Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/03/12

1. Jim Morrison: Ready To Rock (Artic)
2. Billy Guy: She’s A Humdinger (ABC-Paramount)
3. Earlston Ford: Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Mercury)
4. Paramours: Prison Break (Smash)
5. Bedlamville Triflers: Shift Gears (Going Out Tonight)
6. Chadd Thomas & the Crazy Kings: Rockin’ At The Dragstrip (Shake Alive)
7. Betty McQuade: Tongue Tied (Astor)
8. Charlie Feathers w/Marcus Van Story’s Old Sun Slappin’ Base: Stutterin’ Cindy (Philwood)
9. Rhythm River Trio: She Said (Wild Side Of Life)
10. Kuf-Linx: Service With A Smile (Challenge)
11. Exports: Car Hop (King)
12. Jay Nelson & his Jumpers: Raise Some San (Hollywood)
13. Del Knights: Compensation (United Artists)
14. Rats: The Rats’ Revenge part 1 & 2 (Black Cat)
15. Animal Jack: Gotta Hear The Beat (Prism)
16. Ronnie Davis: Let’s Beetle In The Rocket (Sheridan)
17. Exterminators: The Beetle Bomb (Chancellor)
18. Gar Bacon w/Bug Bower & his Orchestra: Chains Of Love (Dale)
19. Bloodshot Bill: Right Out The Door (Transistor 66)
20. Chuck Berry: Betty Jean (Chess)
21. Nomads: Be Nice (Spotlight)
22. Mark Sultan: Repulse Me Baby (Whatever I Want)
23. Primitive Hearts: Too Tough (demo)
24. Headcoatees: Teenage Kicks (Punk Girls)
25. Shy Ones: 12 Months Later (Disca-Tech)
26. Armitage Shanks: Louie Louie Music (Little Teddy)
27. Ramones: S.L.U.G. (‘Sire’)
28. Gasoline: Radio Flic (Egg)
29. Replacements: I Hate Music (The Early Mats)
30. Yetti Men: Break Time (split w/the Uppa Trio)
31. Nasal Boys: Die Wuste Lebt (Periphery Perfume)
32. Ivy Green: Troubles (s/t)
33. Limit: Candy Rocks (s/t)
34. Ambulance: It’s All Up To You (Urgent)
35. Bo Diddley: Elephant Man (The Black Gladiator)
36. Preachers: Who Do You Love (Moonglow)
37. Fuck Eyes: Electro/Cute (The Cut)
38. Kicks: The Secret (Shake Music)
39. Fag Cop: Rotten Age (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
40. Larchmont Trash: Wolf (Spend The Summer With…)
41. Hunx: Your Love Is Here To Stay (Hairdresser Blues)
42. Ills: Dinosaur Pig (demo)
43. Nerves: Paper Dolls (One Way Ticket)
44.’s: Bond Girl (Tokyo Stiff)
45. Madeira: The Witch Doctor (Tribal Fires)
46. Trashwomen: Nightmare At The Drag (vs. Deep Space)
47. Flip-Tops: No Luck Nightmare (Are Still A Band)
48. Spivs: Back To The Start (Black And White Memories)
49. Brown Brogues: Anyone But You (Italian Beach Babes)
50. Atomic Suplex: Diamond Skull (Bathroom Party)
51. Cyclops: Eye Can’t Take It (demo)
52. Astryd Lindgren’s Great 5: Retard Rock (Ken Rock)
53. Reatards: I’m So Gone (Teenage Hate)
54. Woollen Kits: Watch You Walk (s/t)
55. Wrong Words: How To Keep A Straight Face (Trouble In Mind)