Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/02/12

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Jim Radi & his Sidekicks: Motivation (Strummin’ Mental)
Cheap Time: Other Stories (Sweet Rot)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: You Ain’t No Great Shakes (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands: Lodestone (Black Salt)
Golden Pelicans: Chained To The Dumpster (demo)
New Piccadillys: Misery (All Tore Up)
Ike & the Capers: Interstate Fizz (Jump)

Ron-De-Vous: Pipeline “66” (Cycle)
Man… or Astro-Man?: Anti-Matter Man (Chunklet Industries)
No Tomorrow Boys: (You Gotta) Romeo It (Rapid Pulse)
Strange Attractor: Road Runner (Euro Tour Tape)
Parasites: Heading For Trouble (Non Stop Power Pop Vol.1)
Ty Segall/Seth Sutton: I Hate The Kids (Nashville’s Dead)
Jehosaphat Blow: Baaabbby Baaabbby (Natural High For Low People)
Damned: Neat Neat Neat (Damned, Damned, Damned)
Blitz Boys: Eddies Friend (Told You So)
Midnite Snaxxx: You Kill Me (Goner)

Foster Care: Death On Installment Plan (Bad Vibe City)
Miller Sisters: Do You Wanna Go (Hull)
Gooch Palms: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Shitty Tribute To The Ramones)
Bikes: Dead Fish (s/t)
Impo & the Tents: That Girl (Push My Buttons)
Don & Dewey: Justine (Specialty)
Swingin’ Neckbreakers: Wild Wild (Kick Your Ass)
Becky Lee & Drunkfoot: Lies (Hello Black Halo)
Protomartyr: Baseball Bat (X!)

Cozy: Cola Shock Kids (Hozac)
Barreracudas: Numbers (Nocturnal Missions)
Boys: Bad Little Girl (Titan)
Welders: S.O.S. Now (BDR)
Queers: Night Of The Livid Queers (Later Days And Better Lays)
Filthy Gaze Of Europe: On Fire (Ugly Pop)
Fuck Eyes: Electrocute (Complicator)
Louder: Get Out (Episode Sunds)

FU2: FU2 (Punk Rock)
Tranzmitors: Concrete Depression (La-Ti-Da)
222s: Female (She Wants Revenge)
Primitive Hearts: Primitive Heart (No Rules!)
Bits Of Shit: Tally’s World (Cut Sleeves)
Squares: Ain’t That Rough (Pure And Filthy Rhythm n’ Punk)
LiveFastDie: You Ruin All My Fun (Total Punk)
White Pages: Dino And The Belmonts (Can’t Stand You)
Spaceshits: Turn Off The Radio (Misbehavin’)

Murder By Guitar: Nightmare (Human Audio)
Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class (Aarght!)
Lost Sounds: I Get Nervous pt.1 (The Lost Lost)
Marvin Gayes: No One (It’s Easier To Be Dumb)
Cowabunga Babes: Boner (Going Nowhere)
Loli & the Chones: Gonna Flip Out (P.S. We Hate You)
Rock And Roll Bitches: Wild West (Rich Young)
Sick Things: Anti Social Disease (Chaos)
Cum Stain: Broke My Dick (Hurry Up And Kill Yourself…)
Gentleman Jesse: I Want What’s Mine (Singles And Rarities)