Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/27/11

1. Lucky Tubb & the Modern Day Troubadours: Rhythm Bomb (Del Gaucho)
2. Pretty Boy: Bip Bop Bip (Atlantic)
3. Scotty Baker: C’mon And Fight Me (Just Like That!)
4. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Fat Back (Jack The Ripper)
5. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Why Ain’t Bo On My TV (Square Guitar)
6. Coasters: Loop De Loop Mambo (Atco)
7. Fats & his Cats: Well Alright (CBS)
8. Bobby Lewis: I’m Nervous (Saber)
9. Blue Cats: I Dreamed You Left Me (s/t)
10. Bobby Crown & the Kapers: A Chicken Is A Bird (s/t)
11. Milkshakes: Don’t Destroy Me (They Came, They Saw, They Conquered)
12. Stringbeans: Tarzan (Woo Hoo)
13. Desperados: Make You Scream (On The Rampage)
14. Dave & Deke Combo: I’m Just Too Lazy (Moonshine Melodies)
15. Arthur Alexander: The Girl That Radiates That Charm (Judd)
16. Dick Spann & his Rogue Valley Boys: Straw Broom Boogie (Oasis)
17. Miller Brothers & their String Band: Hey Pretty Baby (4 Star)
18. Citations 7: Justine (Stompin')
19. Jackie & the Cedrics: Pharaoh A Go Go (Turban Renewal)
20. Jimmy Ford: Don’t Hang Around Me Anymore (Stylo)
21. Clipjoint Cutups: You’ve Got Me Climbing The Walls (Vic-Tone)
22. Gaye Blades: Pretty Baby (s/t)
23. Metal Mike, Alison, Julia: No Surf Commies (Surf City Or Bust)
24. Dials: Savage And Sweet Heart (Dialogue)
25. Party Fowl: Kill The Beast (s/t)
26. Idiot Vox: In Your Monitor (Dialogue)
27. GG Allin & the Jabbers: Don’t Talk To Me (Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be)
28. True Sons Of Thunder: Ebola (s/t)
29. Icky Boyfriends: Bay Colony Baby (Talking To You Is Just Like Being Dead)
30. Dominoes: Local Disaster (New Deal)
31. Reducers: Little Punky Hood (Cruise To Nowhere)
32. Outdoorsmen: Pornographic Stockpiles (Total Punk)
33. Hitler SS: Too Much TV (Skate Like Elvis)
34. Insults: Class War (Insults To Injury)
35. Organs: Girl I’m Thinking Of (Killer Diller)
36. Wax Museums: I Eat Vomit (Zoo Full Of Ramones)
37. Home Blitz: A.T.K. (Mexican Summer)
38. Dennis Most & the Instigators: Penetrate (Excuse My Spunk)
39. Useless Eaters: The Nausea (Zulu)
40. Secret Prostitutes: Fantasi Di Auschwitz (Bat Shit)
41. Nomads: Coolsville (Skoop)
42. Coachmen: Drambuie (No Tease)
43. Spies: Bad Girl (Giant Squid)
44. Younger Lovers: Pretty Please (Rock Flawless)
45. Brain F=: Die Cold (Sleep Rough)
46. Cormans: Surfer Hag (Halloween Record With Sound Effects)
47. John Wesley Coleman: Bacon Bear (Way Out There)
48. Liminanas: (I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind (TIM)
49. Reactions: She’s The Only One (Saturday’s Gone Wild)
50. Wet Nurse: Girl Problem (no label)
51. Penetrators: Teenage Lifestyle (Fred)
52. Teengenerate: Get Me Back (Walabies)
53. Bad Sports: Sweet Sweet Mandi (Kings OF The Weekend)
54. Sleaze: Called You Once (Total Punk)
55. Total Control: Retiree (Henge Beat)
56. Liquor Store: Oilin’ Up My Boy (Yeah Buddy)
57. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: I Wanna Puke (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
58. Dicks: Lifetime Problems (Radical)
59. Morbo: Me Llega Pincho (De Baja Calidad)
60. Arson: Coho! Coho! (no label)
61. Carbonas: She’s A Headache (Scene Killer)
62. Skrewdriver: You’re So Dumb (Chiswick)
63. Local Oafs: Do You Want/Need Action (Power And Glory)
64. Hungry Gayze: Pins And Needles (Florida’s Dying)
65. Burning Itch: Stay (s/t)
66. Baddat For Trubbel: Fan Ta Dig (Det Har Ar Inte New York)
67. Oblivians: Static Party (Rock And Roll Holiday)
68. A Happy Death: Ghost House (no label)
69. Head: Retarded (The Monkeys)
70. Sore Subjects: Gimme A Dee Dee (No Front Teeth)
71. Pulse Out: Dora (Ripe)
72. Pegs: Ricky Don’t Surf (Rapid Pulse)
73. Agent Orange: Breakdown (Bitchin’ Summer)
74. Night Birds: Day After Trinity/Hoffman Lens (The Other Side Of Darkness)
75. Dead Clodettes: Action (Lipstick Pickup)
76. Redd Kross: Kill Someone You Hate (Born Innocent)
77. Traditional Fools: Please (Goodbye Boozy)
78. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Waste Of Time (RIP Society)