Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/21/12

1. Cyclones: Take Off (Cycle)
2. Bloodshot Bill: Shame On You Miss Lindy (Squoodge)
3. Clean: Oddity (Odditties)
4. Lord Dent & his Invaders: The Greaser (Shelley)
5. Johnny Powers: Mean Mistreater (Long Blond Hair)
6. Red Mass: Charlie Brown (split w/Strange Attractor)
7. Mask Man & the Agents: Roaches (Loop)
8.’s: Bomb The Twist (SFTRI)
9. Figures Of Light: Screwed (Drop Dead)
10. Hank Haint: Don’t Talk To Me (Blackout)
11. Bandidos: Bandido (Shelly)
12. Kip Tyler: Rumble Rock (Ebb)
13. Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio: Suzie Lee (One Last Chance)
14. Senators: Loretta (Golden Crest)
15. Maynard Horlick: Do The Bop Bop Bop Bop (Nasty Rockabilly)
16. Cramps: What’s Inside A Girl (A Date With Elvis)
17. Limit: Uh Oh (s/t)
18. Jehosaphat Blow: Baaabbby Baaabbby (Natural High For Low People)
19. Bum: A Promise Is A Promise (Wanna Smash Sensation)
20. Teengenerate: Talk Talk Talk Talk (Smash Hits)
21. Paul & the Four Most: Cut-Out (Shelley)
22. Sonics: Cinderella (Boom)
23. Canadian VIP’s: Shallow Hole (Shout: Early Northwest Killers)
24. Tant Brun: Nej Nej Nej Nej (Sjobo Papp)
25. 222’s: Fun Fun Fun (She Wants Revenge)
26. Bad Aches: Dead Beat (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)
27. Home Blitz: Dark Summer (Frozen Track)
28. Spivs: Flicking V’s (Damaged Goods)
29. Lost Sounds: Frankenstein Twist (The Lost Lost)
30. Guantanimo Baywatch: Diana (Chest Crawl)
31. Alarm Clocks: Yeah (Awake)
32. One Way Streets: We All Love Peanut Butter (Sunrise)
33. Marathons: Peanut Butter (Chess)
34. UV Race: Dog Tired (s/t)
35. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: It Ain’t Cheap (So Many Things)
36. Normals: Yankee Dollar (So Bad, So Sad)
37. Nightmare Boys: Batman (Happenin’)
38. Destination Lonely: That’s All (Kiss Or Kicks)
39. Foster Care: West Coast Midnight Karate League/Don’t Want Nobody (Bad Vibe City)
40. Fuck Eyes: Social Death (Complicator)
41. Mike Rep & the Quotas: Rocket To Nowhere (Moxie)
42. Crusaders Of Love: Realm Of Death (Take It Easy)
43. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: Never Gonna (Night Problems)
44. Hits: Stuff And Things (Beast)
45. Primitive Hearts: Killing Time (No Rules!)
46. Fine Lines: Lose Control (Set You Striaght)
47. Milkshakes: Just Like You (They Came, They Saw, They Conquered)
48. M.O.T.O.: I’m Not Feeling It For You (E Pluribus MOTO)
49. Midnite Snaxxx: Going To The Zoo (s/t)
50. Ty Segall band: Diddy Wah Diddy (Slaughterhouse)
51. Registrators: Terminal Boredom (Terminal Boredom)
52. Rebel: 100 Ar (Stage & Music)
53. Constant Mongrel: Cyclone Yasi (Everything Goes Wrong)
54. Useless Eaters: Malfunction (Minimal Vinyl)
55. Fugitives: You Can’t Blame That On Me (Fenton)
56. Urinals: Black Hole (Happy Squid)
57. Johnny Throttle: Looking At You (s/t)
58. Queers: Burger King Queen (Grow Up)
59. FU2: Sniffin’ Glue (Punk Rock)
60. Bits Of Shit: Orphan-Age (Cut Sleeves)
61. Golden Pelicans: Jump In A Lake (Total Punk)
62. Bads: Retard The Art (s/t)
63. Black & White: Mortal Sin (Episode Sounds)
64. Psycho-Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
65. Fag Cop: Don’t Stab Me (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
66. Loli & the Chones: I Think I’m Gonna (P.S. We Hate You)
67. Carbonas: Cold Waste (s/t)
68. Black Time: Secret (Trakmarx)
69. Acid Eaters: Radio 77 (Acid Eater)