Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/28/12

1. Bossmen: I’m Ready (Score)
2. Sliders: Sly Dog (Choice)
3. Ronnie Self: Ain’t I A Dog (Columbia)
4. Gerald Wells & the Torkays: Come On (Jamaka)
5. Cochran Brothers: Rockin’ And Flyin’ (Something Else)
6. Bourbonaires: Burnin’ Up (A Shot Of…)
7. Bradley Boys: Lovin’ Class (Power)
8. Fugitives: On Trial (D-Town)
9. Lee Rocker: Built For Speed (Night Train To Memphis)
10. Bloodshot Bill & the Hubcaps: Kinda Girl (Sex, Blood And Rock And Roll)
11. John Fred: Lenne (Jewel)
12. Buddy Holly & the Crickets: Down The Line (Holly In The Hills)
13. Lee Bowman wJerry Parker & his Buddies: Rocking The Blues (Reed)
14. Rimfires: Bandsand Step (Sounds Of Rimfires)
15. Vince Maloy: Hubba Hubba Ding Ding (End)
16. Corvets: Wild Wailin’ Party (Soma)
17. Maxines: The Hunch (La Ti Da)
18. Ding-Dongs: Don’t Ring, Come On In (s/t)
19. Little Ace & the Ramblers: Lonely Cat Blues (Vintjarn)
20. Ellis & the Angry Teens: Completely (Tic Tack Toe)
21. Shookups: Pretending (Twinkletone)
22. Camero Werewolf Band: Problem Child (Our Boy Roy)
23. Stressor: You’re Gone, I'm Left (Trip To Mad City)
24. Raws: Sana Birseyler Olmus (Perpetrator)
25. Cobrateens: Buzzkill (demo)
26. Boys: Bad Little Girl (Titan)
27. Rockbottom: Someone In This Town (Revenge)
28. Gary Wrong: Pollen Christ (Total Punk)
29. Atomic Suplex: Atomic Suplexed By A Girl (Death Pop)
30. Useless Eaters: Tight Squeeze (C’est Bon!)
31. Yolks: She’s My Baby (Songs The Yolks Taught Themselves vol.1)
32. Flip-Tops: Hate My Guts (….Are Still A Band)
33. Sex Cult: Plain Jane (Nashville’s Dead)
34. Retros: Looking Out For Love (Inner City Rocker)
35. Secrets: Radio Heart (Titan)
36. Jam: In The City (In The City)
37. 3D Kids: Nervous Reaction (demo)
38. Intellectuals: Lines (In The Middle Of Darkwhere)
39. Victim: Why Are Fire Engines Red? (TJM)
40. Wasps: Stranger Love (This Was Punk)
41. Riots: Sell Out (Time For Action)
42. Gruberger Brothers: You Look So Pretty (Greetings From Reading PA)
43. Dream Dates: Heart Attack Rhythm (Ugly Pop)
44. Flesh Lights: The Cruelest Thing (Muscle Pop)
45. Spivs: We See Red (Black And White Memories)
46. Creamers: Gut Reaction (Secret Beach)
47. Taxi: Slot Machine (Like A Dog)
48. Spray Paint: Pro Knife (S.S.)
49. Ills: Get Sick (demo)
50. Feedtime: Don’t Like (s/t)
51. Little Queenie: SS Shipwrecked (Sweet Rot)
52. Pagans: Not Now, No Way (Shit Street)
53. Unreleasables: Holes In My Converse (Bat Shit)
54. Queers: The Kids Are Alright (Gonna Puke)
55. Swankers: Fuck Off (Death Pop)
56. About Blanks: Chuck Berry vs. Dracula (12 Boring Blasts)
57. Muffs: Get Me Out Of Here (Clam Chowder And Ice vs. Big Macs And Bombers)
58. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Noise In My Head (So Many Things)
59. Woolen Kits: For You (s/t)
60. De Keefmen: Anything (Kuriosa)
61. Irritones: Ad Nauseum Statues (Penis Romantique)
62. Stitches: Better Off Dead (Do The Jet Set)
63. Durban Poison: Wanna Hear About Dancin’ (Shake)
64. Mouthbreathers: Anxiety (In The Red)
65. Sore Subjects: Tall Boys (Sore Subject)
66. Consumers: Get Out (All My Friends Are Dead
67. Registrators: She’s So Vibration (Sixteen Wires From The New Provocate)
68. Elektras: It Ain’t Me (Bachelor)
69. Outdoorsmen: Search Take (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
70. Parallels: Arms To Hold You (La Ti Da)
71. Vom: I’m In Love With Your Mom (White Noise/Rerun)
72. Armitage Shanks: You Don’t Destroy Me (Takin’ The Piss)
73. Matt K. Shrugg: We Were D.O.A. (Tic Tac Totally)
74. Venereals: The Last Song (demo)