Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/18/12

too much class for the neighborhood... download

Four Slicks: Minus One, Blast Off (Four On The Floor)
Pin-Up Stads: Twist And Shake (Pop Generation)
King Automatic: Stop Workin’ (I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home)
Sulphur Lights: Little Pills (no label)
Dennis Volk: You Are The One (Fling)
Willie Tremain’s Thunderbirds: Frankie’s Rock (Swastika)
Lavenders: White Lightnin’ Effin’ (Cuca)
Danny & the Darleans: You’re Driving Me Insane (Nero’s Neptune)

Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Food Man Chew (Go Hog Wild!)
Bo Diddley: Greasy Spoon (500% More Man)
Mother’s Children: See The Other Guy (P.Trash)
Rat Traps: New Flesh (Shattered)
Earl & the Overtones: Dry Run (Dreamin’ Love Affair)
Dave Stuckey & the Rhythm Gang: You Shoulda Thought Of That (Get A Load Of This)
Smith’s Ranch Boys: How Baby How (Barnyard Favorites)
Omar & the Stringpoppers: Take Off Rhythm (Take Off Rhythm)

Secrets*: Get Your Radio (Titan)
Toy Love: Sheep (De Luxe)
No Bails: Soundproof Room (Orgone Toilet)
Personal & the Pizzas: Diet, Crime And Delinquency (Oops Baby)
Bats: Tell Me Why (Gustav)
Bunnies: Gravy (s/t)
Billy Child: Bop Wop Jump (Come On Baby, It’s Time To Rock And Roll)

Primal Scream: Ivy Ivy Ivy (s/t)
Outlets: Knock Me Down (Modern Method)
Bold Chicken: Street Walkin’ Queen (Lysergic Sound)
Pussy Dogs: Who Do You Think You Are? (no label)
Toyotas: Tainted Love (For Sale)
Mean Bikini: Monkey See, Monkey Do (demo)
Cop City/Chill Pillars: Stomach (Hosed)
#1’s: I Wish I Was Lonely (Art For Blind)

Crash Kills Five: Special School (Ugly Pop)
Hygiene: Things To Do (Public Sector)
Black Time: Young Professionals (Black Out)
Bad Aches: Creep Street (s/t)
LiveFastDie: Practicing For The Gang Bang (Total Punk)
Ex-Cult: Don’t Feel Anything (s/t)
Penetrators: Baby, Don’tcha Tell Me (Fred)
Lancers: The Moocher (Frolic Diner)
Spider Babies: Leader Of The Rockers (The Twenty Years War)

Coloured Balls: Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Ball Power)
Dogs: Too Much Class For The Neighborhood (Too Much Class For The Neighborhood)
Legendary Wings: I Think I’m Dumb (Making Paper Roses)
Quailbones: Belligerent And Numerous (Ghost Orchard)
OBNIII’s: No Way To Rock And Roll (s/t)
Creeping Ivies: Mirror Mirror (Stay Wild)
Chants R&B: Neighbour Neighbour (s/t)
Gooch Palms: Houston, We Have A Problem (Anti Fade)