Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/09/11

1. Excels w/Danny Goode: Let’s Dance (Gibson)
2. Rockin’ Ryan & the Real Goners: Flirty Mae (So You Wanted More Wild Rock And Roll)
3. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Roughshod (Hillbilly Wolf)
4. Hellbound Hepcats: Brand New Forty-Five (s/t)
5. Kansas City Cryers: On My Mind (Gotta Roam)
6. Rockin' Lord Lee & the Outlaws: Pink And Black (Out At Last)
7. Quarter Notes: Punkinella (RCA)
8. Little Luther: Du De Squat (Dot)
9. Dexter Romweber Duo: Jungle Drums (Is That You In The Blue?)
10. Boppin’ Passions: I Got A Hick Up (Rockin’ By The Moon)
11. Los Peyotes: Let’s Spend The Night Together (Their Hispanic Majesties Request)
12. Incredible Kidda Band: Everybody Knows (Psycho)
13. Magnus Sellegren: Hang Out (demo)
14. Bloodshot Bill: Tattle Tale (Ghost Highway)
15. Johnny Carroll: Trudy (Wa)
16. Swingin’ Demons: Radio Rock (Radio Rock)
17. Wise Guys: Jukebox Jumping (Stay Cool!)
18. Chants: Dick Tracy (Verve)
19. Larry Dale: Let The Doorbell Ring (Glover)
20. Al Katraz & the Breakouts: Charlie & the Bank Job (Solitary)
21. Russ Brian: Hillbilly’s Rock (Horizon)
22. Kyra Rubella: It’s A Stick Up (Here I Am, I Always Am)
23. Spartan Dreggs: Cry Baby Bunting (Damaged Goods)
24. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Chop Suey Rock (Horror Show!!!)
25. Milkees: Good Good Lovin’ (Lover Soul)
26. Cola Freaks: Farvel (Local Cross)
27. Raydios: Turning Blue (Original Demo Recordings)
28. Spits: Rip Up The Streets (Kill The Kool)
29. Useless Eaters: Customer (Zulu)
30. Bundle Of Fags: Attitude (Weird Hug)
31. Okmoniks: It’s Not You (Party Fever)
32. Pigs: Psychopath (1977)
33. Ramones: Havana Affair (s/t)
34. Sleaze: Retro Sexy In Blue (Total Punk)
35. Eagle Boys: Kambalda (Negative Guest List)
36. Irritones: Japanese cars (Negative Dots)
37. Wrong Words: Everything Is Different Now (s/t)
38. Fine Lines: Too Much Of You (Way Out From The Hideout)
39. Chaos: I Don’t Know What You Want (De Guade Oide Zeit)
40. Drags: I Like To Die (Resin)
41. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk! Sounds)
42. Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
43. Missing Monuments: Hot Class (Painted White)
44. Aresen Obscene: Rock Savauge (13 O’Clock)
45. Jewws: Just Blink, She’s Gone (L’Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!)
46. Young Identities: Instant Feelings (Shake Music)
47. Moby Dicks: Spiders (Southpaw)
48. Cheater Slicks: Born Loser (Our Food Is Chaos)
49. Larry & the Loafers: Let’s Go To The Beach (Sure Fire)
50. Al & the Untouchables: Church Key (HR)
51. Dave & the Saints: Leaving Surf City (Band Box)
52. Charles Albright: I Am The Counter Cultre (Drop Out) (Permanent)
53. Total Control: One More Night (Henge Beat)
54. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: I Wanna Puke (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
55. Serious Tracers: Rock And Roll Fucker (Sick Though)
56. Gizmos: Regular Dude (The Studio Recordings)
57. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: Running Bear (Battle Of The Bands)
58. Divorced: Nothing To Do (Separation Anxiety)
59. Unnatural Helpers: Sunshine/Pretty Girls (Hardly Art)
60. Los Explosivos: Convertible (Primeras Grabaciones)
61. Guitar Wolf: Hakata Tactics (SpaceBattleShipLove)
62. Korean Gut: If You Want (Mammoth Cave)
63. Fungi Girls: Honey Face (Sweat Easy Magic)
64. Feelin’ Lucky: Brain Explosion (s/t)
65. Creamers: Can And Will (Jolly Dream)
66. Avengers: Shipwrecked (Star-Burst)
67. 006: Like What, Me Worry (Harlequin)
68. Playmobils: International Lifestyle (International Lifestyle)
69. Yussuf Jerusalem: Through The Winter’s Darkest Day (Blast From The Past)
70. MOTO: Skinny Head (Mind Of A Child)
71. Personal & the Pizzas: (Don’t Trust No) Party Boy (Trouble In Mind)
72. Folded Shirt: Bicycle (F/S)
73. Mother’s Children: Anything to Calm Me Down (Are You Tough Enough?)
74. Spivs: I Don’t Want It (Damaged Goods)