Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/25/12

1. Rockaways: Rampage (Nash)
2. Cramps: New Kind Of Kick (File Under Sacred Music)
3. Clash: What’s My Name (s/t)
4. Stash: We’re Selling Jeans For The USA (Get Hip)
5. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Pink Thunderbird (s/t)
6. Rusti Steel & the Star Tones: Rockin’ My Barn (Café A-La Rock)
7. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Draggen-It Boogie (On The Go)
8. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Carrot Pie Mama (Sleazy)
9. Bloodshot Bill & the Firejacks: The Beat (Full Blast)
10. Dore Alpert: Fallout Shelter (Carnival)
11. Fabulous Five: Janie Made A  Monster (King)
12. Link Wray & his Wray Men: Comanche (They’re Outta Here Says Archie)
13. Chiefs: Apache (Greenwich)
14. Johnny Cavalier & the Keytones: Knock Off The Rock (Hi Class)
15. Sonny Gee & The Standels: Tidal Wave (Arlen)
16. New Piccadillys: Judy Is A Punk (All Tore Up)
17. Gene Maltais w/the Anita Kerr Singers: Crazy Baby (Decca)
18. Headcoatees: Pnhead (Punk Girls)
19. Felines: The Sneak (Hey Girl!)
20. Sonics: Blow Out (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
21. Jewws: You’re Gonna Lose (L’Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!)
22. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: 426 Super Stock (Checkered Flag)
23. Astronauts: Kuk (Surfin’ With…)
24. Street Cleaners: Garbage City (Amy)
25. Soupcans: I Don’t Wanna Be No Soupcan (Erotic Nightmare)
26. Sellouts: So Hard (Songs For A Knife Fight)
27. Golden Pelicans: Jump In A Lake (Total Punk)
28. Damned: New Rose (Damned Damned Damned)
29. Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied International)
30. Bikes: One Day (s/t)
31. Gentleman Jesse: Can’t Hardly Take It (Singles And Rarities)
32. Kaams: The Rhythm Is You (Uwaga!)
33. Overnight Lows: Cones And Rods (Blahhl!)
34. White Heat: Nervous Breakdown (Valium)
35. Hygiene: Hygiene (Sorry State)
36. Annelids: That’s Alright (Side Effects)
37. White Pages: Loose Lips Eat Chips (6 Essential Punk Rock Blasts)
38. Leather Uppers: On The Mic (Bright Lights)
39. Icky Boyfriends: No Duh (I’m Not Fascinating)
40. Fadeaways: Trip In Tyme (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
41. Seeds: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (GNP Crescendo)
42. Spivs: Radio (Tapped Up)
43. Fine Lines: I’ve Got My Eye On You (s/t)
44. Johesaphat Blow: She Doesn’t Give A Fuck (Natural High For Low People)
45. Pagans: I Don’t Understand (Shit Street)
46. Waylon Thornton: Sulphur, Tabacco, Whiskey (Black Salt)
47. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Don’t Wanna Know (RIP Society)
48. Legs: Leggless (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
49. Filthy Gaze Of Europe: Domestic Accidents (Ugly Pop)
50. Cowabunga Babes: Lydia Lunch (Going Nowhere)
51. Protomartyr: You’re With A Creep (X!)
52. Flys: Can I Crash Here (Zama)
53. Tranzmitors: A Little Bit Closer (La-Ti-Da)
54. Thor’s Hammer: I Don’t Care (Parlophone)
55. Ramones: I Don’t Care (Rocket To Russia)
56. Queers: Love Love Love (Grow Up)
57. Underdogs: Surprise Surprise (Hideout)
58. Gestures: Run Run Run (Soma)
59. Deaf Aids: Do It Again (Regional)
60. Sensibles: Open Book (no label)
61. Clean: Thumbs Off (Odditties)
62. Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
63. Kids: Bloody Belgium (s/t)
64. City Sweethearts: Can’t Stop Shaking (Red Lounge)
65. Reducers: So Civilized (s/t)
66. X: Slash Your Wrists (X-Spurts)
67. FU2: Star In The Street (Punk Rock)
68. UV Race: I Just Wanna Drink (s/t)
69. Bits Of Shit: Red Blade (Cut Sleeves)
70. Cheater Slicks: You Don’t Satisfy (Live Vol.2)