Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/16/12

baby, I’m an asshole... download

Eddy Bell & the Bel-Aires: Knock Knock Knock (Mercury)
Darrell Rhodes & the Falcons: Runnin’ And Chasin’ (Winston)
Sputnik Monroe: Sputnik Hires A Band (Peak)
Youthbitch: Baby, I’m An Asshole (Don’t Fuck This Up)
New Piccadillys: The Owl And The Pussycat (s/t)
Bo Diddley: Silly Willy (…Is Loose)
Lola Cola: A Pair Of Blue Eyes (Ken Rock)

Sic Kidz: Frenzy (Teenage Obsessions)
Ex-Cult: No Fun On The Beaches M.P.D. (Goner)
Bad Aches: Neighbourhood (s/t)
Willie Ward & the Warblers: I’m A Madman (Fee Bee)
King Automatic: Not Fade Away (The Not Essential…)
Cum Stain: Can’t Take It (White People Problems)
Sal Masi’s Untouchables: Pat’s Steaks (The Big Itch)
Wailers: Out Of Our Tree (Livewire!!!)
Extremes: Long Dark Collar (Work It On Out)

Legs: Been Kinda Lost (The New Memphis Legs)
Giuda: Coming Back To You (Racey Roller)
UV Race: Shat Itself (Ride The Snake)
Pharaohs: Looking For Girls (Fine)
Murder By Guitar: D.O.A. (Human Audio)
Useless Eaters: New Program (Anti-Fade)
Jehosaphat Blow: She Doesn’t Give A Fuck (Natural High For Low People)

Neighborhood Brats: Ocean Beach Party (Fortified)
White Pages: Please Kill Them (Can’t Stand Ya)
Hank Haint: Problematic (Blackout)
The Ace: If You’re Out There (Next Time Around)
Mothballs: I Heart Records (Car Hole)
Missing Monuments: Another Girl (Hozac)
Chemicals: One Step (For Real, For Life, Forever… or Whatever)
Midwest Beat: Apology Accepted (Certified PR)

Impo & the Tents: Nothing to Say (Push My Buttons)
Spencey Dude & the Doodles: I Don’t Wanna Be Loved (Night Problems)
Sensibles: Open Book (Sensible)
Overnight Lows: Cones And Rods (Blahl!)
Incredible Kidda Band: She’s A Fifty (Too Much, Too Little , Too Late)
Flakes: Stupid Girl (Norton)
Needles And Pins: Picture My Face (La-Ti-Da)
Bikes: Muscles (s/t)
Filthy Gaze Of Europe: Domestic Accidents (Ugly Pop)

P-Nissarna: Plastic (Rip)
Sweet Pups: No Clue (demo)
Mascara Nites: Tiger Lily (Oh La La) (Shake)
Fake Surfers: Cigarette Girls (s/t)
Onions: Unsustainable Lifestyle (s/t)
Head: Do You Remember Me (Evil Clown)
Bloodshot Bill: Hot Spring Baby (Killed By One Man Band)
Foster Care: West Coast Karate League/Don’t Want Nobody (Bad Vibe City)