Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/24/12

1. Johnny Otis & his Orchestra: Oopy-Do (Mercury)
2. Johnny Carroll & his Hot Rocks: Crazy Little Mama (Rock Baby Rock It)
3. Sonny Fisher: Pink And Black (Starday)
4. Hick-O-Rhythm: Let’s Kill Someone (demo)
5. Jack Rabbit Slim: Let Me Home Baby (From The Waist Down)
6. Farris Hill & the Madison Brothers: The Twirl (V-Tone)
7. Claude Cloud & his Thunderclaps: One Bone (MGM)
8. Casinos w/the Saturns: The Swim (Name)
9. Kingsmen: Jolly Green Giant (Wand)
10. Artisans: Koko Joe (Stomp)
11. Canadian VIP’s: Jenny Jenny (Shout)
12. Rocky & his Friends: You Were Not Using Your Head (Work It On Out)
13. Sonics: Psycho (Here Are The Sonics)
14. Scotsmen: Sorry Charlie (Panorama)
15. George Washington & the Cherry Bombs: Crisco Party (Battle Of The Bands)
16. Don & the Goodtimes: Little Sally Tease (Jerden)
17. Teengenerate: Shake A Tail Feather (Audio Recording)
18. Cool Jerks: Monster Stomp (International)
19. Kinks: Beautiful Delilah (s/t)
20. Howling Wolfmen: Asylum Rock (Asylum Rock)
21. Monsters: Blow Um Mau Mau (Pop Up Yours)
22. Wally Lee & the Hi-Lighters: Oh No Daddy-O (Now)
23. A-Bones: El Kabong (The Life Of Riley)
24. Carl & the Rhythm All Stars: Long Lean Baby (Slipped My Mouth)
25. Stitches: You Tear Me Out (Do The Jet Set)
26. Atomic Suplex: I Am Rock And Roll (Bathroom Party)
27. About Blanks: She’s A Nosebleed (12 Boring Blasts)
28. Ills: I Kill Me (No Front Teeth)
29. Cormans: Emergency! (In The Red)
30. Gories: Nitroglycerine (I Know You’re Fine But How You Doing?)
31. Orphans: Stink Eye (Everybody Loves You When You Are Dead)
32. Cyclops: Fire (Johnny Cat)
33. Kids: I Don’t Care (s/t)
34. Astryd Lindgren’s Great 5: ALGR5 (Sweken)
35. Victims: Uranium (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
36. Loli & the Chones: Hot And Bothered (P.S. We Hate You)
37. Gruberger Brothers: You Look So Pretty (Greetings From Reading PA)
38. Spits: Fallout Beach (Spits V)
39. Devil Dogs: Be True To Your School (s/t)
40. Count Vertigo: X-Patriots (Cool)
41. Spivs: Thanks I Get (Black And White Memories)
42. White Wires: Stayed Up Late (s/t)
43. Secret Prostitutes: Saigon Stinker (Bat Shit)
44. Matt K. Shrugg: When Things Start Getting Weird (Tic Tac Totally)
45. Loose Grip: Light Me Up (Bedroom Suck)
46. Black Time: Girls In The Garage (Bancroft)
47. Creeping Ivies: Head To Tail (Rock And Roll Party)
48. Unreleasables: Gonna Live My Life Punk Rock (Bat Shit)
49. Drags: That Girl Is Coming Around (One Louder)
50. Super Wild Horses: Heard You’re Back (Hozac)
51. Incredible Kidda Band: Bullet In My Heart (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
52. Baddat For Trubbel: Snalla Snalla (Ken Rock)
53. Lantern: Out Of Our Heads (Mammoth Cave)
54. Amoebas: Nervous Wreck (s/t)
55. Skinnies: I’m A Dullard (Lectric Eye)
56. Irritones: White Wires (Penis Romantique)
57. Outdoorsmen: Dead Weight (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
58. X: You Don’t Like Me (X-Spurts: The 1977 Recordings)
59. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: It Ain’t Cheap
60. Insults: I'm So Twisted (Insults To Injury)
61. Ty Segall: No No (Singles 2007-2010)
62. Vex Ruffin: I’m Creative (Crash Course)
63. No Tomorrow Boys: Neanderthal For Your Love (Teen-Age Riot)
64. Roach Motel: Creep (It’s Lonely At The Top)
65. Armitage Shanks: I Know What You Need (Hangman’s Daughter)
66. Radiators From Space: Ripped And Torn (TV Tube Heart)
67. Hammer Damage: Laugh (Broken)
68. 0:30 Second Flash: No No (split w/Manic Depressives)
69. Titan Blood: I’m A Goon (Titan Blood)
70. Chinese Burns: Calculator (Windian)
71. Useless Eaters: I Get I Get (Daily Commute)
72. True Sons Of Thunder: Get Away (s/t)
73. Creamers: Gut Reactions (Secret Beach)
74. Retros: Inner City Rockers (Inner City Rockers)
75. Figures Of Light: Is It A Dream? (Drop Dead)
76. Flyin’ Trichecos: My Nose Had A Good Day (s/t)