Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/29/12

1. Four Sounds: Mama Ubangi Bangi (Ran-Dee)
2. Hong Kongs: Surfin’ In The China Sea (Counsel)
3. Wild Child Gipsom: Uncle John (Hit)
4. Youngsters: Zebra (Sho-Biz)
5. Eddie Jones: Certainly All (Bullet)
6. Elvis Presley w/Scotty & Bill: I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine (Sun)
7. Instrumentals: Chop Suey Rock (Red Fox)
8. Real Gone Daddies: Wait A Little Baby (Noon, Night And Day)
9. Don Cavalli & the Two Timers: Three Or Four Nights (Raw And Spicy)
10. Jack Rabbit Slim: Erotic Psycotic (Emperor’s New Clothes)
11. Bloodshot Bill: Pass It Back (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
12. JP McDermmott & the Western Bops:  Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Last Fool Here)
13. Clear Waters & his Band: Hillbilly Blues (Atomic-H)
14. Stompin’ Riff Raffs: Jupiter (Sleazy)
15. Bucky Walters & the Premiers: Fire Water (Nu-Phi)
16. Ban-Lons: I Like It (Fidelity)
17. Horny Wackers & the Epileptic Reaction: I Can See The Devil In You (They Are Savage)
18. Blonde Bomber: Strollie Bun (Hull)
19. Tin Cans: I Got Rhythm (Unbreakable)
20. Motivations: The Birds (Pride)
21. Jim Kelley & the Rock-A-Beats: Little Chickie Astara)
22. Johnny Burnette: Crazy Legs (Wampus Cat)
23. Truly Lover Trio: In The Dream (You Say You’re Mine) (Surefire Hits)
24. Corvettes: Pick Up (Corvette)
25. Bäddat För Trubbel: Måndag Morgon Eller Söndag Natt (Värdighet)
26. Front Page: Kick Them! (New Noise)
27. Nobunny: At The Mall (Goner)
28. Black & White: World War 3 (Episode Sounds)
29. Kidda Band: Saturday Night Fever (Carrere)
30. Shirley MacLaines: (Not A) Love Song (Bachelor)
31. Highteen Boogie: Romantic (Love Magick)
32. News: Chop Chop Chop (no label)
33. Cops: Extra Passenger (Rob’s House)
34. Transistors: Knee Jerk Jerk (Hypnotic Toys)
35. Mummies: The Fly (Play Their Own Records)
36. Fadeaways: Get Weird (Raw, Wild And Wretched)
37. Crime: Hot Wire My Heart (Crime Music)
38. Frank Holly & the Fullertones: Fast Fucking Food (Too Many Burgers)
39. Guantanamo Bay Watch: Baby Please (Chest Crawl)
40. Unreleaseables: I Wanna Kill Myself (P.Trash)
41. Organs: Get It Right (Killer Diller)
42. Uncool Danceband: Number 17 (Polydor)
43. Secret Prostitutes: Kendaraan Berlapis Baja (Ken Rock)
44. Off: I Got News For You (Off!)
45. Arson: Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
46. Urinals: I’m White And Middle Class (Happy Squid)
47. Nubs: Little Billy’s Burning (Businessman)
48. Vicars: Should Have Stayed At Home (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
49. Kicks: The Secret (Savage Music)
50. Oh No’s: New Wave Haircut (Squoodge)
51. Joey Ramone: Eyes Of Green (…Ya Know?)
52. Pussywillows: Baby Baby I Still Love You (Spring Fever)
53. Hard-Ons: Girl In The Sweater (Waterfront)
54. Dream Dates: Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
55. X-Discos: Fix My Brainwash (Episode Sounds)
56. Atomic Suplex: Bathroom Party (Bathroom Party)
57. Paper Bags: Met A Girl (Rapid Pulse)
58. Huns: Destination Lonely (Rock n’ Jazz)
59. Los Steaks: Sunday Girls (Bubbledumb)
60. Popetts: I Hate My School (Squoodge)
61. Johnny Throttle: Job In The City (Crypt)
62. Lasters: The Lasters Lose The Power Of Speech (Futilitarian)
63. New Coke: All I Want Is Your Sunshine (no label)
64. Estrogen Highs: Status Quo (Oh No) (Irrelevant Future)
65. X: Suck Suck (Aspirations)
66. Teengenerate: No Reason To Complain (Savage)
67. Dials: Savage And Sweet Heart (Dialogue)
68. Screamin' Mee-Mees: Goin' To A Barbeque (Nude Invisible Foot Phenomenon)
69. GG King: Joyless Masturbation (Total Punk)
70. Disco Lepers: I'm Carcogenic (Club Saracoma 18-30)
71. Gasoline: Radio Flic (Egg)
72. Insults: Dummies On Parade (Insults To Injury)
73. Victims: Out Of My Head (Sleeping Dogs Lie)