: Make A Mess Outta You (Blame You)

Mascara Nites: Wish List (s/t)
Midnite Snaxxx: Goin’ To The Zoo (s/t)
Pussy Dogs: I’ve Been Down (no label)
Losin’ Streaks: Leaving Here (Sounds Of Violence)
Black Time: No Expectations (demo)
OBN III’s: Self-Hate (s/t)
White Load: Note Note Note Note (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/08/13

hate songs for blitzkrieg boppers… download

Scotty McKay: Bad Times (Kicksville)
Nate Gibson & the Hi-Fly Rangers: Out Of My Mind (Shadow My Baby)
Bloodshot Bill: Bounce Baby Bounce (So Blue)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Ooga Booga Rock (Go Hog Wild!)
Magnetix: Caveman Beat (Boo-Bop-A-Boo)
Mighty Fevers: Shadow (Great Big Fever)
Four Slicks: Can’t Stop Now (Four On The Floor)
Little Ellis & his L7’s: Barb Wire (CLW)

Don Feger: Date On The Corner (Ebony)
Finders: Talk To Me (Finders Keepers)
Numbers: Sunset Strip (Able)
RAS: Ta Med Ditt Egna Kött Ikväll (Yellow)
Tina & the Total Babes: Waiting For You (She’s So Tuff)
Rockin’ Continentals: Cobra 289 (Casino)
Little Bits: Girl, Give Me Love (Tiger Eye)
Crime: I Stupid Anyway (San Francisco Is Still Doomed)
Protokids: What Did I Expect (Push My Buttons)

Youthbitch: Baby, I’m An Asshole (Don’t Fuck This Up)
Traditional Fools: Party At My House (s/t)
Complaints: I Wanna Be Bored (Complaint)
Dials: Television Silence (Dialogue)
Cartoons: Who Cares (CPI)
Love Collector: Human Bodies (CQ)
Flyin’ Trichecos: Tri-Tri Tricheco (Proud To Be An Idiot)
Aversions: Wirehead (Ex Nihilo Nihil)

Onions: Unsustainable Lifestyle (s/t)
Blacktime: I’m In The Fascist Bathroom (Hate)
Rockers: I Want To Tell You (Alcatraz)
Pussy Dogs: I’ve Got A Steady Date (no label)
Cuntz: Over Again (Aloha)
Nikki & the Corvettes: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (s/t)
Savoys: Can It Be (Summit)
Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
Loli & the Chones: Piss Me Off (Rock And Roll Genocide)
White Trainers Community aka the Riots: Modern Boys (Fusion)

UV Race: Raw Balls (Racism)
Garbo’s Daughter: Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (Goes Pop!)
unknown: Follow Her Home (You Tore My Brain!)
Hitler SS: Slave (Compact Cassette)
Fuck Eyes: Social Death (Complicator)
Mean Bikini: About Me (demo)
Snare & the Idiots: Pimples (Slopfactor)
Rip Offs: Now I Know It’s You (Rip Off)

Cops: You Can’t Stop The Fun (Rob’s House)
Bad Aches: I Believe (s/t)
Spivs: 15 Minutes (Black And White Memories)
Spider Babies: I Hate Your Face (The Twenty Years War)
Flip-Tops: Lock Me Up (Are Still A Band)
Nomads: Coolsville (Skoop)
Devil Dogs: Baby, I’m A King (Big Beef Bonanza)
Cardiac Kidz: Future Shock (Get Out)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/01/13

everybody loves you when you're dead... download

Beguiled: She Devil Rock (Estrus)
Quango: Living In A Shithole (demo)
RAS: Idiot (Blue)
Puncture: Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
Armitage Shanks: Louie Louie Music (Little Teddy)
Tom & the Craftsmen: The Work Song (Gulfstrream)
Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester U.S.A. (Lifetime)
Musical Linn Twins vocals by Carroll Linn: Rockin’ Out The Blues (Blue Feather)

Rosco Gordon: I’m Gonna Shake It (Sun)
Neatbeats: Baby Let’s Get Shake (Everybody Need!)
Ricky Coyne: Short Fat Fannie (Event)
Four Slicks: Hey Little Girl (Four On The Floor)
Nate Gibson w/the Hi-Fly Rangers: Don’t Push, Don’t Shove (Shadow My Baby)
Little Boy Arnold & his Western Oakies: You Won’t Fool Me Again (Skinny)
Runaway Boys: Real Gone Cats (demo)
Louie & the Louies: Louisville (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
Jehosaphat Blow: Can’t Get Right (Natural High For Low People)

Cormans: Tiger Lilly (Total Punk)
Protokids: Such A Waste (Push My Buttons)
Black Boots: Bottle In My Hand (no label)
Hidden Charms: The Hill (Norton)
Machines: Evening Radio (Wax)
Toy Love: Wanna Die With You (s/t)
Ills: Take Me Home (Tuning Out)
Dogs: Gotta Tell Her (Different)
Bundle Of Fags: Attitude (Weird Hug)
Soupcans: Altered States (Good Feelings)

Boz Boorer: Turned To Stone (Some Of The Parts)
Bonniwells: Pigeon Pizza (Anti Fade)
Primitive Hearts: Primitive Heart (No Rules!)
Wild Youth: Wot About Me (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)
Gaggers: Two Fingers Down My Throat (Bat Shit)
Rippers: I’m Going Out Of Control (Better The Devil You Know)
Nobunny: I Can’t Stop (Goner)
Talk Sick Brats: Late Night Bad Boy (Bat Shit)

Skinnies: I’m A Dullard (Lectic Eye)
Lucy: Never Never (Lightning)
Babysitter: Real Wild Child’s Going Totally Mild (Eye)
Transistors: Static Control (Shortwave)
Pussy Dogs: I Wanna Be Your Man (no label)
No Bails: Werther’s Original (Orgone Toilet)
Chosen Few: Adolph, You Beauty (no label)
Orphans: Death Of The Subject (Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead)
Controllers: Slow Boy (Siamese)
Impo & the Tents: Do The Wipers (Timmeheiehumme)

Ex-Humans: Turn The Dial (s/t)
Users: Listen (1976-1979)
Kyra Rubella: It’s A Stick Up (Here I Am, I Always Am)
Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways: Karen With A C (Medway Wheelers)
Steve & the Jerks: Little Pink Dress (Leader Of The Jerks)
No Talents: When I’m Bad (s/t)
Barreracudas: Baby Baby Baby (Nocturnal Missions)
Angry Samoans: Lights Out (Back From Samoa)