Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/16/11

1. Delmer Spudd & the Spuddnicks: Get With It (Walking The Streets Of Denver)
2. Phantoms Of The Opry: You’re My Favorite Buzz (s/t)
3. Ray Vernon: I’m Counting On You (Cameo)
4. Jewws: The Space City Beat (L’Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!)
5. Numbers: Sunset Strip (Able Label)
6. Screws: You’re Just A Bum (12 New Hateful Classics)
7. Mama Rosin together with Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: The Cat Never Sleeps (Louisiana Sun)
8. Los Volidos: Marcelino Twenty-Five (Hot Rod Woman)
9. Swingin’ Doors: That Wild Sound (Enviken)
10. Kansas City Cryers: I Lied (Gotta Roam)
11. Rucki Zucki Palemcombo: Wir Treib’ns Heit (De Gaude Oide Zeit)
12. Pigs: Give It Ball (1977)
13. King Khan & BBQ Show: Lonely Boy (Invisible Girl)
14. Billy Riley & his Little Green Men: Pearly Lee (Sun)
15. Dexter Romweber Duo: I Wish You Would (Is That You In the Blue?)
16. Fireball Steven & the Saddle Pals: Annie (NBT)
17. Junior Thompson: Who’s Knocking (Tune)
18.’s: I Walk Like Jane Mansfield (Estrus)
19. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Hammers, Sickles And Girls (Eradicator)
20. Vibrators: Wrecked On You (Pure Mania)
21. Chris Montez: Some Kinda Fun (Monogram)
22. Aparations: She’s So Satisfying (Some Kinda Fun)
23. Skinnies: Out Of Order (Lectric Eye)
24. Chinese Burns: Can Dig (Must Destroy Mankind)
25. Ratas Del Vaticano: Teatro Del Absurdo (Tiempos De Austeridad)
26. Cum Stain: No Hearts/Big Mean Maniac (Hurry Up And Kill Yourself You Scum Bag Trust Me Your Mother Won’t Miss You)
27. Cheap Time: Immediate Future (Cass)
28. Divorced: Medical Experiments (Separation Anxiety)
29. Ralphs: Mass Confusion (Zeros-No Ones)
30. Last Sons Of Krypton: Watching TV (The Lost Album)
31. Intellectuals: Sex On TV (Triple)
32. Tampoffs: Lead (Daggerman)
33. Spivs: It’s True (Almost Ready)
34. Speed: Speed Speed Speed Is Really All We Need (Real)
35. Curlee Wurlee!: Todome Da Igual (…Likes Milk)
36. Baddat For Trubbel: ISO9004 (Ken Rock)
37. Carbonas: Frustrate Me (s/t)
38. Red Mass: Charlie Brown (split w/Strange Attractor)
39. Aggravation: Pressure (P.Trash)
40. Preachers: Chicken Papa (Moonglow)
41. Condas: The Bird (Norton)
42. Young Identities: New Trends (Shake Music)
43. Jetz: Ricky The Prefect (The Anthology 1977-1979)
44. Eagle Boys: Armadale Dance (Negative Guest List)
45. Reatards: Carot Belly Bunny Blues (Teenage Hate)
46. I.V. Eyes: They Saved Teri’s Tube (Rubber Vomit)
47. Chosen Few: Disco Tek Wreck (The Joke’s On Us)
48. Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
49. Predator: Bite (s/t)
50. Korean Gut: The Creeper (Mammoth Cave)
51. Tom Pettings Hertzattacken: Radio Radio (De Guade Oide Zeit)
52. Pigs: National Front (1977)
53. Hygiene: T.S.G. (Public Sector)
54. White Wires: Ontario Life (Bloodstains Across Ontario)
55. Fang: Landshark (Landshark)
56. Wrong Words: Summer’s Gone (s/t)
57. Venetian Blinds: Quit Your Belly Achin’ Baby (Grudge)
58. Royal Flairs: Out Of Sight (Rare Recordings 1965-1966)
59. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: Kill Kill Kill (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
60. Personal & the Pizzas: Brass Knuckles (Raw Pie)
61. Nobunny: Hocus Pocus (Party Platter)
62. Gooeys: Suspicious Hunch Amongst The Bloody Mary For Lunch Bunch (Mammoth Cave)
63. Gun Club: For The Love Of Ivy (Fire Of Love)
64. Demon’s Claws: Dirtiest Girl In Town (Lost In The Desert Part Deux)
65. Wax Museums: Socket (Eye Times)
66. Angel Sluts: Social Breakdown (Fat Sandwich)
67. Incredible Kidda Band: No Nerve (Psycho)
68. Spits: Hit The Dead (Spasmodic Caress) (Kill The Kool)
69. Missing Monuments: Black Rainbow (Painted White)
70. GG King: Want (Esoteric Lore)
71. Muck & the Mires: King Of The Beat (Cellarful Of Muck)
72. Willi Warma: Street Corner Hero (De Guade Oide Zeit)
73. Flakes: Bip Bam Boom (Just Add Water)