Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/20/11

1. Chuck Wiley: I Wanna Dance All Night (Nasty Rockabilly)
2. Gems: Shutdown (Volar)
3. Sonics: Road Runner (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
4. Little Johnny & the Silvertones: Rock Til The End Of Time (Norton)
5. Rhythm Rockers: Bad News (Copper)
6. Trashmen: Bad News (Bird Call!)
7. Little Ace & the Ramblers: Mr. Tornado (Vintjarn)
8. Dean Beard: Egad, Charlie Brown (Challenge)
9. Hank LeGault: I Knew (Stardale)
10. Billy & Mickey: The Creep (Riff)
11. Little Andrew & the Rhythm Boys: Take A Ride (Vintjarn)
12. Joe Carl & the Dukes Of Rhythm: Rockin’ Fever (Rocko)
13. Kip Tyler: She Got Eyes (Challenge)
14. Donnie & the Outcasts: Big Fat Alaskan (Chattahoochee)
15. Jack Scott: Baby, She’s Gone (ABC-Paramount)
16. Bloodshot Bill: Radioactive Flip Flop (Ghost Highway)
17. Truly Lover Trio: Kissin’ And A Huggin’ (Twinkletone)
18. Dex Romweber Duo: I Wish You Would (Is That You In The Blue)
19. Figures Of Light: A+ (Drop Dead)
20. Monsters: Blow Um Mau Mau (Pop Up Yours)
21. Mark Sultan: Quit The Human Race (Whatever I Want)
22. Joe & the Furies: Weasel (The Big Itch)
23. Red Mass: Love My Baby (Pony Express) (s/t)
24. Hasil Adkins: Come On And Do The Shake With Me (White Light/White Meat)
25. Les Sexareenos: Ruby D (Telstar)
26. Talk Sick Brats: Electrocute Yourself (Bat Shit)
27. Chinese Burns: Calculator (Windian)
28. X: Revolution (X-Spurts: The 1977 Recordings)
29. Jewws: Punk Rock Girls (Heartbreaker)
30. Gruo Sub 1: Mata A Hitler (Nuevos Dioses)
31. Young Canadians: Fuck Your Society (No Escape)
32. Reactions: Sick Of You (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
33. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Skunks/Last Laugh)
34. Irritones: Lache-Moi (Penis Romantique)
35. Victims: Girls Don’t Go For Punks (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
36. Spivs: What’s The Use (Black And White Memories)
37. White Faces: I’m Your Creep (s/t)
38. Ills: Give Me Everything (No Front Teeth)
39. Personal & the Pizzas: Diet, Crime And Delinquency (Oops Baby)
40. Outdoorsmen: She Wants To Go Steady (Psychic Handshake)
41. Incredible Kidda Band: (Watch Out) Thief (Last Laugh)
42. Sore Subjects: Schiltze (No Front Teeth)
43. Critical Mass: Silver Screen (Last Laugh)
44. Jungle Fever: Sick (Surfin’Ki)
45. No Tomorrow Boys: Mama Get The Hammer (demo)
46. Roach Motel: nothing To Lose (It’s Lonely At The Top)
47. Flyin’ Tricheros: Recidivist (s/t)
48. Tie Reds: Terilea (Holy Crap It’s The…)
49. Flesh Lights: Let Me Touch You (Muscle Pop)
50. City Sweethearts: War In My Head (Sleeping Through Modern Times)
51. Spits: Electric Brain (Spits V)
52. Rezillos: Bad Guy Reaction (Can’t Stand The…)
53. DMZ: Watch For Me Girl (s/t)
54. Poppets: 1+1=2 (Windian)
55. Secret Prostitutes: Kendaraan Bubuk Putih (Bat Shit)
56. Teenanger: Bank Account (Frights)
57. Ty Segall: Son Of Sam (Singles 2007 – 2010)
58. Barreracudas: Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me (Nocturnal Missions)
59. Useless Eaters: The Nausea (Zulu)
60. Young Identities: Positive Thinkin (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music)
61. Pagans: Her Name Was Jane (Everybody Hates You)
62. Amoebas: No Emotion (s/t)
63. Gruberger Brothers: Texas Hell Raiser (Welcome To Reading PA)
64. Victim: Cause Or Consequence (All Are Dreams Are Gone)
65. Head: Killed By Death (Goner)
66. 0:30 Second Flash: Insanity (split w/Manic Depressives)
67. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Noise In My Head (So Many Things)
68. Wax Museums: She’s It (Douchemaster)
69. Gaye Blades: Hey Pretty Boy (s/t)
70. Warm Jets: Go Go With Me (Wanna Start A War)
71. Burning Itch: No Respect (s/t)
72. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: Rochnroll-Treppe (s/t)
73. Total Control: Rogue Abortion (Castle Face)
74. Germs: Lexicon Devil (GI)
75. Manic Depressives: Think For Yourself (split w/0:30 Second Flash)
76. Ramones: Bad Brain (Road To Ruin)
77. Fingers: You Get On My Nerves (Bag Of Hammers)
78. Dead Farmers: Never Enough (RIP Society)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/13/11

1. Jeff Daniels:: Daddy-O-Rock (Mel-A-Dee)
2. Carl Mann: Satellite No.2 (Jaxon)
3. Outcasts: Scotora Mull (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
4. Marlon Grisham: Ain’t That A Dilly (Cover)
5. King Normals: Dirty Dirty Feeling (Hillsdale)
6. Pacifics: I’m Talking About You (Bachelor)
7. Uncle Charlie Combo: Fireball (Cab)
8. Jimmy Wages: Miss Pearl (Sun)
9. No Tomorrow Boys: Do The No Tomorrow Twist (Teen-Age Riot)
10. Victims: Out Of My Head (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
11. Speckulations: Hulla Hoop (Speck)
12. Marty Roberts & his Night Riders: Baby (Arc)
13. Starfires: Tell Me Baby (The Big Itch)
14. Figures Of Light: With A Girl Like That (Drop Dead)
15. Fresh For The 90’s: Killer Lemons (Tollton)
16. Groove Diggers: Shake It Baby (Shake It Baby!)
17. Screaming Lord Jim & the Piccadilly Squares: What’s A Wooly Bully (Continental)
18. Vice-Roys: Don’t Let Go (E’Den)
19. Roy Jones: Your Pilot Light Went Out (Glo Lite)
20. Ding Dongs: Weekend (Sultan)
21. Fantastic Emanons: Duh (Hunch)
22. Richard Berry & the Pharaohs: Watusi (Class)
23. Teen Rockers: Road Block (Cool)
24. Mad Hatters: Raw-Hide (Remember The Twist)
25. Link Wray: Remember The Twist (…Sings And Plays Guitar)
26. 0:30 Second Flash: Another Time (split w/Manic Depressives)
27. Chosen Few: Mercenary Of Love (Really Gonna Punch You In The Face)
28. Cyclops: I Have One Eye (Johnny Cat)
29. Paper Bags: Normal Shit (S.Y.F.A.T.B.)
30. Idiot Vox: In Your Monitor (Dialogue)
31. Sharp Balloons: Genetic Disorder (Goner)
32. Useless Eaters: Radio Active (Zulu)
33. White Faces: Star Of Bright (s/t)
34. Video: Teenage Death (Leather Leather)
35. Los Vigilantes: Letal (s/t)
36. Mark Sultan: Let Me Freeze (Whenever I Want)
37. Spits: Fallout Beach (Spits V)
38. Flesh Lights: Gotta Have Her (Muscle Pop)
39. Barreracudas: I Won’t Wait (Nocturnal Missions)
40. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: She’s Dancing Away (So Many Things)
41. Personal & the Pizzas: Bored Out Of My Brains (Oops Baby)
42. Moby Dicks: What Happened To The Red Dog? (Scum Buzz/Mammoth Cave)
43. Ills: Gorehound (No Front Teeth)
44. Manic Depressives: Not Worth The Time (split w/0:30 Second Flash)
45. Organs: Girl I’m Thinking Of (Killer Diller)
46. J.D. Rogues: Why Did God Make Girls (Kayden)
47. Esquires: Come On Come On (Glen Valley)
48. Key: Oh Susan (De Guade Oide Zeit)
49. Gruberger Brothers: Who Was That Girl? (Greetings From Reading PA)
50. Teengenerate: She’s So Fine (Get Action)
51. Registrators: Teenage Terrorist (1995 Demos)
52. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Secret Surfin’ Spot (Checkered Flag)
53. Ty Segall: The Drag (Singles 2007 – 2010)
54. Pigs: Ran Me In (1977)
55. Beaten Hearts: Back To The Deadline (Sonic Jett)
56. Critical Mass: No One Left To Blame (Last Laugh)
57. Mandates: Photo In My Wallet (Mammoth Cave)
58. Outdoorsmen: Pornographic Stockpiles (Total Punk)
59. Paniks: El Baile Del Karramarro (Panik Piknik)
60. Flyin’ Tricheros: Rock-O-Rama (s/t)
61. Victim: The Teen Age (All Are Dreams Are Gone)
62. Monsters: When I’m Grown Up (Pop Up Yours)
63. Armitage Shanks: The Ballad Of Unlucky Luke (Brain Dart)
64. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Birdman (Square Guitar)
65. Mikal Cronin: You Gotta Have Someone (Goner)
66. Midlife Crisis: Here I Go And Here I Am (Bootleg Booze)
67. Shit Dogs: Reborn (Pangolin)
68. Secret Prostitutes: Awas! Gestapo Lepas (Never Mind The KBD, This Is ADD)
69. Void: Organized Sports/Who The Fuck Are You (Sessions 1981-83)
70. Hammer Damage: Laugh (Broken)
71. OBN III’s: Can’t Wait Til You Shut Up (The One And Only)
72. Saints: One Way Street (I’m Stranded)
73. Bare Wires: Make Her Mine (Cheap Perfume)
74. Brain F≠: Die Cold (Sleep Rough)
75. Red Mass: Radio Radio (s/t)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/06/11

1. Google A: Haikinku Twist (Session Dudes)
2. Ding Dongs: The Dump (Sultan)
3. King Size: Strange Little Linda (Rocket)
4. Bob Riley & the Atoms: Four Button Suit (Boston Rockabilly)
5. Jack Scott: Greaseball (Touch Me Baby I Go Hog Wild)
6. Ken Davis: Shook Shake (Like A Big Mix Cake) (Star-Light)
7. Dykmenn Family: Side Street Love
8. Rolling Stones: Claudine (Some Girls)
9. Gravediggers: The Wild Kind (Move It)
10. Truly Lover Trio: Kissin’ And A Huggin’ (Twinkletone)
11. Rock-A-Bops: Bye Bye (Vintjarn)
12. Mark Sultan: Git It (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)
13. Bloodshot Bill: Tattle Tale (Ghost Highway)
14. Gaye Blades: Jesus Didn’t Try Hard Enough To Save My Soul (s/t)
15. Dean Beard: Party Party (Atlantic)
16. Nervous Norvus: Dig (Dot)
17. Junior Varsity: Alley Cat (Bam Bam Bam!)
18. Shrouds: Surfin’ Salami (Chocolate Covered)
19. Uncle Charlie Combo: Goodbye Trouble, Welcome Loneliness (Cab)
20. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Square Guitar (Square Guitar)
21. Porky’s Hot Rockin’: Temptation Baby (Peace In The Valley)
22. Milkshakes: You Can Only Lose (After School Session)
23. Revelators: Don’t Look At Me When I’m Looking At You (We Told You Not To Cross Us)
24. Chinese Burns: Kiss Fist (Windian)
25. Ills: I Kill Me (No Front Teeth)
26. Moby Dicks: Gonna Kill You (Scum Buzz/Mammoth Cave)
27. Victims: Horror Beach (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
28. Spits: I Wanna Be ADD (Spits V)
29. Paniks: Ratas (Panik Piknik)
30. Flesh Lights: I’m A Monk (Muscle Pop)
31. Manic Depressives: Silence The Radio (split w/0:30 Second Flash)
32. Gears: Teenage Brain (Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
33. Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (Oops Baby)
34. Cheap Trick: Come On Come On (The Unreleased Steve Albini Sessions)
35. Mandates: Take You To The Dance (Mammoth Cave)
36. Critical Mass: Silver Screen (Last Laugh)
37. Armitage Shanks: No Chance (Brain Dart)
38. Incredible Kidda Band: So Excited (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
39. Sons Of Fred: I’ll Be There (EMI-Columbia)
40. Lincolns: Pop Kat (Dot)
41. Gruberger Brothers: Chain Saw (Greetings From Reading PA)
42. Flyin’ Tricheros: Better Duck (s/t)
43. Useless Eaters: Panic Attack (Jeth-Row)
44. Sharp Balloons: Evening News (Goner)
45. Atomic Suplex: Diamond Skull (Swamp Fiction)
46. Cormans: Creature’s Crawl (Halloween Record With Sound Effects)
47. Pegs: Ricky Don’t Surf (Rapid Pulse)
48. Four Slicks: I Wanna Kiss Your Lips (In Bonneville)
49. Divorced: Nothing To Do (Separation Anxiety)
50. Toyotas: Destroy Your Radio (P.Trash)
51. Conservatives: Just Cuz (Hell Comes To Your House)
52. Secret Prostitutes: Neuron Kadaluarsa (Never Mind The KBD This Is ADD)
53. Red Cross: Standing In Front Of Poseur (Annette’s Got The Hits)
54. Sleaze: Called You Once (Total Punk)
55. Rama Lamma: Little Runaway (Bachelor)
56. White Face: Disconnected (s/t)
57. X: Slash Your Wrists (X-Spurts: The 1977 Recordings)
58. Barreracudas: Baby Baby Baby (Nocturnal Missions)
59. Le Face: Paper Dolls (Under The Covers Vol.2)
60. Wax Museums: Let’s Get Dumb (Zoo Full Of Ramones)
61. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: You Don’t Care (So Many Things)
62. Acid Baby Jesus: Android Robot (s/t)
63. 0:30 Second Flash: Insanity (split w/the Manic Depressives)
64. Monsters: I Want You (Pop Up Yours)
65. Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
66. Victim: Hang On To Yourself (All Are Dreams Are Gone)
67. Reactions: No Way Out (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
68. Burning Itch: Say It Again (s/t)
69. Hex Dispensers: Personality X-Ray (Razorcake)
70. Blew-Up!: Calico Road (Some Kind Of Love)
71. B.A. Johnson & the Moby Dicks: You’re Gonna Miss Me When The Zombies Come (Mammoth Cave)
72. Bad Sports: I Can’t Stay (Kings Of The Weekend)
73. Black Time: Repulsion (Double Negative)
74. Mouthbreathers: Anxiety (In The Red)