Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/25/12

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Dee-Jays: Not That Girl (Polydor)
Kaisers: Sugar Babe (Ruby Smiles)
Ted Russell & his Rhythm Rockers: Brang (Glee)
Freddie Fano & los Marijuana Trio: Delincuente (s/t)
Tremelons: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Wildwood)
Skip Cody w/the Singing Kelleys: Feets Too Big (Jet)
Four Slicks: Long Ponytail (Four On The Floor)
Games: Different Times (s/t)

Noisy Boys: Wear Out The Soles Of My Shoes (Out Of Gas?)
Bill Sherrell: Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O (Tyme)
Bats: Popgun (Gustav)
Black Boots: Beating Of My Heart (no label)
Urban Junior: With The Idiots (Two Headed Demon)
Bare Wires: Julia (Idle Rhythms)
Chook Race: Rob Took A Piss (New Centre Of The Universe)
The Ace: Go Go Girl (Next Time Around)

Black Time: Asleep At The Wheel (demo)
Babysitter: Talkin’ ‘bout The New Generation (Eye)
Creeping Ivies: House Of Ivy (Stay Wild)
Crushed Butler: High School Dropout (Uncrushed)
Danny & the Darleans: Don’t Ask The Questions (Nero’s Neptune)
No Bails: Skate Or Die (Orgone Toilet)
Overnight Lows: Gluestick (Red Lounge)
Blisters: Fast Food (Silent Thunder)
Legendary Wings: Spacehead (Making Paper Roses)

Total Control: Stare Away (Arrght!)
Useless Eaters: the Nausea (Zulu)
Lola Cola: You Gotta Mouth On You (Ken Rock)
Coloured Balls: Flash (Ball Power)
Sonics: Do You Love Me (Here Are The…)
Mean Bikini: Bed Bugs (demo)
Eater: Lock It Up (The Album)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Bite My Tongue (Ready For Boredom)

Boys: Stop Stop Stop (Alternative Chartbusters)
Lamps: Clouds (Under The Water Under The Ground)
Reaction: Talk Talk Talk (Talk Talk: Rare)
Teengenerate: Sex Cow (Estrus)
Pebbles: Ooh! My Soul (First Album)
Toyotas: I Can’t Dance (For Sale)
Vagina Boys: Gay For You (Ken Rock)
Legs: I Want Love (New Memphis Legs)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Weirdoes On The Street (Orgone Toilet)

Tough Shits: Heard She Kisses On The Mouth (Pick Up Your Ears)
Pussy Dogs: I Won’t Go To Sleep (Bite Off More Than They Can Chew)
UV Race: Nuclear Family (Racism)
Bits Of Shit: Tally’s World (Cut Sleeves)
Spider Babies: What You See Is What You Get (The Twenty Years War)
Chemicals: Delyrious (For Real, For Life, Forever or Whatever)
Ills: Headshot (Tuning Out)
Nervous Tics: Another Dimension (Meaty Beaty)