Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/27/12

I need that record... download

Harold Montgomery w/the Ray Johnson Band: How Much Do You Miss Me (Wolf-Tex)
Rovin’ Gamblers w/Ray Gentry: Do The Fly (Maverick)
Del Shannon: Torture (Home And Away)
Games: It’s Just Impossible (s/t)
No Bails: Soundproof Rom (Orgone Toilet)
Pacifics: Caveman (Bachelor)
Chuck Taylor & the Blazers: Long Lanky Lena (Wolfe City Madness)
Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me (s/t)

Tweeds: I Need That Record (Autobahn)
Lola Cola: A Pair Of Blue Eyes (Ken Rock)
Impo & the Tents: Pop Secret (no label)
Pointed Sticks: Out Of Luck (Stiff)
Nick & the Jaguars: Ichi-Bon #1 (Tamla)
Speakers: Lucilia (Delincuentes)
Burrie Manso & the Bonnivilles: She’s My Woman (Town-Crier)
Cormans: Big Twins Forever (Bachelor)

Useless Eaters: Smoke Alarm (Anti Fade)
Rippers: I’m Going Out Of Control (Better The Devil You Know)
Ills: 1-2-3 Hate U (Tuning Out)
Bats: She’s Hi-Fi (Buttons: Starter Kit)
Toy Love: I Wanna Die With You (Live At The Gluepot)
Chemicals: Shadows (For Real, For Life, Forever Or Whatever)
T.R. & the Yardsmen: I Tried (Hideout)
Spider Babies: Touch Me Baby (The Twenty Years War)
Neil Smith: Beach Balls (Exit)

Bonniwells: Dum Dum Surf (Anti Fade)
Buck Buloxi & the Fucks: C.I.A. (Orgone Toilet)
3D Kids: Retarded Love (no label)
Mighty Caesars: It’s You I Hate To Lose (Thee Caesars Of Trashe)
Primitive Idols: My Baby Ain’t No Square (no label)
Cardiac Kidz: Get Out (Lub Dub)
Ex-Cult: Young Trash (s/t)
Soupcans: Blood Sacrifice (Good Feelings)
White Pages: Two One Three (Tour Cassette)
Wild Youth: Wild Girl (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)

Cop City/Chill Pillars: High And Tight (Hosed)
Le Kid & Les Marinellis: Personne Ne Dit (Les Jolies Filles)
Protomartyr: Psychic Doorbell (X!)
Tyvek: Early Spring (On Triple Beams)
OBN III’s: You Wanna Bitch (s/t)
Love Collector: You Drain My Batteries (CQ)
Mentally Ill: Wrinkled Star (Strike The Bottom Red)
Queers: Dog Food (Devil’s Jukebox)

UV Race: Unknown Pleasures (Racism)
Durban Poison: Kick You Outta My Bead (Shake!)
X-Offender: Not Enough (Milk n’ Herpes)
Cheater Slicks: Whyenhow (Reality Is A Grape)
FU2: Come On Strong (Punk Rock)
Reaction: Nights On End (Saturday’s Gone Wild)