Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/04/12

1. Shut Downs: Straight Away (Kar Song)
2. Carl Newman: Tom-Tom (Trio)
3. Bobby Roberts w/the High Pockets Delta Rockets: Big Sandy (Sky)
4. Roy Gaines: Skippy Is A Sissy (RCA-Victor)
5. Masonics: Truth Will Out (Circle)
6. Cochran Brothers: Slow Down (Something Else)
7. Swingin’ Neckbreakers: Little Bitty Corrine (Live For Buzz)
8. Grand Trine: I Am A Magnet (Sunglasses)
9. Eddie Kirkland: I Tried (Li Pine)
10. Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: Jump Into The River (Bishop)
11. Night Raiders feat. Mickey Hawks: Screamin’ Mimi Jeanie (Profile)
12. Bloodshot Bill: Burnin’ Up (Full Blast)
13. Oblivians: Cannonball (Soul Food)
14. Intellectuals: Recycle No. 1 (Black Domania Now)
15. Beep Beep & the Road Runners: True Love Knows (Vincent)
16. Roy Junior: Victim Of Circumstances (Hickory)
17. Wylde Mammoths: Ain’t No Use (Things That Matter)
18. Loveless Cousins: Tonight Is The Right Time (Sleazy)
19. Phil Campos: Street Fight (Impact)
20. Impo & the Tents: Nothing To Say (Push My Buttons)
21. Vop Pop: Just Like Your Mom (Bad Trip)
22. David Arvedon: I Ain’t Noted For That (Best Of Vol. 3)
23. Docent Dod: Solgasoogon (s/t)
24. Spelling Mistakes: I Want You (We Still Hate The…)
25. Young Fresh Fellows: Another Ten Reasons (Tiempo De Lujo)
26. Blitz Boys: Eddy’s New Shoes (Told You So)
27. White Pages: Pleas Kill Them (Can’t Stand Ya)
28. Jehosaphat Blow: Ooga Booga (Natural High For Low People)
29. Jackie & the Cedrics: Surfer’s Slide (Presenting…)
30. Donkeys: You Jane (Back Door)
31. UV Race: UV Race (s/t)
32. X: It Must Be Me/Coat Of Green (X-Aspirations)
33. Razar: Task Force (Able Label)
34. Three Two Ones: My Bones (demo)
35. Soupcans: Pop Hit III (Vintage Pizza Party)
36. Armitage Shanks: Ambulance (Shank’s Pony)
37. White Load: Barbara Fuck You (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
38. Missing Monuments: Another Girl (Hozac)
39. M.O.T.O.: She’s Gone Nuts (No Way Street)
40. Golden Pelicans: Jump In A Lake (Total Punk)
41. 006: Like What, Me Worry? (Harlequin)
42. Green Hornets: Samantha (Get The Buzz)
43. Makers: I Ain’t A Social Kinda Guy (s/t)
44. Superfly TNT’s: She’s Coming Around (Real)
45. No Talents: Gimme Whipped Cream 100% No Talent)
46. Foster Care: Don’t Want To/Don’t Need To (Bad Vibe City)
47. Black Time: You Make Me/Glass Shatters (split w/Ty Segall)
48. Warm Soda: Reaction (Southpaw)
49. Reactions: Marianne (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
50. Circle X: Look At The People (no label)
51. Bits Of Shit: Rock Sing (Cut Sleeves)
52. Midnite Snaxxx: Here And Now (s/t)
53. Knots: Action (Ideal)
54. Nubs: I Don’t Need You (Cause I Got Me) (NCS)
55. GG Allin & the Jabbers: Unpredictable (Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be)
56. Flesh Lights: No No No (Super Secret)
57. Puffy Areolas: By The Hand (1982 Dishonorable Discharge)
58. LiveFastDie: Practicing For The Gangbang (Total Punk)
59. Ramones: Commando (Leave Home)
60. Count Vertigo: I’m A Mutant (Cool)
61. Surgeons: In My Scope (Total Punk)
62. Morning Shakes: Dope And Dog Food (Cacaphone)
63. Fake Surfers: Rip Off (s/t)
64. Lost Sounds: No Count (The Lost Lost)
65. FU2: Move Around (Punk Rock)
66. Mighty Caesars: Loathsome n’ Wild (Punk Rock Showcase)
67. Vydels: What I’m Gonna Do (Garnet)
68. Party Bat: All The Kids Are Dead (Tic Tac Totally)
69. 222s: First To Third Round (She Wants Revenge)
70. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)