Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/27/12

1. Chris Issak: Miss Pearl (Beyond The Sun)
2. Ronnie Hayward Trio: Waitin’ Blues (Move Around)
3. Bloodshot Bill: She’s My Baby (Get High Tonight)
4. Sugar King Boys: Drinkin’ Pop So-Dee-O-Dee (Topsy Turvy)
5. George Jones: Root Beer (United Artists)
6. Angie & the Citations: I Wanna Dance (Angela)
7. Jimmy Patterson: One Buffalo (You Mean A Nickel) (Federal)
8. Del Knights: Wrapped To Tight (Chancellor)
9. Tommy Frederick & the Hi-Notes: Where’d Ja Go (Coral)
10. King Curtis: The Arthur Murry Twist (RCA Victor)
11. Jack Gale & the Medicine Men: The Medicine (Columbia)
12. Ernest Tucker: What’s The Matter Claudy (Jubilee)
13. Paul Perryman: Just For Your Call (Duke)
14. Hunx: Let Me In (Hairdresser Blues)
15. Ambulance: I Remember (Urgent)
16. Secrets*: Radio Heart (Titan)
17. Gentleman Jessie: Rooting For The Underdog (Leaving Atlanta)
18. Larry Williams: Slow Down alt (At His Finest)
19. A-Bones: Bad Boy (Demolition Derby)
20. John Wesley Coleman: She’s Like Dracula (The Last Donkey Show)
21. Guida: Coming Back To You (Racey Roller)
22. Tough Shits: Security Blanket (s/t)
23. Rockbottom: Starfighter (Revenge)
24. White Load: Note Note Note Note (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
25. Midnight Snaxxx: 80 In 40 (demo)
26. Baddat For Trubbel: Borjar Bli Van (demo)
27. Hunx: Do You Remember Being A Roller (Hairdresser Blues)
28. Heavy Cream: Watusi (Danny)
29. Disco Lepers: I’m Carogenic (Club Sarcoma 18-30)
30. Dream Dates: Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
31. Limit: Modern Girl (s/t)
32. Pagans: Dead End America (Pink Album…Plus)
33. Sex Cult: Plain Jane (Nashville’s Dead)
34. Cobrateens: Buzzkill (demo)
35. Fag Cop: Nailed To The Cross (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
36. Cormans: Cumin’ And Goin’ (In The Red)
37. White Faces: I’m Your Creep (s/t)
38. Pigs: Psychopath (1977)
39. Tutu & the Pirates: Wham Bam Son Of Sam (Sub Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
40. Retros: Yes Boy (Inner City Rockers)
41. Dead Farmers: Run (Go Home)
42. Atomic Suplex: I’m On (Bathroom Party)
43. Crash Kills Five: What Do You Do At Night? (Ugly Pop)
44. Personal & the Pizzas: Bored Out Of My Brains (Oops Baby)
45. Virgin Split: track 1 (demo)
46. Moralens Vaktare: Sticka Fran Stan (s/t)
47. Spits: Rat Face (Spits III)
48. feedtime: Shovel (Today Is Friday)
49. Useless Eaters: The Moves (Jolly Dream)
50. Consumers: Media Ogre (All My Friends Are Dead)
51. Replacements: I’m In Trouble (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash)
52. Therapists: Brain Scabs (Hate Sweats)
53. Angel Sluts: Love (Chickpea)
54. Flyin’ Tricheros: Recidivist (s/t)
55. Folded Shirt: Tiny Boat (Fashionable Idiots)
56. Broken Hearts: Tuesday Evening Girl (Want One)
57. Reducers: Maximum Depression (Let’s Go)
58. Flip-Tops: Lock Me Up (…Are Still A Band)
59. Irritones: White Wires (Penis Romantique)
60. Ills: Delete U! (demo)
61. Little Queenie: Stag (demo)
62. Red Mass: Television Personalities (Mammoth Cave)
63. Maxines: White Out (La Ti Da)
64. Hussy: SFB (Weed Seizure)
65. Chinese Burns: Calculator (Windian)
66. Paint Fumes: Panic Attack (Slovenly)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/20/12

1. Chinese Burns: Steal Your Prayers (Windian)
2. Gories: Thunderbird ESQ (I Know You Fine But, How You Doing)
3. Little Queenie: Blackout (Sweet Rot)
4. Gentleman Jesse: I’m A Mess Without You (Leaving Atlanta)
5. Paint Fumes: Waste Of Time (Slovenly)
6. Dave & Deke Combo: Cut Out That Boogie (Hollywood Barn Dance)
7. Rhythm River Trio: Brother That’s All (Wild Side Of Life)
8. Mark Sultan: Satisfied And Lazy (Whenever I Want)
9. Limit: Call Jane (s/t)
10. Myron Lee: Fat Man (Garrett)
11. Mighty Moguls: Little Latin Lupe Lu (Teenage Party)
12. Lanz Miles: Dollar Signs (Smile)
13. Mystics: Snoopy (Black Cat)
14. Metropolitans: Screaming Part 1 (SMC)
15. Spiders: Baby Doll (Lawn)
16. Replacements: Customer (September Gurls) (CBGB’s 12/.9/84)
17. Die Zorros: Der Komissar (Future)
18. Trashmen: A-Bone (Bird Call!)
19. Underbeats: Don’t Lie To Me (Free Flight)
20. Disco Lepers: Epileptic Sex (Club Sarcoma 18-30)
21. Mentally Ill: Padded Cell (Autistic)
22. Crash Kills Five: Special School (Ugly Pop)
23. Durban Poison: Time Warp (Shake)
24. Oblivians: I’m Not A Sicko, There’s A Plate In My Head (Soul Food)
25. Woollen Kits: Out Of Whack (s/t)
26. Brown Brogues: Grind A Go Go (Ken Rock)
27. About Blanks: Pretty Weird (12 Boring Blasts)
28. Outdoorsmen: I Got A Temper (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
29. Consumers: Anti Anti Anti (All My Friends Are Dead)
30. Olivensteins: Je Suis Negatif (s/t)
31. Tyred Eyes: Garda (Ken Rock)
32. Bazooka: Monkey Town (Slovenly)
33. Barracudas: Rendez-vous (Surf And Destroy)
34. Red Cross: Rich Brat (Demos 1979-1982)
35. Ketamines: Teenage Rebellion (Spaced Out)
36. Teenanger: SLW (Frights)
37. Intellectuals: Tee-Box (In The Middle Of Darkwhere)
38. Amoebas: Perverts And Rats (s/t)
39. True Sons Of Thunder: Ebola (s/t)
40. Maxines: Queer Mods (La Ti Da)
41. Manic Depressives: You Know Where You’re Going (split w/0:30 Second Flash)
42. Titan Blood: Can’t Stand You (Titan Blood)
43. Teengenerate: So Bored (Savage)
44. Spivs: Your Time (Black And White Memories)
45. Cobrateens: Get Away (demo)
46. Angle Sluts: So Dull (Chickpea)
47. Cyclops: Deny (Portland Mutant Party)
48. Onions: Kowloon Walled City (demo)
49. Flip-Tops: Radiation Bomb (…Are Still A Band)
50. Incredible Kidda Band: Camphill Go Go (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
51. Atomic Suplex: Bathroom Party (Bathroom Party)
52. Moralens Vaktare: Arbeb Moral (s/t)
53. Charles Albright: Words Get Stuck (Singles: 2009-2012)
54. feedtime: Garbage Scow (Today Is Friday)
55. Hussy: I Don’t Really Want To (Weed Seizure)
56. Tom Pettings Hertzattaken: Radio Radio (De Guade Oide Zeit)
57. Neighborhood Brats: Fast And Loose (s/t)http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
58. Sore Subjects: Obscene Calls (Surfin’Ki)
59. Useless Eaters: Proper Conduct (Jolly Dream)
60. Stitches: You Tear Me Out (Do The Jet Set)
61. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: It’s All Square (So Many Things)
62. Radar Eyes: In Love (s/t)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/13/12

1. Atomic Suplex: Rock And Roll Must Die (Bathroom Party)
2. Lonesome Savages: Train Kept A Rollin’ (Kind Turkey)
3. Limit: Uh Oh (s/t)
4. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Skunks)
5. Dream Dates: Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
6. Boys: She’s All Mine (It’s All Pop)
7. Howling Wolfmen: Time Machine (Asylum Rock)
8. Die Zorros: Hey Rockabilly (Future)
9. Spiders: Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Banzai Freakbeat)
10. Shorty Sergeant w/the Singing Kelleys: Record Hop (Jet)
11. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Twistin’ Little Baby (Sleazy)
12. Andy Thomas: Waitin’ In School (Rocka Socka Hop)
13. Johnny Fraser w/the Regal-Aires: Rock With The Mambo (Star-X)
14. Tommy Blake: F-Olding Money (Recco)
15. Mars Attacks: The Way I Bop (Recaptured!)
16. Cramps: Super Goo (Big Beat From Baddsville)
17. Pussy Galore: Happy (Exile On Main Street)
18. Don Juan y los Blancos: Bop On (Poder Blanco!)
19. Hi-Lites feat. Randy Hard: Beach Baby (Wonder)
20. Coffin Fly: Creature Boogie Woogie (Eat, Breed, Obey)
21. Freddy Carpenter: Money Money Money (East West)
22. Secrets*: Get Your Radio (It’s All Pop)
23. OBNIII’s: New Innocence (Leather Bar)
24. Useless Eaters: Plague Is Vague (Jolly Dream)
25. Arson: Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
26. Cobrateens: Jerk (demo)
27. Chinese Burns: Kiss Fist (Windian)
28. Little Queenie: Hittin’ The Wall (demo)
29. Gentleman Jesse: Eat Me Alive (Leaving Atlanta)
30. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: There Is Only Me (Squoodge)
31. Flip-Tops: Enslaved Outrage (…Are Still A Band)
32. Therapists: Deviant (Hate Sweats)
33. Rank/Xerox: Sterile Regions (s/t)
34. Anomalys: Retox (Slovenly)
35. Victims: Television Addict (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
36. John Wesley Coleman: My Grave (The Last Donkey Show)
37. Bad Sports: Stuff (Total BS)
38. Guantanamo Bay Watch: Boomeranga (Portland Mutant Party)
39. Guida: Number 10 (Racey Roller)
40. Rockbottom: Ready Go Ready (Revenge)
41. Moralens Vaktare: Du Ar En Tont (s/t)
42. Folded Shirt: Mouth Clock (Fashionable Idiots)
43. Paint Fumes: Panic Attack (Slovenly)
44. GG King: Bag (Total Punk)
45. Tee Pees: Do The Smog (Bachelor)
46. Supercharger: I Got None (Bag Of Hammers)
47. Hussy: Hard To Erase (Eradicator)
48. Flesh Lights: I’m A Monk (Muscle Pop)
49. White Load: Barba Fuck You (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)
50. Roach Motel: Make Me Sick/Brook Shields/Burger King (It’s Lonely At The Top)

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