Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/04/12

bored stiff... download

Esquerita: Hole In My Heart (Capitol)
Earl & the Overtones: She’s A Sweetie (Dreamin’ Love Affair)
Impo & the Tents: Do The Wipers (Timmeheiehumme)
Japanese Beatles: The Beatle Song (Japanese Style) (Golden Crest)
Rudy Grayzell & his Thunderbirds w/the Sparkles: F-B-I Story (Award)
Fabian: Skull Of Elvis (Shut The Gate Suzy And Don’t Let Me In)
Primitive Idols: All The Action (no label)
Hi-Risers: Jump Start (Hang Around With You)

Mickey Baker, guitar slinger and sideman extraordinaire...

Sugar Pie & Pee Wee: One, Two, Let’s Rock (Aladdin)
Young Jessie: Hit, Git And Split (Modern)
Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five: Caladonia (Mercury)
Joe Clay: You Look That God To Me (Vik)
Eddie Riff & his Orchestra: Ain’t That Loving You Baby (Dover)
Coasters: I’m A Hog For You Baby (Atco)
Big John Greer: Come Back Uncle John (King)
Mickey & Silvia: Shake It Up (Now Sounds)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins w/the Leroy Kirkland Orchestra: What It Is (Mercury)

Bats: She’s Not My Girl Anymore (Buttons: Starter Kit)
No Bails: Skate Or Die (Orgone Toilet)
Cheap Time: Other Stories (Sweet Rot)
Legendary Wings: Cartoon (Making Paper Roses)
Toy Love: The Crunch (Live At The Gluepot)
Wild Youth: All Messed Up (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)
Toyotas: Small Talk (For Sale)
Reducers: Information Overload (s/t)

Evil: Don’t Put Me Down (split w/the Montells)
les Kid & les Marinellis: Homme Soixante (Les Jolies Filles)
Secret Lovers: Rock And Roll Rebel (The Wrong Kind Of Punk)
No Tomorrow Boys: (You Gotta) Romeo It/Hang On Baby (Rapid Pulse)
Fabs: Diana Wants Religion (Cotton Ball)
Illusions: City Of People (Michelle)
Mentaly Ill: Slash (Strike The Bottom Red)

Clits: Bored Stiff (New Centre Of The Universe)
Bonniwells: Lazy Daisy (Anti Fade)
Sedatives: Teenage Runaway (Red Lounge)
Double ‘O’ Zeros: Be A Zero (Mountain)
Neighborhood Brats: Shark Beach (Falsified)
Now In 3D: Technicolor (Ken Rock)
Hubble Bubble: I Don’t Mind (Faking)
Trend: I Feel Like A Dictionary (Buttons: Starter Kit)
Olivensteins: Euthanassie (s/t)

Pupils: Life On Other Worlds (s/t)
Scientists: Pissed On Another Planet (Pissed On Another Planet)
Games: Take A Dare (s/t)
White Load: Barbara Fuck You (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
Ills: Delete U (Tuning Out)
Ace: Waiting For My Baby (Next Time Around)
UV Race: I’m A Pig (Racism)
Dictators: California Sun (Go Girl Crazy)
Figures Of Light: A+ (Drop Dead)