Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/06/12

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Louie & the Louies: Put A Rocket Up (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
New Piccadillys: Keep Her Guessing (s/t)
Ding Dongs: The Dump (Sultan)
Lee McBride: Confusin’ (Marlo)
Round Up Boys: All That Rock (Lift Off Like A Rocket And Rock)
Jetz: Ricky The Prefect (Anthology 1977-1979)
UV Race: Nuclear Family (Racism)

Statesmen: Rampage (Strummin’ Mental)
Hasil Adkins: Donnio Boogie (White Light/White Meat)
Boppin’ B: Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Monkey Business)
Jerks: So Life Like (Buttons: From Champagne To Chicago)
Love Collector: Human Bodies (CQ)
Pop Rivets: I’m Just A Satellite For Your Love (Empty Sounds From Anarchy Ranch)
222s: She Wants Revenge (She Wants Revenge)
Youthbitch: Heart Attack (Don’t Fuck This Up)

Lula Reed & Freddy King: Do The President Twist (Federal)
Louis Jordan & the Tympani Five: Jordan For President (Decca)
8th Route Army: Vice Presidente (Nihilist Olympics)
Wild Youth: Radio Youth (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Weirdoes On The Street (Orgone Toilet)
Tyvek: Returns (On Triple Beams)
Barbaras: Day At The Shrine (2006-2008)
Ills: I Kill Me (No Front Teeth)
Flyin’ Trichecos: Mongo Pack (s/t)
Bits Of Shit: Gail Force (Lexicon Devil)

Joey Ramone: I Couldn’t Sleep (…Ya Know?)
Poor Choices: In And Out (Shake!)
Legs: You Won’t Get Me (New Memphis Legs)
Guilty Pleasures: Put Your Mouth To It (Summer Strange)
Chemicals: She’s So Fine (For Real, For Life, Forever or…Whatever)
Cheap Time: In This World (Sweet Rot)
Normals: Got You Runnin’ (So Bad, So Sad)
Midnite Snaxxx: Bayside Baby (s/t)
Kid America: I Wanna Be Normal (Tiger Rag)

Razar: Task Force (‘Able’)
Homostupids: Screwry Turkey/In The Basement (Hozac)
Operation S: Nouvelle Generation (s/t)
M.O.T.O.: Hard On Rock And Roll (No Sleep Til Tutku)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Swagger (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
Nervous Eaters: Get Stuffed (Rat)
Teengenerate: I Don’t Mind (Dionysus)
Retros: All Talk, No Action (Inner City Rocker)

Circle X: Look At The People (Poutre Apparente)
Sore Subjects: Sore Head (No Front Teeth)
Spits: SK8EN (Erste Deutsche Original Aufnahme!)
Moralens Vaktare: Sticka Fran Stan (s/t)
Golden Pelicans: Chained To The Dumpster (Total Punk)
Cold Warps: Stuck On An Island (Noyes)
Gaggers: Can’t Control My Eyes (No Front Teeth/Wanda)
Reatards: Not Good Enough For You (Teenage Hate)