Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/10/12

1. Screaming Jay Hawkins: All Night (Sue)
2. Milkshakes: Every Girl I Meet (Milkshakes Revenge)
3. Washouts: Snake Eyed Woman (I Was A Teenage Washout)
4. Rip Carson & the Twilight Trio: Heart Attack (Stand Back)
5. Bloodshot Bill: Rattle My Brain (Transistor 66)
6. Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers: Shot Full Of Holes (Drop Some Leg!)
7. Jimmy Norman: Just To Get To You (Dot)
8. Freddie Flynn & the Flames: Green Stamps (Lyric)
9. Johnny Kay: Starvation (Tiger)
10. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Six Shooter Blues (Sleazy)
11. Rhythm River Trio: Wastin’ Time On You (Wild Side Of Life)
12. Lee Rocker: Wild Child (Night Train To Memphis)
13. Rockhouse Trio: Act Naturally (This Road)
14. Bloomin’ Brothers: Fire Engine Red (Feel Cool)
15. Milton Allen: Don’t Bug Me Baby (RCA-Victor)
16. Vicars: I Wanna Be Your Vicar (I Wanna Be Your Vicar)
17. L’Assasins: Go!!! (s/t)
18. Les Soules: Village Of Love (Kim)
19. Fab: Our Little Rende-vous (Trans World Punk)
20. Hush Puppies: Looking For Another Love (Playboy)
21. Novas: The Crusher (Parrot)
22. Paint Fumes: Egyptian Rats (Slovenly)
23. Hysterics: Won’t Get Far (Tottenham)
24. Fall-Outs: She’s Out There (Here I Come And Other Hits)
25. Cikatris: J’aurais Voulu (Sax)
26. Moralens Vaktare: Rulla Hem (s/t)
27. Guitar Wolf: Jet Satisfaction (Jet Satisfaction)
28. Useless Eaters: Year 11 (C’est Bon)
29. Outdoorsmen: Cannibalistic (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
30. Hussy: Molly Molly (Eradicator)
31. Amoebas: Ain’t About Her (D-Sides)
32. Fag Cop: Fake Blood (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
33. Nasal Boys: Hot Love (Periphery Perfume)
34. Fuck Eyes: Social Death (Complicator)
35. Primitive Hearts: Killing Time (demo)
36. Bazooka: Monkey Town (Slovenly)
37. Mark Sultan: Let Me Freeze (Whenever I Want)
38. Atomic Suplex: Rock And Roll Action (Bathroom Party)
39. Limit: Uh Oh (s/t)
40. Escroto De Rata: Hay Amores Que Matan (Punk Rock Sex Basura)
41. Smogtown: My Only Mistake (D-Side)
42. New Coke: All I Want Is Your Sunshine (no label)
43. Retros: This Girl (Inner City Rockers)
44. GG King: Joyless Masturbation (Total Punk)
45. Spray Paint: Psychic Doug (SS)
46. John Wesley Coleman: My Grave (The Last Donkey Show)
47. Don Norviel & the Visions: Little Latin Lupe Lu (Alley)
48. Untamed Youth: I’m More Punker Than You (An Invitation To Planet Mace)
49. Spivs: Men Don’t Cry (Almost Ready)
50. Charles Albright: Things Have Changed (Goodbye Boozy)
51. Armitage Shanks: It’s You (Little Teddy)
52. Therapists: Jesus Love You Judy (Hate Sweats)
53. White Load: Cover Your Face (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
54. Disco Lepers: Swastika Birthmark (Club Sarcoma 18-30)
55. Arson: Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
56. Gasoline: Killer Man (Egg)
57. Consumers: Consumers (All My Friends Are Dead)
58. Complaints: Bad Decisions (Complaint)
59. Skinnies: Out Of Order (Lectric Eye)
60. Skrewdriver: You’re So Dumb (Chiswick)
61. Riots: Dance On Your Problems (Time For Action)
62. feedtime: Loudmouth (Cooper-S)
63. Larchmont Trash: Cougar (Spend The Summer With…)
64. Teenanger: Tired Of You (Frights)
65. Black Time: A Radio In The Dark (split w/Ty Segall)
66. Tyred Eyes: Too Late To Make It Right (Ken Rock)
67. Actual Water: She’s A Priest (Plastic Idol)