Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/21/12

1. Gestics: Invasion (Surfer)
2. Fabulous Wailers: Dirty Robber (Golden Crest)
3. Sonics: Blow Out (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
4. Fading Tribesmen: More Feathers (Indian)
5. Cardinals: Hatchet Face (Cha Cha)
6. Derry Weaver: Itty Bitty Betty (Nasty Rockabilly)
7. Velaires: Lotta Lovin’ (Rock Out Of This World)
8. Puddle Jumpers: Quiet Dad (Federal)
9. Jackie Dallas & the Tiaras: Bullmoose (Alliance)
10. Rhythm Surfers: 502 (Daytone)
11. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: I Got A Baby (Capitol)
12. Johnny Bell: The Third Degree (Brunswick)
13. Flatfoot Shakers: Stutterin’ Sue (s/t)
14. Champs: The Shoddy Shoddy (Great Dance Hits)
15. Four Sparks: Kim (Cathay)
16. Sex Cult: I’m A Bug (Nashville’s Dead)
17. Shrills: Redhead (Ghoul Kids)
18. Little Queenie: I65 (demo)
19. Rank/Xerox: Discipline (s/t)
20. Chinese Burns: Kiss Fist (Windian)
21. Ills: Delete U! (demo)
22. Nazi Death Camp: Mongoloid Rock (Red Lounge)
23. Loli & the Chones: Straitjacket Baby (Rip Off)
24. Zodiac Killers: Genetic Mutation (Society’s Offenders)
25. Vicars: Don’t Wanna Be Free (Dirty Water)
26. Useless Eaters: Receiver (Drop The Bomb) (C’est Bon!)
27. Charles Albright: Things Have Changes (Bachelor)
28. Los Vigilantes: Solo Pido Amor (s/t)
29. Syndicate: My Baby’s Barefoot (Dore)
30. Spaceshits: 60 Nights Of Boredom (Sultan)
31. No Tomorrow Boys: Teen-Age Vice (demo)
32. Titan Blood: I’m A Goon (Titan Blood)
33. Woollen Kits: Out Of Whack (s/t)
34. Personal & the Pizzas: 7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
35. Consumers: Your Problem (All My Friends Are Dead)
36. Angels Sluts: Love (Chickpea)
37. Venereals: It’s Useless (demo)
38. Riots: Out Of Control (Time For Action)
39. Retros: All Talk, No Action (Inner City Rockers)
40. Liquor Store: Commando (Yeah Buddy)
41. Atomic Suplex: Rock And Roll Action (Bathroom Party)
42. Wax Museums: Cathode Love (Rehab)
43. Chosen Few: The Joke’s On Us (no label)
44. Vibrators: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Pure Mania)
45. Lemonheads: Belt (Hate Your Friends)
46. Shitbirds: I Want You (Popllama)
47. Ty Segall: Shoot Me In The Head (Singles 2007-2010)
48. Hussy: On The Cover (Bachelor)
49. Irritones: Computer Staat (Penis Romantique)
50. Reactions: Nights On End (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
51. Actual Water: She’s A Priest (Plastic Idol)
52. Bad Sports: Red Overlay (Total BS)
53. Incredible Kidda Band: Got To Keep The Noise Down (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
54. Dream Dates: The Mess You’re In (Ugly Pop)
55. Spits: I’m Scum (Spits V)
56. Action Swingers: You Only Know My Name (The Complete Toe Rag Sessions)
57. Makers: Cool, Clear And Sheen (Howl!)
58. Tranzmitors: Some Girls Do (La Ti Da)
59. About Blanks: I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosapien (12 Boring Blasts)
60. Gaggers: Gimme No Love (Bat Shit)
61. Tee Pees: You’re A Turd (Bachelor)
62. Supercharger: Lost Cause (s/t)
63. Panther: Woo Haa (Twist Like This)
64. Dry Gins: She’s A Drag (Montell Mitchell)
65. Travel Agency: Jailbait (Zordan)
66. Children Of Darkness: Sugar Shack Shack A Go Go (Royce)
67. Pizzas: Rock And Roll Radio (Sacramento)