Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/31/12

1. F.U.2: Playing My Guitar (Punk Rock)
2. Tranzmitors: I See The Writing On The Wall (React)
3. Los Straitjackets: Jet Set (Jet Set)
4. Kaisers: What You Gonna Say (Shake Me)
5. Little Willie John: Leave My Kitten Alone (King)
6. Hank Haint: Thunderbird ESQ (Blackout)
7. Oblivians: Static Party (In The Red)
8. Mystery Trio: Willie Joe (Camelia)
9. Teddy & the Rough Riders: Tomahawk (Tilt)
10. Fireflies: Stella Got A Fella (Ribbon)
11. Three Ramblers w/Jerry Boykin: Walking Talking Baby Doll (Ozark)
12. Dee Clark: 24 Boyfriends (You’re Looking Good)
13. Jack Rabbit Slim: Erotic Psychotic (The Emperor’s New Clothes)
14. Jerks: Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me (Underground)
15. Jerry J. Nixon & the Volcanoes: We’re Gonna Wang Dang Doodle (The Gentleman Of Rock And Roll)
16. Pepe Torres: All Reet (The Many Sides Of…)
17. Derry Weaver: Itty Bitty Betty (Nasty Rockabilly)
18. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Why Ain’t Bo On My TV (Square Guitar)
19. Round Up Boys: Much Too Long (Migraine)
20. Primitive Hearts: Breakdown (No Rules!)
21. Bad Aches: Hypochondriac (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)
22. Bikes: Dumpster (s/t)
23. Personal & the Pizzas: Mein Sclagring (demo)
24. No Tomorrow Boys: Animal Eyes (Rapid Pulse)
25. Horny Wackers: I Can See The Devil In You (They Are Savage)
26. Bads: I’m Not A Date, I’m An Alcoholic (s/t)
27. Golden Pelicans: Jump In A Lake (Total Punk)
28. Spency Dude & the Doodles: Some Girls (Night Problems)
29. Lost Sounds: No Count (The Lost Lost)
30. Murphy & the Mob: Born Loser (Talisman)
31. Tonto & the Renegades: Little Boy Blue (Sound Of The Sceen)
32. Normals: 38-36 (So Bad, So Sad)
33. Nips: Vengeance (Bops, Babes, Booze And Bovver)
34. Nightmare Boyzzz: Nuclear Summer (Happenin’)
35. Cops: Premonitions (Rob’s House)
36. Acid Eaters: Radio 77 (Acid Eater)
37. Bits Of Shit: Out Of Toon (Cut Sleeves)
38. Baddat For Trubbel: Hall Huvudet Hogt/Homeopati (Vardighet)
39. Missing Monuments: Another Girl (Hozac)
40. Annelids: I’m Not Listening (Side Effects)
41. Teen Anger: Novice At Best (s/t)
42. Ty Segall Band: Diddy Wah Diddy (Slaughterhouse)
43. Nice Face: You’re So Dramatic (Horizon Fires)
44. Boys: Bad Little Girl (Titan)
45. Frank Holly & the Fullertones: Keep Flippin’ (Too Many Burgers)
46. Paniks: Black Music Voodoo (Panik Piknik)
47. Guitar Wolf: Missile Me (Bag Of Hammers)
48. Mike Rep & the Quotas: Rocket To Nowhere (Moxie)
49. Post- Fag Cop: Get Blowed (demo)
50. Uncool Danceband: Let Me Be Your Boyfriend (Polydor)
51. Neighborhood Brats: Throw Away Girl (s/t)
52. Fake Surfers: Strange World (s/t)
53. Jaguars: It’s Gonna Be Alright (Skoop)
54. Adrian Lloyd: Lorna (Charger)
55. DeVilles: High Blood Pressure (Studio City)
56. Loli & the Chones: Rumble In My Pants (Rock And Roll Genocide)
57. Pegs: Ricky Don’t Surf (Rapid Pulse)
58. Cyclops: Cyclops (Johnny Cat)
59. Midnite Snaxxx: Spend The Night (s/t)
60. Constant Mongrel: Reflex (Everything Goes Wrong)
61. Chook Race: Medicine (no label)
62. Surgeons: In My Scope (Total Punk)
63. Hard-Ons: School Days (Hot For Your Love, Baby)
64. The Cry!: Sleeping Alone (Introducing: The Cry!)
65. Squares: Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm n’ Punk)
66. UV Race: I Go Blank (s/t)
67. GG King: Flowing Robes (Last Of the Night Wiggers)
68. Nobunny: I See Swastikas (Goner)
69. Angry Samoans: Lights Out (Back From Samoa)
70. Unnatural Axe: They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Varulven)
71. Eater: Public Toys (The Album)
72. Teengenerate: Teenage Freak (demo)
73. Burning Itch: Wasted Again (Memetic Society)
74. Overnight Lows: Gluestick (Red Lounge)
75. Pagans: Dead End America (Drome)