Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/30/12

so messed up... download

Wild Youth: So Messed Up (A Leopard Never Changes Her Stripes)
Boz Boorer: I’m Gonna Make Your Mind (Some Of The Parts)
Noisy Boys: Wash Machine In My Brain (Out Of Gas?)
Jades: Applesauce (Christy)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Shut The Hell Up (Orgone Toilet)
Dick Bush: Hollywood Party (Era)
Esquerita: Katie Mae (Capitol)
Legs: Do The Legs (The New Memphis Legs)

Pretty Boys: I Want To Make You! (Buttons: From Champagne To Chicago)
Love Collector: You Kill My Batteries (CQ)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: The Twitch (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
Bloodshot Bill: Lovin’ Honey (Squoodge)
Town Bike: Three Chords, Three Notes (Go! Fight! Win!)
Avengers: Teenage Rebel (Really Fast)
Dream Dates: Moans On The Phone (Ugly Pop)
New Piccadillys: The Girl That Radiates That Charm (s/t)
The Ace: Whisper Explosion (Next Time Around)
Fine Lines: Do It Again (s/t)

King Automatic: London-ncy 54 (The Not Essential King Automatic)
Tree Stumps: Jennie Lee (Records Inc.)
Dirty Shames: I Don’t Care (Impression)
Epics: Louie Come Home (Zen)
Acid Eaters: Radio 77 (Acid Eater)
Now In 3D: Slappy On The Curb (Ken Rock)
Bikes: One Day (s/t)
Youthbitch: I Don’t Mind Losing My Mind (Don’t Fuck This Up)

Tyvek: Say Yeah (On The Triple Beam)
Tranzmitors: Concrete Depression (La-Ti-Da)
Protomartyr: You’re With A Creep (X!)
Vertibrats: Diamonds In The Rough (Buttons: From Champagne To Chicago)
Dogmatics: King Size Cigarette (Thayer St.)
Tuff Bananas: Candy (Dusty Medical)
Incredible Kidda Band: Bitch (Almost Ready)
Lola Cola: Biff Bam Pop (Ken Rock)

UV Race: I’m A Pig (Racism)
Splash Four: Ma Solitude Et Moi (Yakisakana)
Die Salinos: Ich Arbeite Gern (Du Siehst Nicht Aus Wie Ich Ausseh)
Giuda: Speak Louder (Racey Roller)
Foster Care: Rip Me Apart (Bad Vibe City)
White Pages: Forever Unclean (Can’t Stand Ya!)
Phantom Brothers: Chicago (Star-Club)
Softs: Kassie Kijken (Omega)
Kind: Total Insanity (Buttons: From Champagne To Chicago)

Knots: Action (Ideal)
Murder By Guitar: Nightmare (Human Audio)
Bad Aches: Sunburn (Human Audio)
Marvin Gays: Vacant Time (It’s Easier Being Dumb)
FU2: Sniffing Glue (Punk Rock)
Crash Kills Five: What Do You Do At Night? (Ugly Pop)
Cum Stain: Ghost Love (Easy On The Drum Machine)