Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/06/11

1. Sundowners: Snake Eyed Woman (Sun-Rise)
2. Carl Perkins: Movie Magg (Flip)
3. Groove Diggers: My Girl (Shake It Baby)
4. Rockin’ Lord Lee & the Outlaws: Dance In The Street (Out At Last)
5. Linda Hayes w/the Red Callender Sextette: Atomic Baby (Hollywood)
6. H.T. Three: I Fell In Love (With That Wart On Your Face) (The Big Itch)
7. Desperados: Let’s Get Wild (On The Rampage)
8. Buddy Holly w/Bob Montgomery: Gotta Get You Near Me Blues (Nesman Studios,Witchita, TX late ‘54/55)
9. Buddy Holly: Rock-A-Bye Rock (Owen Bradley Studios, Nashville 1/56)
10. Buddy Holly: That’ll Be The Day (Owen Bradley Studios, Nashville 7/56)
11. Crickets: Oh Boy, - the Picks (Norman Petty Studios, Clovis, NM 11-12/56)
12. Buddy Holly: Rock Around With Olive Vee (Owen Bradley Studios, Nashville 11/56)
13. Buddy Holly w/Bob Montgomery: Down The Line (Nesman Studios,Witchita, TX mid ‘55)
14. Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue Got Married (apartment tape, overdubbed by Norman Petty & the Fireballs)
15. Andy & the Classics: Wilma (Hurd)
16. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Horror Show (Miz Liz)
17. Stomping Rats: Jungle (Get Drunk, Have Fun, Let’s Wreck)
18. Elektras: Nous Sommes Les Elektras (Bachelor)
19. Wise Guys: Do The Crab Bop (Stay Cool!)
20. Jackie Fautheree: First Man On Mars (Fautheree)
21. Double ‘O’ Zeros: Be A Zero (Mountain)
22. Firestarter: Bop All The Way (s/t)
23. Spacemen: Retro (Big Sound)
24. Los Marauders: Wicked Beat (Teen Beat)
25. Nervebreakers: Hijack The Radio (Wildchild)
26. Insults: Zombie Lover (Insults To Injury)
27. Bad Sports: Get My Head (Kings Of The Weekend)
28. Total Control: No Bibs (Henge Beat)
29. Jacuzzi Boys: Cool Vapors (Glazin’)
30. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: It’s On The Radio (s/t)
31. Chosen Few: T.A.L.O.I.G.A. (The Jokes On Us!)
32. Ooga Boogas: I Can’t Clear My Name (Romance And Adventure)
33. Liquor Store: Commando (Yeah Buddy)
34. Wet Nurse: Girl Problem (no label)
35. Creamers: Don’t Look Down (Jolly Dream)
36. Human Beings: Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Warner Brothers)
37. Burning Itch: No Respect (s/t)
38. Onion Dolls: Hot Love (Twinkle)
39. Tours: Language School (Tours)
40. Hi-Fives: Don’t You Know (Now That’s A Girl) (Get Down)
41. Wax Museums: She’s It (Zoo Full Of Ramones)
42. Dials: Television Silence (Dialogue)
43. Zeros: Hungry (Small Wonder)
44. Hygiene: TV Girl (Dire)
45. Zodiac Killers: Accidental Homicide/Don’t Talk To Me (Have A Blast)
46. Hammer Damage: Automatic Lips (Broken)
47. Pigs: Ran Me In (1977)
48. Reatards: You’re Old News Baby (Teenage Hate)
49. Brad X: Left My Baby At The Laundromat (demo)
50. Red Mass: Let’s Play Dead (s/t)
51. Useless Eaters: Sticking Daggers (Zulu)
52. Black Mamba Beat: F.Y.I. (s/t)
53. Outdoorsmen: Tell Your Folks, I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
54. Boyfriends: I Don’t Want Nobody (I Want You) (Bomp!)
55. Lazzy Boyzzz: Rock And Roll Burger Town (no label)
56. Guitar Wolf: Voltage Sepa/Han (SpaceBattleShipLove)
57. Straight Arrows: Running Wild (It’s Happening)
58. Fuck Knights: I (Let It Bleed)
59. Telecommande: Panique Devant L’Ecran (Leather Bar)
60. Spits: Terrorist Attack (Kill The Kool)
61. Bare Wires: Cheap Perfume (Cheap Perfume)
62. Milkshakes: I Need No-One (Fourteen Rhythm And Beat Greats)
63. Baddat For Trubbel: Int Bocka Och Buga (Ken Rock)
64. Garbo’s Daughter: Summer’s Gone (West Coast Summer Tour Tape)
65. Pacifics: I’m Talking About You (Bachelor)
66. Spivs: It’s True (Almost Ready)
67. Impedaments: Violence (s/t)
68. Man… Or Astro-Man?: Clean Up On Aisle #9 (Is It…)
69. Local Oafs: Do You Want/Need Action (Power And Glory)
70. Fag Cop: Nailed To The Cross (Whimpers From The Pantheon)
71. Krunchies: Reaffirming My Hatred For Humanity Through Failed Relationships (In De Winkle)
72. Plugz: Achin’ (Fatima)
73. Heavy Cream Summer Bummer (Danny)
74. Supercharger: O Got None (Bag Of Hammers)
75. Pajamas: I Am Error (demo)
76. Spaceshits: Turn Off The Radio (Mishavin’)