Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/08/12

1. Delta Bombers: So Lost (Wolf)
2. The Phantom: Love Me (Dot)
3. Uncle Luke’s Cousins: Don’t Track Me Down (Doggone Baby)
4. Locomotions: Claudette (Big Neck)
5. Gene Norman & his Rocking Rockets: Snaggle Tooth Ann (Snag)
6. Ox-Tones: Mickey (Phonograph)
7. Hasil Adkins: No More Hot Dogs (Out To Hunch)
8. Hot Boogie 55: Play Some Rock And Roll (Let The Good Times Roll)
9. Bop Brothers: Crazy For Your Love (Rough And Raw)
10. S&H Scamps: Swampin’ (Gregmark)
11. Link Wray & his Wraymen: 5, 10, 15, 20 (Can Your Monkey Do The Dog) (Law Of The Jungle)
12. unknown geniuses: The Baby Twist (Twistin’ Time)
13. Del Knights: Everything (United Artists)
14. Jack Hammer & the Pacers: Black Widow Spider Woman (Milestone)
15. Skip Graves: Indian Giver (With Your Love) (Fireside)
16. Herbie Duncan w/Red Wells & his Caravan From St. Louis: Hot Lips Baby (Mar-Vel’)
17. Bloodshot Bill: Cool Breeze (Transistor 66)
18. Don Bishop: The Crwod From 23rd Avenue (Desperate Rock And Roll)
19. Slingshots: Misfit (Misfit)
20. Moscats: Hard Headed Woman (s/t)
21. Stompin’ Riff Raffs: You Shake Me (Sleazy)
22. Naturales: Jive Note (Vamalco)
23. Four Unknowns: Fearless (Mida)
24. Zakons: Wasted (Cuca)
25. Bo Diddley: Hey Hey What You Gonna Do (Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw)
26. Milkshakes: Can You Tell Me (Fourteen Rhythm And Beat Greats)
27. Chook Race: Medicine (no label)
28. Alley Cats: Give Me A Little Pain (Dangerhouse)
29. X-Discos: Damage Boy (Episode Sounds)
30. Sensitive Side: Problem Face (Vinyl Dog)
31. Hot Nasties: Invasion Of the Tribbles (Social Blemish)
32. Hussy: Mind Alright (Weed Seizure)
33. Bizzaros: Hey Girl (The Complete Collection)
34. Black & White: Mortal Sin (Episode Sounds)
35. Cheap Time: More Cigarettes: (Wallpaper Music)
36. Cikatris: Le Rage (Sax)
37. Victims: Monster (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
38. Limit: Dream Of Love (s/t)
39. Paint Fumes: Waste Of Time (Slovenly)
40. feedtime: If You Can’t (Today Is Friday)
41. Elsinores: You’re The One (Karmic Shrimp/Space Cadet)
42. Trust Fund Babies: Up to No Good (Radio)
43. Nobunny: I See Swastikas (Goner)
44. Perfect Form: Into The Game (Episode Sounds)
45. Ills: Nominate You To Die (demo)
46. X: We’re Desperate (Dangerhouse)
47. Young Identities: Convulsions (Let’s All Have) (Savage Music)
48. Pupils: Destroy (s/t)
49. Raydios: Turning Blue (Original Demo Recordings)
50. Reducers: Out Of Step (Rave On)
51. Nothing: Scream n’ Cry (Wide Awake Music)
52. White Load: Life (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
53. Beastie Boys: Tough Guy (Ill Communication)
54. Tyvek: Mary Ellen Claims (X!)
55. Armitage Shanks: It’s You (Little Teddy)
56. Bazooka: I Want To Fuck All The Girls At My School (Slovenly)
57. New Coke: All I Want Is Your Sunshine (no label)
58. Vagina Boys: Go Down (Ken Rock)
59. Johnny Throttle: Sick Of Myself (Crypt)
60. Louder: Get Out (Episode Sounds)
61. Mark Sultan: Quit The Human Race (Whatever I Want)
62. Jerk Alert: Primitive Fucks (Eradicator)
63. Sore Subjects: Missing Link (Surfin’ki)
64. Porcharitas: Sometimes (Vertical House)
65. Paper Bags: Knife (Rapid Pulse)
66. Rock And Roll Bitches: Broad Daylight (Rich Young)
67. Cobrateens: Jerk (demo)
68. Tee Pees: You’re A Turd (Bachelor)
69. Mummies: That Girl (…Play Their Own Records)
70. Unreleasables: Leather Jacket Psycho (Bat Shit)
71. Teenanger: Tired Of You (Frights)
72. Spys: Machine Shop (no label)
73. Gaggers: Psychosomatic (No Front Teeth/Wanda)
74. Therapists: LD50 (Hate Sweats)
75. Transistors: Caving In (Shortwave)
76. Mighty Caesars: Devious Means (Thee Caesars Of Trash)
77. Morning Shakes: Youngblood (Sack O’Shit)
78. Vom: Too Animalistic (White Noise)