Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/20/12

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Pop Rivets: I Looked Twice (MT Sounds From Anarchy Ranch)
Crazy Teens: Crazy Date (Scott)
Steve Bledsoe & the Blue Jays: Too Many Girlfriends (Nasty Rockabilly)
Jan Davis: Destination Love (Guild)
Legs: Up The Ante (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
Rippers: Into My Trap (Better The Devil You Know)
Blowouts: Your Hate (Bat Shit)

Bloodshot Bill: Martian Chicken (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
Skip Stanley: Satellite Baby (Satellite)
Tant Brun: Nej Nej Nej Nej (Sjobo Papp)
Ebonics: Mexican Thunder (no label)
Photobooth: Kill The Weekend (Raw Deluxe)
Mentally Ill: Split Crotch Straight Jacket (Spike The Bottom Red)
Man… or Astro-Man?: Anti-Matter Man (Chunklet Industries)
Nervebreakers: Hijack The Radio (Wild Child)

The Evil: I’m Moving On (split w/the Montells)
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: Sorry ‘bout That (Wooly Bully)
Darnells: She She Little Sheila (Sara)
Pattens: Say Mama (Pattens)
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias: Kill (Stiff)
Pointed Sticks: I’m Numb (Quintessence)
Spider Babies: Getting’ Real Sick Of You (The Twenty Years War)
New Picadillys: Judy Is A Punk (All Tore Up)
Now In 3D: The Knife Is The Law (Ken Rock)

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Nobody Else (RIP Society)
Replacements: Get Off The Stick (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash)
Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
Love Collector: Circuit Breaker (CQ)
Jet 66: You Lose (Straight Up)
Swell Maps: Full Moon In My Pocket/BLAM! (A Trip To Marineville)
Swankers: Fuck  Off (Death Pop)

Tyvek: Little Richard (On Triple Beams)
Revelators: Earthshaker, Yeah! (We Told You Not To Cross Us)
Lost Sounds: I Get Nervous part 1 (The Lost Lost)
Marvin Gays: Iron Maiden (It’s Easier Being Dumb)
Foster Care: Psychedelic Scumbag (Bad Vibe City)
Cheater Slicks: Psychic Toll (Reality Is A Grape)
Ty Segall/Seth Sutton: I Hate The Kids (Nashville’s Dead)
Queers: Too Many Twinkies (Later Days And Better Lays)

Alley Cats: Give Me Little Pain (Dangerhouse)
Gruberger Brothers: Chainsaw (Greetings From Reading PA)
Thee Bat: Bats L.U.V. (Swamp Fiction)
Unreleasables: I Just Wanna Kill Myself (P.Trash)
Larry & the Blue Notes: In And Out (Charay)
Thundercrack: Suck Me Dry (Own Shit Home)
Durban Poison: Je’mon Fout (Shake!)
Video: I Am The Sum (Leather Leather)
Tranzmitors: Writing On The Wall (Estrus)