Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/07/12

1. Shaun Horton & the Tennessee Trio: Have Myself A Time (Nothin’ But Right)
2. Ike Perry & the Lyrics: At The Party (Naurlene)
3. Varnells: Day In Court (Arnold)
4. Meep Meep & the Road Runners: Justine (Boomerang)
5. Raunch Hands: Upset Her (Learn To Do The Whap-A-Dang)
6. Loveless Cousins: Don’t Make Me Wait (No Squares Ever tag Along)
7. Jerry Dixie: Teenage Sweetie (Originals)
8. Phil & the Catalinas: Bobby Layne (Olimpic)
9. Shookups: Shook Up (Twinkletone)
10. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Ooby Dooby (s/t)
11. Five Shades: Sherlock Jones (MGM)
12. Little Sammy Jones: Do The Roach (Lifetime)
13. Young Jessie: Oochie Coochie (Modern)
14. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: One Sided Love (On The Go)
15. Wayne Cochran: Monkey Monkey (Deck)
16. Don & Dewey: A Little Love (Specialty)
17. Hot Dozzer Trio: Shadow My Baby (Twelve Dirty Tunes)
18. Ding Dongs: Lucky Day (Sultan)
19. Little David Dunn: My Gal Rockhead (Twist)
20. Slip Slim & the Sliders: Keep Me Satisfied (Rollin’)
21. Shooters: Tuff Enuff (Trans World)
22. Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands: Vulture Funk (Perpetrator)
23. Tee Pees: Do The Smog (Bachelor)
24. Jackie & the Cedrics: Scalping Party (Norton)
25. Onions: Alien Astronaut (Certified PR)
26. Pizzas: We Don’t Have Anything To Do Anymore (Sacramento)
27. Vom: Too Anamalistic (White Noise/Rerun)
28. Useless Eaters: At The Parkette (Cest Bon!)
29. Figures Of Light: A+ (Drop Dead)
30. Illusions: The Outcast (Audio Unlimited)
31. Equadors: Sputnik Dance (RCA Victor)
32. Maxines: Queer Mods (La Ti Da)
33. Retros: High-Energy Love (Inner City Rockers)
34. Chinese Burns: Steal Your Dreams (Windian)
35. Fix-It: Self Destruction (Who’s The Pig)
36. Astryd Lindgren’s Great 5: Springtime In Tokyo (Sweken)
37. Teenanger: Bank Account (Frights)
38. Raws: Sana Birseyler Olmos (Perpetrator)
39. Boys: I Call Your Name (s/t)
40. Dream Dates: Moans On The Phone (Ugly Pop)
41. Neighborhood Brats: FTW 2010 (s/t)
42. Mikal Cronin: You Gotta Have Someone (Goner)
43. Irritones: Positive Germ (Penis Romantique)
44. Electric Deads: Order (Electro Static)
45. Atomic Suplex: I’m On (Bathroom Party)
46. Cruddy: Slow News Day (Negative World)
47. Black Time: Fever (version) (Trak Marx)
48. Intellectuals: The Joke Is On The Sun (In The Middle Of Darkwhere)
49. Stitches: Nowhere (Do The Jet Set)
50. Loose Grip: Wipe The Slate (Bedroom Suck)
51. Swell Maps: Spitfire Parade (A Trip To Marineville)
52. Woollen Kits: Watch You Walk (s/t)
53. Matt K. Shrugg: Bad Tripper (Tic Tac Totally)
54. Red Barons: Should Have Shot You Down (Like I Shot Down Snoopy) (Tour Of Duty)
55. Dials: She’s My Girl (Dialogue)
56. Incredible Kidda Band: Can I Take The Car Tonight (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
57. Angry Samoans: Right Side Of My Mind (Inside My Brain)
58. Total Control: Stone Henge (Henge Beat)
59. Bats: Bats L.U.V. (Swamp Fiction)
60. Jungle Fever: Kiss (Windian)
61. Cyclops: I Have One Eye (Johnny Cat)
62. Really Loud Hamburgers: Saturday Night (Florida’s Dying)
63. Suicide Commandos: Semi-Smart (Make A Record)
64. Replacements: Take Me Down To The Hospital (Hootenanny)
65. Flakes: Talk About You (Dollar)
66. GG Allin & the Jabbers: Unpredictable (Always Was, Always Is And Shall Always Be)
67. Queers: Goodbye California (Grow Up)
68. Babeez: Dowanna Love (no label)
69. Talk Sick Brats: Late Night Bad Boy (Bat Shit)
70. Therapists: I Need It (Johnny Cat)
71. About Blanks: Kill Your Boyfriend (12 Boring Blasts)
72. Moralens Vaktare: Raka Ror (Ken Rock)
73. Sore Subjects: Gimme A Dee Dee (Sore Subject)
74. Ramones: Time Bomb (Subterranean Jungle)
75. Statics: Get Right With Me (Punk Rock And Roll)
76. Saints: No Time (I’m Stranded)
77. Titan Blood: Can’t Stand You (Titan Blood)