Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/10/12

1. Relyea’s from the Ricci Ware Show: Country Boy (Wildcat)
2. Playboys: Jungle Fever (Rik)
3. Tom & the Tornadoes: Long Pony Tail (Northway)
4. Gories: Charm Bag (Houserockin’)
5. Jades: Surfin’ Crow (Oxboro)
6. Ron Thompson, his Wild Guitar & the Broughams: Switchblade (Soma)
7. Hank Haint: Problematic (Blackout)
8. Jack Rabbit Slim: In Rust We Trust (The Emperor’s New Clothes)
9. No Tomorrow Boys: Animal Eyes (Rapid Pulse)
10. Horny Wackers & the Epileptic Reaction: Peggy Fun And Savage (They Are Savage)
11. MFC Chicken: God Surf The Queen Music For Chicken)
12. Beep Beep & the Road Runners: Shiftin’ Gears (Vincent)
13. Bo Diddley: Funny Talk (Bo Diddley Is Loose)
14. Long John Hunter: Shuffle Out (Ooh Wee Pretty Baby)
15. Starry Eyes: Spiral Love (Tokyo Rockabilly Syndrome)
16. Johnny Burnette Trio: The Train Kept-A-Rollin’ (Coral)
17. Arsen Roulette: Gone Crazy (The Lost Recordings)
18. Real Gone Daddies: You’re So Dumb (Noon, Night And Day)
19. Sonny Russel: 50 Megatons (Bandbox)
20. Jack Starr: My Love For You Is Petrified (Born Petrified)
21. Jerry Woodard & the Cavaleers: Downbeat (Fad)
22. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Carrot Pie Mama (Sleazy)
23. Guantanimo Baywatch: Baby Please (Chest Crawl)
24. Nightmare Boyzzz: Batman (Happenin’)
25. City Sweethearts: Can’t Stop Shaking (Red Lounge)
26. Annelids: Stab Me (Side Effects)
27. Burning Itch: Skrewin’ My Mind (Memetic Society)
28. GG King Flowing Robes (Last Of The Night Wiggers)
29. Fake Surfers: Cigarette Girls (s/t)
30. Swingers: Certain Sound (Descabezados En Acapulco)
31. Useless Eaters: Malfunction (Minimal Vinyl)
32. Redd Kross: Stay Away From Downtown (Resurrecting The Blues)
33. Figures Of Light: You’re So Innocent (Drop Dead)
34. Ricky C Quartet: Small Species (Rapid Pulse)
35. Spelling Mistakes: Feels So Good (Propeller)
36. Cops: Tired And I Want To Go Home (Rob’s House)
37. Spray Paint: Spock Fingers (SS)
38. Destination Lonely: That’s All (Kiss Or Kicks)
39. Sex Objex: Knife Fights (Unprotected Sex)
40. Constant Mongrel: B. Crystal (Everything Goes Wrong)
41. Normals: So Bad, So Sad (So Bad, So Sad)
42. Midnite Snaxxx: Bayside Baby (s/t)
43. Gruberger Brothers: Rock And Roll Is Better Than Music (Greetings From Reading PA)
44. Cozy: Sugar On My Mind (Hozac)
45. Reducers: That’ll Be Just Fine (Let’s Go)
46. Avengers: Teenage Rebel (Superior Viaduct)
47. Ty Segal Band: I Bought My Eyes (Slaughterhouse)
48. Tight Genes: Cop Again (Bachelor)
49. White Cop: Gambling Banshee (s/t)
50. Registrators: Stupid Girl (Rip Off)
51. The Cry!: Forget It! (Introducing: The Cry!)
52. Violators: New York Ripper (Syringe Songs)
53. Party Bat: Do You Wanna Party With The Bat (Tic Tac Totally)
54. Ruined Future: Hope Diamond (RIP Society)
55. M.O.T.O.: It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake (E Pluribus MOTO)
56. Nobunny: I Can’t Stop (Goner)
57. Three Two Ones: Jenny (321)
58. Timmy’s Organism: Monster Walk (Raw Sewage Roq)
59. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Jungle Drums (Del-Tone)
60. Gremies: No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay (Modern Method)
61. Tumor Warlord: Tumor Warlord (Jeth-Row)
62. Vex Ruffin: Losing Control (Stones Throw)
63. Spaceshits: Kill Me (Misbehavin’)
64. Fadeaways: Girl Trouble (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
65. Nice Face: You’re So Dramatic (Horizon Fires)
66. Heavy Cream: Evil Eye (Super Treatment)
67. Lyres: Help You Ann (On Fyre)
68. Unreleasables: I Wanna Kill Myself (P.Trash)
69. Nrevebreakers: Why Am I So Flipped (Wild Child)
70. Black & Whites: That Girl Ain;t No Good (s/t)
71. Porcharitas: Get Wasted (Vertical House)
72. Sore Subjects: Wearing You Down (Surfin’Ki)
73. Mentally Ill: Padded Cell (Autistic)
74. Lasters: Let’s Get Along (Futilitarian)
75. X-Discos: Damage Boy (Episode Sounds)