Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/22/12

1. Truly Lover Trio: Hey Little Girl (Surefire Hits)
2. Arsen Roulette: Boppin’ Little Betty (The Lost Recordings)
3. Johnny Carroll: Johnny Carroll Rock (Texabilly)
4. Eddy Bell & the Bel-Aires: He’s A Square (Bel-Aire)
5. Treasures: Minor Chaos (Valor)
6. Rockin’ Continentals: 2-3-4 (Casino)
7. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Who Slapped John (Capitol)
8. Don ‘Pretty Boy’ Covay: Believe It Or Not (Sue)
9. LC Cooke: I Need Your Love (Bo Diddley Is Loose)
10. Horny Wankers & the Epileptic Reaction: Peggy Fun And Savage (They Are Savage)
11. Racketeers: Two Left Feet (Boston’s Infamous Rockabilly Racket)
12. Ray Vernon w/Link Wray & his Wraymen: One Way Love (Rumble)
13. Door Nobs: Hi-Fi Baby (Viv)
14. 4 El-Moroccos: To-Bango (Alton)
15. Little Ellis & his L7’s: Barb Wire (CLW)
16. Screamin’ Joe Neal: Rock And Roll Deacon (Shippings)
17. Honky Tonk Boozers: I Only Wanna Dance With You (Boozin’ Time)
18. Aliminators: Let Down (Response)
19. Country Rockers: Arkansas Twist (Free Range Chicken)
20. Bobby Lee Trammell: Toolie Froolie (Hot)
21.’s: My Boyfriend From Outer Space (Bomb The Rocks)
22. Scotty McKay: Bad Times (Desperate Rock And Roll)
23. Freddy Robinson: Not Like Now (Limelight)
24. Frank Holly & the Fullertones: Keep Flippin’ (Too Many Burgers)
25. Saints: Wild About You (I’m Stranded)
26. Three Two Ones: Jenny (321)
27. Transistors: Details (no label)
28. Guantanamo Bay Watch: We Came With Dot (Chest Crawl)
29. Front Page: Monster (New Noise)
30. Fadeaways: Girl Trouble (Raw, Wild And Wretched!)
31. Joey Ramone: Party Time (…Ya Know?)
32. Hard-Ons: Then I Kissed Her (Smell My Finger/Hot For Your Love, Baby)
33. Lasters: Depression Is The New Gay (Futilitarian)
34. Shirley McClaines: Better Go Now (Bachelor)
35. Uncool Danceband: Heads I Win (Polydor)
36. Highteen Boogie: Surf Board (Love Magick)
37. X-Discos: Damage Boy (Episode Sounds)
38. Anomalys: Retox (Slovenly)
39. Nobunny: Lizard Liars And Sluts For Hire (Goner)
40. The Cry!: Such A Bore (Introducing: The Cry!)
41. Unwed Teenage Mothers: I’m Gonna Blackout Tonight (Tic Tac Totally)
42. Ooga Boogas: Digin’ A Hole (Aarght!)
43. Elsinores: Thinking Of You (Karmic Shrimp/Space Cadet)
44. Gaggers: Psychosomatic (No Front Teeth/Wanda)
45. L’Assasins: 7 PM (Big Action)
46. Black & White: Mortal Sin (Episode Sounds)
47. News: Dirty Lies (no label)
48. Cheap Time: Another Time (Wallpaper Music)
49. Avengers: Teenage Rebel (Superior Viaduct)
50. Head: I Hate Your Friends (Street Level Assault)
51. Estrogen Highs: Temporary Spaces (Irrelevant Future)
52. Fag Cop: Don’t Stab Me (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
53. Retros: Heartbeat (Inner City Rockers)
54. Replacements: Heartbeat, It’s A Love Beat (Let It Be reissue)
55. Friends Of Dorothy: Too Depressed For Success (Ken Rock)
56. Sore Subjects: Wearing You Down (Surfin’Ki)
57. King Tuff: Wild Desire (Suicide Squeeze)
58. Gentleman Jessie: You Give Me Shivers (Leaving Atlanta)
59. Urinals: Ack Ack Ack Ack (Happy Squid)
60. Spider Fever: Out In The Crowd (s/t)
61. Spivs: What’s The Use (Black And White Memories)
62. Armitage Shanks w/Billy Childish: Shirts Off (Damaged Goods)
63. Useless Eaters: Receiver (Drop The Bomb) (C’est Bon)
64. Atomic Suplex: Atomic Suplexed By A Girl (Death Pop)
65. Porcharitas: Pillow Fight (Vertical House)
66. Davila 666: No Cees Que Ya Cansa (Suicide Squeeze)
67. Psycho-Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
68. Randoms: Let’s Get Rid Of New York (Dangerhouse)
69. Red Cross: Puss And Boots (Demos 1979-1982)
70. feedtime: I Don’t Care About You (Today Is Friday)
71. Bad Sports: Nothing To Do (Nashville’s Dead)