Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/15/12

 1. Fendermen: Muleskinner Blues (Cuca)
2. Ready Men: Disintegration (Get Ready)
3. Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Who’s Knocking On My Door (Rock It To Stardom)
4. Junior Marvel: Heart Like A Rock (Messin’ Around With…)
5. Hayden Thompson: Love My Baby (Sun)
6. Bo Diddley: Bodacious (Bo Diddley Is Lose)
7. Chris Kenner: Don’t Make No Noise (Prigan)
8. Bloodshot Bill: Rocket To The Moon (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
9. Sonny Sheather & the Stardusters: Orbit With Me (Beaver)
10. Bel-Aires: Space Walk (Arc)
11. Jackie Goetroe & the Scamps: Rock It To The Moon (Rhythm)
12. Mike Lawing: Chimpanzee Ride (Hawk)
13. Five Du-Tones: The Chicken Astronaut (One-Derful)
14. Deacon & the Rock And Rollers: Rockin’ On The Moon (Nau-Voo)
15. Jimmy Stewart: Rock On The Moon (Eko)
16. Thunderbirds: Flying Saucers (Buffalo)
17. Dave & the Hillbilly Huxters: Sinnerman (Rough And Raw)
18. Delta Bombers: Hole In My Head (Wolf)
19. Cousin Herbert Henson: Lose My Mind (Tally)
20. Kai Rai: I Want Some Of That (Desperate Rock And Roll)
21. Tony Genova: Hey Bo Diddley (Desperate Rock And Roll)
22. Maynie & Howie: Library Rock (Sho-Mi)
23. Frankie Ervin: Wilhemina (Contender)
24. Slingshots: Bone Idle (Misfits)
25. Scientists: Shake Together Tonight (DNA)
26. Cyclops: Eye Like It Cuz It’s Cool (Bachelor)
27. Nobunny: I Can’t Stop (Goner)
28. Oh No’s: Bad Seed (Squoodge)
29. Armitage Shanks: Ballad Of Unlucky Luke (Brain Dart)
30. Spivs: Men Don’t Cry (Almost Ready)
31. Creeping Ivies: Chicken Voodoo Blues (Ghost Train)
32. Joey Ramone: I Couldn’t Sleep (…Ya Know?)
33. Cry!: Sleeping Alone (Introducing The Cry!)
34. Black And White: World War 3 (Episode Sounds)
35. Transistors: Flux Pentaphile (no label)
36. Vicars: Satisfy You (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
37. Numbers: The Rules Of Love (Able)
38. Poppets: Teenage Rebel (Squoodge)
39. Count Vertigo: I’m A Mutant (Cool)
40. Tyrades: I Hate Your Wave (s/t)
41. Hot Nasties: I Am A Confused Teenager (Social Blemish)
42. X-Discos: Pins And Needles (Episode Sounds)
43. UV Race: Bad News (Aarght)
44. Icky Boyfriends: I Was… (Black Jack)
45. Chook Race: Thinking About You (demo)
46. 60 Second Swingers: 60 Second Swinger (Howlin’ Banana)
47. Snails: Snail’s Love Theme (Perfection)
48. Elite: My Confusion (Charay)
49. Ralph Nielson & the Chancellors: Never Not Again (Crypt)
50. Spys: Underground (Ugly Pop)
51. King Tuff: Bad Thing (s/t)
52. Bads: Garbage Party (demo)
53. Durban Poison: Wanna Hear About Dancin’ (Shake!)
54. Teengenerate: Let’s Get Hurt (Casting Couch)
55. City Sweathearts: War In My Head (Sleeping Through Modern Times)
56. Primitive Hearts: To Tough (demo)
57. Headcoatees: Youngblood (Sisters Of Sauvé)
58. Cheap Time: Typically Strange (Wallpaper Music)
59. Johnny Throttle: Atomic Reaction (Wrench)
60. Outsoorsmen: Don’t Like No One (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
61. Tinopeners: I Want You (Rip Off Records)
62. Spies: My Radio (Giant Squid)
63. feedtime: Fun Fun Fun (Cooper S)
64. Rock And Roll Bitches: Wild West (Rich Young)
65. Pupils: Sin Girl (s/t)
66. Sonics: He’s Waitin’ (Boom)
67. Swamp Rats: Psycho (St. Clair)
68. Tamrons: Wild Man (Pyramid)
69. Mentally Ill: Tumor Boy (Autistic)
70. Hitler SS: Slave (Compact Cassette)
71. Sore Subjects: Chain Of Command (Surfin’Ki)