Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/01/12

 1. Bo Diddley: Huckleberry Bush Hully Hully Gully (Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw)
2. Wild Bill Taylor & the Clefs: Little Jewel (Fame)
3. Reekers: Don’t Call Me Flyface (Ru Jac)
4. Cramps: Human Fly (Vengeance)
5. Washouts: Teenage Washout (I Was A Teenage Washout)
6. Stompin’ Riff Raffs: Bizarre (Sleazy)
7. Brentwoods: Go Get Bent (Fun In South City)
8. Elroy Dietzel & his Rhythm Bandits: Teenage Ball (Bo-Kay)
9. Sabres w/Louis Gittens: My Hot Mama (Kat)
10. Bloodshot Bill: Right Out The Door (Transistor 66)
11. Sensations: Wild Cat (Draeger)
12. Trashmen: Wild Cat Loose In Town (Bird Call!)
13. Chuck Berry: Dead Dad (Chess)
14. Uncle Charlie Combo: Fire Ball (Cab)
15. Raging Teens: Pretty Brown Eyes (Rock n’ Roll Party)
16. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Square Guitar (Square Guitar)
17. Sam Thomas & the Valaneers: Bowling Twist (Twistin’ Time)
18. Cave Men: Bowling Alley Oop (The Big Itch)
19. Vicars: I Feel Alright (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
20. B-Stars: Ink Free Baby Of Mine (Behind The Barn With…)
21. Slapbacks: All I Wanna Do (Racin’ And Rockin’)
22. Hoedowners: Country Cat (Hoedown Jamboree)
23. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Dance Contest (Guitar Great Hits By…)
24. (Original) Rhythm Rockers: Madness (Square)
25. Spider Fever: Don’t Let Death Get In The Way (s/t)
26. XYX: Anel And Her Problem (SS)
27. 3D Kids: Nervous Reaction (no label)
28. Boys: I Don’t Care (s/t)
29. Louder: Get Out (Episode Sounds)
30. Sex Cult: Plain Jane (Nashville’s Dead)
31. Hussy: Oh Yeah (Saytan)
32. Mark Sultan: Axis Abraxis (Whatever I Want)
33. Nothing: Uniformz (Wide Awake Musik)
34. X-Discos: Fix My Brain Wash (Episode Sounds)
35. Avengers: Car Crash (Dangerhouse)
36. Jerks: Hold My Hand (Underground)
37. 60 Second Swingers: Lonely And Blue (Howlin’ Banana)
38. Transistors: Static Control (Shortwave)
39. Cobrateens: Get Away (demo)
40. Maxines: Drug Store (K)
41. King Tuff: Hole In My Head (Suicide Squeeze)
42. Pizzas: Rock n’ Roll Radio (Sacramento)
43. Teenanger: Bank Account (Frights)
44. White Load: Narrow Aisles (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
45. Triumphs: Surside Date (IFF)
46. Stingrays of Springfield, Illinois: Mad Surfer (Ray)
47. Twilights: 007 (Cuca)
48. Armitage Shanks: Louie Louie Music (Little Teddy)
49. Psycho-Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
50. feedtime: Garbage Scow (Today Is Friday)
51. Machines: True Life (Wax)
52. Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
53. Riots: Sell Out (Time For Action)
54. Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (Oops Baby)
55. Ramones: Locket Love (Rocket To Russia)
56. Limit: Uh Oh (s/t)
57. Welders: P-E-R-V-E-R-T (BDR)
58. Lemonheads: Gotta Stop (Hate Your Friends)
59. Retros: This Girl (Inner City Rockers)
60. Spits: Electric Brain (Spits V)
61. Cheap Time: Antother Time (Wallpaper Music)
62. Secret Prostitutes: Luda Dimatmu (Ken Rock)
63. Nipple Erectors: So Pissed Off (Bop, Babes, Booze And Bovver)
64. Controllers: Another Day (s/t)
65. New Coke: He Got Stabbed In The Throat (no label)
66. Nasal Boys: Hot Love (Periphery Perfume)
67. Flip-Tops: Hate My Guts (…Are Still A Band)
68. Nobunny: La La La La Love You (Suicide Squeeze)
69. Culture Kids: I Can’t Take It Anymore (s/t)
70. Oh No’s: Molly (Maximum Trash)
71. Primitive Hearts: Hideaway (demo)
72. Estrogen Highs: Grass Of Leaves (Irrelevant Future)
73. Cyclops: Eye Can’t Take It (Bachelor)