Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/17/12

1. Color: Down The Road Apiece (Ear-Piercing Punk)
2. Searchers: Ain’t That Just Like Me (Sweets For My Sweet)
3. Kinks: Too Much Monkey Business (s/t)
4. Roddy Jackson: I Love Her Just The Same (Central Valley Fireball)
5. Bloodshot Bill: Midnight On Mars (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
6. No Tomorrow Boys: (You Gotta) Romeo It/Hang On Baby (Rapid Pulse)
7. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Ace Of Spades (Great Guitar Hits)
8. Rhythm Rockets: The Slide (Nasty Rockabilly)
9. Henry Henry: Hong Kong Mississippi (Staff)
10. Benny Joy: Button Nose (Crash The Party)
11. Miller Sisters: The New Hully Gully (Hull)
12. Hank Haint: Blackout (Blackout)
13. Missing Monuments: Another Girl (Hozac)
14. Alarm Clocks: When I’m With You (My Mind’s Eye)
15. MFC Chicken: Family Value Meal (Music For Chicken)
16. Yolks: Peggy Sue (Songs The Yolks Taught Themselves)
17. Golden Pelicans: Ittie Bitty Betty (Live At Wiggly World)
18. Agent Orange: Bored Of You (Agent Orange)
19. Nightmare Boyzzz: Go Away (Happenin’)
20. Sandy & the Beachcombers: Daytona Baby (Spar)
21. Fake Surfers: Fed Up (s/t)
22. Eater: She’s Wearing Green (The Album)
23. Black & White: Mortal Sin (Episode Sounds)
24. Ricky C. Quartet: Tonight (Rapid Pulse)
25. Bizarros: New Order (The Complete Collection)
26. Surgeons: In My Scope (Total Punk)
27. Fadeaways: Stop It Baby (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
28. Fag Cop: Fake Blood (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
29. Boys: Sick On You (s/t)
30. Sex Objex: Eyes On You (Unprotected Sex)
31. Shonen Knife: Mr. J (Pop Tune)
32. Bits Of Shit: Tally’s World (Cut Sleeves)
33. New Coke: All I Want Is Your Sunshine (no label)
34. Midnite Snaxxx: Lost Weekend (Goner)
35. Burning Itch: Wasted Again (Mematic Society)
36. Ty Segal Band: Oh Mary (Slaughterhouse)
37. Devo: Mongoloid (Q: Are We Not Me? A: We Are Devo!)
38. Folded Shirt: Retard Hoedown (F/S)
39. Spelling Mistakes: I Hate The Spelling Mistakes (Propeller)
40. Squish: Buzz With Me (Hozac)
41. Therapists: Hate Sweats (Hate Sweats)
42. Bads: Retards The Art (demo)
43. Lost Sounds: Frankenstein Twist (The Lost Lost)
44. Annelids: That’s Alright (Side Effects)
45. Durban Poison: Pill Popper (Shake!)
46. Ramones: Carbona Not Glue (Leave Home)
47. Black Jaspers: 21st Century Pox (s/t)
48. Normals: Almost Ready (So Bad, So Sad)
49. M.O.T.O.: Straighten It Out (E Pluribus MOTO)
50. Bare Wires: She’s So Out (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
51. Black Time: Panic Attacks (Midnight World)
52. City Sweethearts: Timeless (Red Lounge)
53. Spits: Munde Und Ensam (Erste Deutsche Original Aufnahme!)
54. Constant Mongrel: Four Legs (Everything Goes Wrong)
55. Headcoatees: Shadow (Punk Girls)
56. Ambulance: It’s All Up To You (Urgent Sounds)
57. Slug Guts: Straglin’ You Too (Hozac)
58. Cobras: I Wanna Be Your Love (Big Beat)
59. Features: Floozie Of The Neighborhood (Paradox)
60. Destination Lonely: Kiss Or Kick (Kiss Or Kicks)
61. White Cop: Blood Shirt (s/t)
62. Cozy: Cola Shock Kids (Hozac)
63. Gaggers: Psychosomatic (No Front Teeth/Wanda)
64. Nobunny: Lizard Liars And Sluts For Hire (Goner)
65. Paint Fumes: Panic Attack (Slovenly)
66. Tight Genes: No Alibi (Bachelor)
67. White Wires: I’ll Give You Everything (WWIII)
68. Makers: I Resent (Shout On!)
69. Rip Offs: Dolemite (Rip Offs Got A Record)
70. X: Batman (X-Aspirations)
71. Armitage Shanks: I Know What You Need (Takin’ The Piss)