Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/13/12

tune you out... download  

and in case you have not heard, there was a bit of a storm that blew this area
not to long ago and the folks over at Norton Records can use your help.

Sonics: Louie Louie (Boom)
Richard Berry: In A Real Big Way (K&G)
Johnny Dollar: Car Coat Baby (Mr. Action Packed)
Bo Diddley: Bodacious (Bo Diddley Is Loose)
Milkshakes: You Can Only Lose (After School Session)
Vicars: I’ll Do You Wrong (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
Chesterfield Kings: My Canary Is Yellow (Stop!)
Eddie Cochran: Long Tall Sally (Something Else)

Sex Pistols: Something Else (The Great Rock And Roll Swindle)
Jimmy Witter & the Shadows: Aaaaahhh! (Elvis)
Cormans: Mingo (Total Punk)
Bloodshot Bill: Burnin’ Up (Full Blast)
King Automatic: Fake Skinheads In Love (In The Blue Corner)
Straight Arrows: All The Time (Goodbye Boozy)
Morty Shann & the Morticians: Movin’ On (Kicksville)
Wild Youth: So Trendy (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)

Eastern Dark: I Don’t Need The Reasons (Long Live The New Flesh)
Ex-Cult: Post Graduate (s/t)
Love Collector: Non-Stop Love (CQ)’s: Come See Me (Thunderbaby)
Parasites: You Make Me Feel Good (Non Stop Power Pop volume 1)
Zombies: Sticks And Stones (Decca)
Peter & the Blizzards: Bye Bye Baby (Muziek Express)
Dukes Of Hamburg: Oh Baby Doll (Bad Side Of July)
Transformers: Take A Vacation (Bullet)

Spider Babies: Wanna Get On You (Twenty Years War)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Shut The Fuck Up (Orgone Toilet)
Incredible Kidda Band: Bitch (Last Laugh)
White Pages: Just A Warm Hole To Fill (Tour Cassette)
Impo & the Tents: Bubble Gum Machine (s/t)
Spelling Mistakes: Hate Me, Hate Me (Propeller)
UV Race: Raw Balls (Racism)
Youthbitch: Space Station (Don’t Fuck This Up)
Zodiac Killers: Accidental Homicide/Don’t Talk To Me (Have A Blast)

Legendary Wings: Dumb (Making Paper Roses)
Fall-Outs: Pretty Girl (s/t)
Titan Blood: I’m A Goon (Titan Blood)
Bikes: Coockoo (s/t)
Icky Boyfriends: Repress Yourself (Talking To You Is Just Like Being Dead)
Germs: Lexicon Devil (Slash)
Armitage Shanks: She’s Too Perfect (Takin’ The Piss)
Venereals: Chain Whip Yr Sister (demo)
Guilty Pleasures: Trash Bag (Summer Strange)

Gaye Blades: Pretty Boy (s/t)
Bads: It’s Not Alright, It’s Not Okay (s/t)
Young Canadians: Fuck Your Society (No Escape)
Johnny Throttle: I Wanna Be Your Ex (s/t)
Young Fresh Fellows: Another Ten Reasons (Tiempo De Lujo)
Atomic Suplex: Atomic Suplexed By A Girl (Bathroom Party)
Chemicals: Tune You Out (For Real, For Life, Forever… Or Whatever)