Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/24/12

1. Steve Bledsoe & the Blue Jays: Too Many Girlfriends (Nasty Rockabilly)
2. Bobby & the Rhythm Rockers: Rhythm Rock (El Dorado)
3. Phil Gray & his Go Boys: Bluest Boy In Town (Rhythm)
4. Jimmy Kirkland w/the Band Of Stan Getz & Tom Cats: I Wonder If You Wonder (Teen Life)
5. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Twistin’ Little baby (Sleazy)
6. Harvey & Doc w/the Dwellers: Oh Baby! (Annette)
7. Big Al Downing: Miss Lucy (White Rock)
8. Little Richard & the Upsetters: She Knows How To Rock (Specialty)
9. Tom Kerry feat. the Rembrandts: Babylon Twist Party (Star)
10. Ronnie Moleen: Rockyn Up (King)
11. Four Dates: I Say Babe (Chancellor)
12. Round Up Boys: Scale Rock (Migraine)
13. Clockers: Rock Beat Baby (Tokyo Rockabilly Syndrome)
14. Young Jesse w/the Maxwell Davis Orchestra: Mary Lou (Modern)
15. Bloodshot Bill: I’m In Love (demo)
16. Hank Haint: Without You (Blackout)
17. Hollywood Flames: Strollin’ On The Beach (Ebb)
18. Neanderthals: Arula Mata Gali (Latest Menace To The Human Race)
19. Starfires: Linda (G.I.)
20. Twilights w/Bill Kennedy; Move It (Empire)
21. Denny & Kenny Duo: Meet My Little Susie (Ikon)
22. No Tomorrow Boys: (You Gotta) Romeo It/Hang On Baby (Rapid Pulse)
23. Crusaders Of Love: Lonely City (Take It Easy…)
24. Midnite Snaxxx: Turn Off The Radio (s/t)
25. Bits Of Shit: Orphan-Age (Cut Sleeves)
26. Acid Eaters: Pretty Girls (Acid Eater)
27. Icky Boyfriends: Muffin (C&P)
28. Madd, Inc.: Batman A Go Go (Ikon Records Story)
29. Testors: Don’t Tell Me (Complete Recordings 1976-1979)
30. Sex Objex: Still Life (Unprotected Sex)
31. Spits: Samstag Nacht (Erste Deutsche Original Aufnahme!)
32. Golden Pelicans: Hard Head (Total Punk)
33. Spencey Dude & the Doodles: I Don’t Want To Be Loved (Night Problems)
34. Lost Sounds: I Get Nervous (The Lost Lost)
35. Pizzas: Rock And Roll Radio (Sacramento)
36. Sleaze: PCP (Leather Bar)
37. Eater: Waiting For The Man (The Album)
38. Implicits: Give Me Justice (Atoll)
39. Crime: Hot Wire My Heart (Crime Music)
40. Fake Surfers: Rip Off (s/t)
41. Ricky C. Quartet: Small Species (Rapid Pulse)
42. Flip-Tops: Retard Love (… Are Still A Band)
43. Forced Laugh: Factory Museum (Gold)
44. Afrika Korps: Jailbait Janet (Music To Kill By)
45. Flesh Lights: Lens (Super Secret)
46. Kirks: Fra Diavlo (Cup O’Knowledge)
47. Purcells: Hully Gully Guitar (ABC-Paramount)
48. William Penn & the Quakers: California Sun (Melron)
49. Dictators: Stay With Me (Blood Brothers)
50. Teengenerate: Teenage Freak (demo)
51. Heartbreakers: Born To Lose (L.A.M.F.)
52. Annelids: I Found Out (Side Effects)
53. Bads: It’s Not Alright, It’s Not Okay (s/t)
54. Morning Shakes: Revved Up And Ready (Cacaphone)
55. Sugar Stems: Did You Ever (Certified PR)
56. Normals: Got You Runnin’ (So Bad, So Sad)
57. Nightmare Boyzzz: Batman (Happenin’)
58. Surgeons: Whip Them Lord (Total Punk)
59. Nice Face: Summer Shake (Horizon Fires)
60. Gaggers: Two Fingers Down My Throat (Bat Shit)
61. Savages: Roses Are Red My Love (Duane)
62. Munks: Long Time Waiting (Columbia)
63. Pussywillows: Turn Her Down (Spring Fever)
64. Useless Eaters: Addicted To The Blade (Tic Tac Totally)
65. No Talents: Blondes Have More Guns (100% No Talent)
66. Gasoline: Radio Flic (Egg)
67. Bad Aches: Dead Beat (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)
68. Gentleman Jesse: I’m A Mess (Without You) (Leaving Atlanta)
69. Louder: Get Out (Episode Sounds)
70. Burning Itch: Skrewin’ My Mind (Memetic)
71. Skrewdriver: Anti Social (Chiswick)
72. Spelling Mistakes: Hate Me Hate Me (Propeller)