Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/13/11

1. Rebel Rousers: Spark Plug (Jan)
2. Miller-Olsen Combo: Twist All Wrong (Bloodshot: The Gaity Story)
3. Chuck Dallis: Moon Twist (Glenn)
4. Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats: Beat Out My Love (Damon)
5. Groove Diggers: What Ya Gonna Do (Shake It Baby)
6. Thumper Jones: Rock It (Starday)
7. Pacifics: Lucille (Bachelor)
8. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Dog Catcher (Horror Show!!!)
9. Dex Romweber Duo: Jungle Drums (Is That You In The Blue?)
10. Comodores: Uranium (Dot)
11. Chris Cerf w/Gordy Main & the Maniacs: My Fallout Filly (With The Atomic Kiss) (Vanitis)
12. Tony & the Runaways: Komm’ Mal Her (The Big Itch)
13. Desperados: Get Real Gone (On The Rampage)
14. Fred Koenig w/the Jades: Road Runner (Lori)
15. Phil Gray & his Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby (Rhythm)
16. Davey Day: Motorcycle Mike (Fee Bee)
17. Wreckless: Bust My Heart (Boppin’ In The Dark)
18. Roc LaRue & his Three Pals: Baby Take Me Back (Rama)
19. M.O.T.O.: Dance Dance Dance To The Radio (Kill M.O.T.O.)
20. Kaisers: Jenny G. (Shake Me)
21. Neatbeats: Spoilt Girl (Majestic Sound)
22. Organs: Get It Right (Killer Diller)
23. Penetrators: Baby Don’tcha Tell Me (Fred)
24. Dow Jones & the Industrials: Can’t Stand The Midwest (Hardly Music)
25. Shonen Knife: Rockaway Beach (Osaka Ramones)
26. New Bomb Turks: Tattooed Apathetic Boys (Destroy Oh-Boy!)
27. Outdoorsmen: Pornographic Stockpiles (Total Punk)
28. Insults: I’m So Twisted (Insults To Injury)
29. Rip Offs: Make Up Your Mind (Rip Off)
30. Useless Eaters: Proper Conduct (Zulu)
31. Wax Museums: Billy’s Room (Zoo Full Of Ramones)
32. Garbo’s Daughter: California Sun (West Coast Summer Tour Tape)
33. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: Crocodile Stroll (Battle Of The Bands)
34. Eagle Boys: Taking Stock (Negative Guest List)
35. Nervebreakers: Why Am I So Flipped (Wild Child)
36. Hunx & his Punx: The Problem Is You (Noise Ordinance)
37. Cop City/Chill Pillars: Look Around (Held Hostage On Planet Chill)
38. Firestarter: Sister Sister (s/t)
39. A Happy Death: Nazi Zombies (no label)
40. Morbo: Revilucion (De Baja Calidad)
41. Bits Of Shit: Gail Force (Lexicon Devil)
42. Liquor Store: Banned From The Block (Yeah Buddy)
43. Cum Stain: Suck Her 4 U (Hurry Up And Kill Yourself You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won’t Miss You)
44. Ivy Green: Troubles (s/t)
45. Proto Idiot: FYI (Andrew Anderson)
46. Just Urbain: Everybody Loves (Shake Music)
47. Spits: Beat You Up (Kill The Kool)
48. Moberlys: She Got Fucked (Sexteen)
49. Crime: Rockin’ Weird (San Francisco Is Doomed)
50. Bad Sports: Can’t Stay (Kings Of The Weekend)
51. Eastern Dark: Johnny And Dee Dee (Waterfront)
52. Ramones: I’m Against It (Road To Ruin)
53. Wet Nurse: Girl Problem (no label)
54. Wrong Words: Pay The Price (s/t)
55. Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
56. John Wesley Coleman: Personality Pancake (Way Out There)
57. UV Race: I Just Wanna Drink (s/t)
58. Dennis Most & the Instigators: I Hate Mel Torme (Excuse My Spunk)
59. Bugs: Slide (Astor)
60. Swingin’ Safaris: Come On Girl (Flip Pop)
61. Sonics: Shot Down (Boom)
62. Kids: I Don’t Care (s/t)
63. Oblivians: Never Enough (s/t)
64. Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley Is Loose (…Is A Lover)
65. Hungry Gayze: Road Kill (Florida’s Dying)
66. Saints: Wild About You (I’m Stranded)
67. Sleaze: Weird Truck (Three Dimensional)
68. Pagans: Six And Change (Neck)
69. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Second Guessing (Walking In Unison)
70. Lazy Boyzzz: Mystery Stain (no label)
71. Los Saicos: Demolicion (Wild Teen Punk From Peru 1965)
72. Los Shakers: Nene Balia Shake (s/t)
73. Okmoniks: Hey I’m OK (Party Fever)
74. Local Oafs: Innanfor Min Kavaj (Power And Glory)