Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/13/12

1. Atomic Suplex: Rock And Roll Must Die (Bathroom Party)
2. Lonesome Savages: Train Kept A Rollin’ (Kind Turkey)
3. Limit: Uh Oh (s/t)
4. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Skunks)
5. Dream Dates: Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
6. Boys: She’s All Mine (It’s All Pop)
7. Howling Wolfmen: Time Machine (Asylum Rock)
8. Die Zorros: Hey Rockabilly (Future)
9. Spiders: Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Banzai Freakbeat)
10. Shorty Sergeant w/the Singing Kelleys: Record Hop (Jet)
11. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Twistin’ Little Baby (Sleazy)
12. Andy Thomas: Waitin’ In School (Rocka Socka Hop)
13. Johnny Fraser w/the Regal-Aires: Rock With The Mambo (Star-X)
14. Tommy Blake: F-Olding Money (Recco)
15. Mars Attacks: The Way I Bop (Recaptured!)
16. Cramps: Super Goo (Big Beat From Baddsville)
17. Pussy Galore: Happy (Exile On Main Street)
18. Don Juan y los Blancos: Bop On (Poder Blanco!)
19. Hi-Lites feat. Randy Hard: Beach Baby (Wonder)
20. Coffin Fly: Creature Boogie Woogie (Eat, Breed, Obey)
21. Freddy Carpenter: Money Money Money (East West)
22. Secrets*: Get Your Radio (It’s All Pop)
23. OBNIII’s: New Innocence (Leather Bar)
24. Useless Eaters: Plague Is Vague (Jolly Dream)
25. Arson: Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
26. Cobrateens: Jerk (demo)
27. Chinese Burns: Kiss Fist (Windian)
28. Little Queenie: Hittin’ The Wall (demo)
29. Gentleman Jesse: Eat Me Alive (Leaving Atlanta)
30. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: There Is Only Me (Squoodge)
31. Flip-Tops: Enslaved Outrage (…Are Still A Band)
32. Therapists: Deviant (Hate Sweats)
33. Rank/Xerox: Sterile Regions (s/t)
34. Anomalys: Retox (Slovenly)
35. Victims: Television Addict (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
36. John Wesley Coleman: My Grave (The Last Donkey Show)
37. Bad Sports: Stuff (Total BS)
38. Guantanamo Bay Watch: Boomeranga (Portland Mutant Party)
39. Guida: Number 10 (Racey Roller)
40. Rockbottom: Ready Go Ready (Revenge)
41. Moralens Vaktare: Du Ar En Tont (s/t)
42. Folded Shirt: Mouth Clock (Fashionable Idiots)
43. Paint Fumes: Panic Attack (Slovenly)
44. GG King: Bag (Total Punk)
45. Tee Pees: Do The Smog (Bachelor)
46. Supercharger: I Got None (Bag Of Hammers)
47. Hussy: Hard To Erase (Eradicator)
48. Flesh Lights: I’m A Monk (Muscle Pop)
49. White Load: Barba Fuck You (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
50. Roach Motel: Make Me Sick/Brook Shields/Burger King (It’s Lonely At The Top)

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