Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/02/11

1. Rocky & Friends: Riot City (Soma)
2. Arsen Roulette: Spinning Around (Dear You)
3. J. Michael & the Bushmen: I Need Love (Corby)
4. Buddy Holly & the Three Tunes: I’m Gonna Set My Foot Right Down (Ohh Annie!)
5. Los Marauders: Lone Twister (Teen Beat)
6. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Sometimes (Just A Matter A Manners)
7. Ronnie Self: Bop A Lena (Mr. Frantic Is Boppin’ The Blues)
8. Sugar King Boys: Drive Me Crazy (Topsy Turvy)
9. Lil’ Camille & the Rattletones: Let Me Know (Hayride)
10. Flying Phantom & his Flaming Stars: My Honey Bun (s/t)
11. Really Loud Hamburgers: Hate Crime (Florida’s Dying)
12. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Rockin’ Fool (Horror Show!!!)
13. Jaguars: The Dog Catcher (Norton)
14. Moscow Moscow Moscow: North Of Vomit (Eradicator)
15. Florian Monday & his Mondos: Rip It Rip It Up (Realm)
16. Charlie Feathers: On Good Gal (Honky Tonk Kind)
17. Piccadilly Bullfrogs: Move Around (Hoppers, Boppers And Rockers)
18. Le Face: Pull My Trigger (Smoking Barrel)
19. Useless Eaters: The Nausea (Zulu)
20. Me And Dem Guys: Come On Little Sweetheart (Palmer)
21. Gentleman Jesse & his Men: If I Can See You (You’re To Close To Me) (Introducing…)
22. Coupons: Turn Her Down (Impact)
23. Ideals: Gorilla (Cortland)
24. Bill Haley & his Comets: Chick Safari (Warner Brothers)
25. Nervous Eaters: Get Stuffed (Rat)
26. Sleaze: Weird Truck (Three Dimensional)
27. Happy Kids: Sally Joe (Trash)
28. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: Johnny’s To Blame (s/t)
29. Young Identities: New Trends (Shake Music)
30. Divorced: Furniture Removal Machine (Separation Anxiety)
31. Arsene Obscene: Je Suis American (13 O’Clock)
32. Twerps: She Don’t Know (Group Tightner)
33. Incredible Kidda Band: No Nerve (Psycho)
34. Bobbyteens: Hurt For You (Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’)
35. Skinnies: I’m A Dullard (Lectric Eye)
36. Mother’s Children: Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Are You Tough Enough?)
37. Gants: Bad Boy (Road Runner)
38. OBN III’s: Heavy Heart (Tic Tac Totally)
39. Venereans: Future Primitive (Future Primitive)
40. Shirks: Cry Cry Cry (Grave Mistake)
41. Fuck Knights: Kristina (Let It Bleed)
42. Engine Boo: Space Invader (Chloroform)
43. Shit Dogs: Killer Cain (Panglin)
44. Happy Thoughts: Hang Around (s/t)
45. Spivs: Radio (Damaged Goods)
46. Poppets: Break My Heart In Two (Pickled Herring Punk)
47. Lee Van Cleef: Virgen Por Delante Martir Por Detras (Blondes Must Die)
48. Pleasure Seekers: What A Way To Die (Hideout)
49. Frank Ventura & the Crescents: Pain (Amber)
50. Creamers: Modern Day (Jolly Dream)
51. Wax Museums: Mind Over Matter (Eye Times)
52. Black Time: Made In The USA (New Vague Themes)
53. Pigs: They Say (1977)
54. Wylde Mammoths: Can’t Get Enough (Go Baby Go!)
55. Derek Lyn Plastic: Kill Kill Carol Malone (NMG)
56. Moralens Vaktare: Konsumera (Ken Rock)
57. Pagans: Can’t Explain (Everybody Hates You)
58. Straightshooter: She’s So Fine (Strolling Bones)
59. Chosen Few: Do The Manic (To Kill Or Maim) (The Jokes On Us!)
60. Warm Jets: Scooter Pie (Wanna Start A War)
61. Jewws: There She Goes (Heartbreaker)
62. Heavy Cream: Pretty Baby (Danny)
63. Midwest Beat: Too Late To Care (Gone Not Lost)
64. Gooeys: Lay Down & Die (Mammoth Cave)
65. Aggravation: Can’t Crush You (P.Trash)
66. Pupils: Destroy (s/t)
67. Fang: You’re Cracked (Where The Wild Things Are)
68. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Help (RIP Society)
69. Missing Monuments: The Girl Of The Night (Painted White)
70. Guitar Wolf: Voltage Sepa/Han (SpaceBattleShipLove)
71. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: I’m Depressed (Thatcher’s Children)
72. Just Urbain: Hospital Bed (Shake Music)
73. Jetz: If That’s What Your Really Want (The Anthology 1977-1979)
74. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: I Got You (I Feel Good) (Battle Of The Bands)
75. Night Birds: Harbor Rats (Dirtnap)
76. Gears: Hard Rock (Four Speed)
77. Los Explosivos: Zapatos Dorados (Primera Grabaciones)
78. Normals: Vacation To Nowhere (Vacation To Nowhere)