Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/25/11

1. Three Kats: Ki-Kya Shout (Big Deal!)
2. Highlights: Ah So! (Play)
3. Bobbettes: Mr. Lee (Atlantic)
4. Bobby Lee Trammell: Arkansas Twist (Alley)
5. Bo Diddley: Help Out (…And Company)
6. Fabulous Wailers: Road Runner (Golden Crest)
7. Flamin’ Groovies: Teenage Head (Teenage Head)
8. Ric Cartey & the Jiv-A-Tones: Oooh Eee (Stars)
9. Ralph Neilson & the Chancelors: Scream (Surf)
10. Rock-A-Teens: Woo-Hoo (Roulette)
11. Ikettes: I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) (Atco)
12. Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester (Lifetime)
13. Alvin Cash & the Crawlers: Barracuda (Mar-V-Lus)
14. Baskerville Hounds: Space Rock Part 2 (Tema)
15. Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (Capitol)
16. Rumblers: I Don’t Need You No More (Downey)
17. Freddy Cannon: Tallahasse Lassie (Swan)
18. Sandy Edmonds: Come See Me (Zodiac)
19. Mustangs: Gerupin Rock (Big Deal!)
20. Night Rockers: Let’s Have A Party (Jan)
21. Johnny Kidd & the Pirates: Shakin’ All Over (Apt)
22. Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys: Let’s Go Boogaloo (Let’s Go Terry)
23. Toys: I Got A Man (Sing A Lovers Concerto And Attack)
24. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs: Mashed Potato (Parlophone)
25. Outcasts: Long Tall Sally (Big Deal!)
26. Elite: One Potato, Two Potato (Charay)
27. Tracy Dey: Teenage Cleopatra (Liberty)
28. Bob Ridgely: She Was A Mau Mau (Del-Fi)
29. Coasters: Three Cool Cats (Atco)
30. Wynona Carr: Jump Jack Jump (Specialty)
31. Sunsets: The Hot Generation (Festival)
32. Crazy Girls & the Javalins: Hey Hey Ha Ha (Columbia)
33. Ramones: Howling At The Moon (Sha La La) (Too Tough To Die)
34. Del Monas: Peter Gunn Locomotion (Dangerous Charms)
35. Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential (Sun)
36. Sonics: Hanky Panky (Maintaining My Cool)
37.’s: Wooly Bully (…Can’t Help It)
38. Armitage Shanks: Did Punk Rock Make You A Millionaire (Braindart)
39. Tight Finks: High Definition Rock And Roll (Still Unbeatable)
40. White Faces: Nowhere Clown (Windian)
41. Flyin’ Tricheros: Cheating On My Right Hand With My Left (Proud To Be An Idiot)
42. Video: Leather Leather (Leather Leather)
43. Reactions: She’s The Only One (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
44. Low Life: Atomized (Negative Guest List)
45. Sex Cult: Sid Viscous (Goner)