Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/17/12

1. Ralph Nielson & the Chancellors: Scream (Surf)
2. Montereys: Rocker (Cuca)
3. Frank Zolton w/the Town & Country Boys: Cat’s Eyes (Dixie)
4. Sonics: Marlene (Gaity)
5. Carmen Ghia & the Hot Rods: Flying Saucer Baby (Flying Saucer Baby)
6. Bloodshot Bill: Kebap Bop (Transistor 66)
7. Lonesome Savages: Got Love (Kind Turkey)
8. Clovers: Have Gun Will Travel (United Artists)
9. Frank Dalton & the Dalton Gang: Quick Draw McGraw (Mercury)
10. Delecardos: Mr. Dillon (United Artists)
11. Ding-A-Lings: C Mercy Percy (Capitol)
12. Chants: Dick Tracy (Verve)
13. Sounds: Charlie Chan (Sarge)
14. Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley Is A Gun Slinger (Bo Diddley Is A Gun Slinger)
15. Rudy Wesley & the Palace Aides: The Lean Hornet (Chart)
16. Falling Stars: The Real Batman (Black)
17. Dick Grass & the Hoppers: Mr. John Law (Arrow)
18. Mark Sultan: I Turned Them All Down (Whatever I Want)
19. Dave ‘Diddle’ Day w/the Tony Ray Combo: Blue Moon Baby (Fee Bee)
20. Slim Marbles: The Switch (Jo-Ree)
21. Rebel Rousers: Leroy (Jan)
22. Robbie Robins w/Lennie Brand – guitar: Hurry (Hep)
23. Count Yates w/ Orchestra & Chimpanzee: Chimpanzee (Regis)
24. Junior Varsity: Pun Monkey (Bam! Bam! Bam!)
25. Barreracudas: Monkey See, Monkey Do (Nocturnal Missions)
26. Estrogen Highs: Temporary Spaces (Irrelevant Future)
27. Durban Poison: Who Killed Marilyn? (Shake!)
28. Vicars: Crocodile Chomp (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
29. Armitage Shanks: Louie Louie Music (Little Teddy)
30. White Load: Barbara Ann (Wayne’s World 3/Godfater 4)
31. Dream Dates: Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
32. Psycho Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
33. Gentleman Jesse: You Give Me Shivers (Leaving Atlanta)
34. Crash Kills Five: Special School (Ugly Pop)
35. Nobunny: Blow Dumb (First Blood)
36. Washouts: We Eat Flesh (I Was A Teenage Washout)
37. Primitive Hearts: Believe Me (demo)
38. Gaggers: Psychosomatic (No Front Teeth/Wanda)
39. Cikatris: La Rage (Sax)
40. Teenanger: SLW (Frights)
41. Limit: She’s So European (s/t)
42. Paint Fumes: Waste Of Time (Slovenly)
43. Les Soules: Village Of Love (Kim)
44. Fag Cop: I Eat Out The Trash (Whimpers From The Panthenon)
45. Paper Bags: Mommi, I’m A Misfit (Rapid Pulse)
46. Swankers: Fuck Off (Death Pop)
47. Retros: All Talk, No Action (Inner City Rockers)
48. Porcharitas: Pillow Fight (Vertical House)
49. L’Assasains: Gonna Git That Man (s/t)
50. Atomic Mosquitos: Mosquito Royale (Brand New Surf)
51. Urban Junior: Girl Like You (Two Headed Demon)
52. Angel Sluts: So Dull (Chickpea)
53. New Bomb Turks: Professional Againster (Wallabies)
54. Users: Sick Of You (Raw)
55. Cyclops: Eye Can’t Take It (Bachelor)
56. Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers: Throw A Stone, Hide Your Hand (Drop Some Leg!)
57. Mad Mike & the Maniacs: The Hunch (Hunch)
58. Retreds: Black Mona Lisa (R&T)
59. Ghost Bikini: Summer Heat (Ravaging)
60. feedtime:: Rock And Roll (Shovel)
61. Poppets: Heaven Only Knows (Ken Rock)
62. Escroto De Rata: Marginal (Punk Rock Sex Basura)
63. Ramones: Yea Yea (‘Sire’)
64. Gasoline: Radio Flic (Egg)
65. Hollows: Strange Effect (Vulture)
66. Black Time: Middle Class (Midnight World)
67. Superfly TNT’s: You’re A Brat (Real)
68. Fang: With Friends Like You (Where The Wild Things Are)
69. Rock And Roll Bitches: Someone Could Lose An Eye (Rich Young)
70. Atomic Suplex: I Am Rock And Roll (Bathroom Party)
71. Spivs: TV Screen (Black And White Memories)
72. Distractors: Walk Away (Dimebox)
73. Ambulance: I Remember (Urgent)
74. Buzz: Sick At Heart (Red Ball)
75. Little Queenie: Black Out (Sweet Rot)
76. Rocks: You’r So Boring (Point Blank)
77. Organs: All Alone (Puta)