Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/12/12

1. The Creep: Betty Lou’s Got A New Tattoo (Oakridge)
2. Charlie Thompson & the Emperors: Chains Of Love (Fairlane)
3. Roy Rapid & the Rhythm Rock Trio: Miss Rachelle (One Last Chance)
4. Bobby Freeman: I Do The Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy (King)
5. Lee Cole & the Beau Jesters: Cool Baby (Mist)
6. Lafayette Yarborough: Cool Cool Baby (Bart)
7. Steven & the Rock-A-Tunes: Connie Lou (Raw And Rare)
8. CJ & the Casuals: Study Hall (Norton)
9.’s: Arkansas Twist (Pinheel Stomp)
10. Bobby Lee Trammell & the Paulettes: New Dance In France (Atlanta)
11. Jack Rabbit Slim: Rock And Roll Shipwreck (The Emperors New Clothes)
12. Four Aces: Annabelle Lee (Goin’ Strong With The…)
13. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-It’s: Strollin’ With Sally Ann (Sleazy)
14. Bloodshot Bill: Martian Chicken (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
15. Mike Bell & his Belltones: Boomerang Baby (Payback)
16. Art Adams & the Rhythm Knights: Indian Joe (Cherry)
17. Danny Zella & his Zell Rocks: Wicked Ruby (Fox)
18. J. Mikel w/the Hepcats: Betty Jean Rock (Sonic)
19. Chuck Berry: Our Little Rendezvous (Chess)
20. Pete Nantz & his Rock And Roll Band: Juke Box Pearl (Clix)
21. Lattie Moore & the Emperors: Skinny Minnie Shimmy (Olimpic)
22. Storey Sisters: Bad Motorcycle (Cameo)
23. Gene Maltais w/the Gibson String Band: Gang War (Lilac)
24. Overnight Lows: Gluestick (Red Lounge)
25. Tumor Warlord: Bio-Machine (Jeth-Row)
26. Grand Trine: I Need You Baby (Almost Ready)
27. Guantanimo Baywatch: Pina Colada (Chest Crawl)
28. GG King: Head In The Clouds (Last Of The Night Wiggers)
29. The Cry!: Sleeping Alone (Introducing: The Cry!)
30. Scrotum Poles: Radio Tay (One Tone)
31. Nobunny: I Can’t Stop (Gonner)
32. Midnite Snaxxx: Heart Full Of Doubt (s/t)
33. Ramones: This Ain’t Havana (End Of The Century)
34. Baddat For Trubbel: Nu Far Det Fan Vara Nog (Vardight)
35. Heavy Cream: Prison Shanks (Super Treatment)
36. Fadeaways: Pretty Girl Has A Stupid Face (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
37. Vicars: Crocodile Chomp (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
38. Secret Prostitutes: Proses Konsistnsi (Ken Rock)
39. Cozy: Cola Shock Kids (Hozac)
40. Secrets*: Radio Heart (Titan)
41. Cops: Glowing Tubes That Tell The Truth (Rob’s House)
42. Nice Face: Summer Shake (Horizon Fires)
43. Devil Dogs: 354 (s/t)
44. Black And White: World War 3 (Episode Sounds)
45. Kyra Rubella: It’s A Stick Up (Here I Am. I Always Am)
46. Armitage Shanks: Louie Louie Music (Little Teddy)
47. Psyched: Hey Mona (s/t)
48. Fuck Eyes: Control Ray (Complicator)
49. White Load: Public Suicide (Wayne’s World 3/Godfater 4)
50. Joe Herbert Band: I Don’t Wanna Be A Preppy (Complex)
51. Zeros: Hungry (Small Wonder)
52. Bags: Violent Girl (All Bagged Up)
53. Squish: Buzz With Me (Hozac)
54. High Teen Boogie: Party Boy (Love Magick)
55. Personal & the Pizzas: Don’t Trust No Party Boy (Trouble In Mind)
56. Clean: Odditty (Anthology)
57. Front Page: Monster (New Noise)
58. Shirley Maclaines: Cigarette (Bachelor)
59. Moralens Vaktare: Stragt Forbjudet (s/t)
60. Flesh Lights: Lens (Super Secret)
61. Los Steaks: Rise Again (Bubbledumb)
62. Chemicals: Cross Tops/Tune You Out (Johnny Cat)
63. Crime: Baby You’re So Repulsive (Crime Music)
64. Brentwoods: Going Out (Radio X)
65. Ralph Neilson & the Chancelors: Scream (Surf)
66. Louder: Get Out (Episode Sounds)
67. Spits: Sk8en (Erst Deutsche Original Aufnahme!)
68. Avengers: Car Crash (Dangerhouse)
69. Circle Jerks: Don’t Care/Live Fast Die Young (Group Sex)
70. Off: I Want One (Off!)
71. Rank/Xerox: Discipline (s/t)
72. X-Discos: Damage Boy (Episode Sounds)
73. Useless Eaters: Rich Boys And Rich Girls (C’est Bon)
74. Elsinores: Thinking Of You (Karmic Shrip/Space Cadet)