Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/26/11

1. Little Billy Stoltz & the Stoltz Brothers: Rock And Roll Riot (Rodeo)
2. John ‘Rocky’ Rhule & his Combo: Rock The Joint (Mark)
3. Sparkles: Hipsville 29 BC (I Need Help) (Hickory)
4. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Stompin’ Beat (Horror Show!!!)
5. Skinnies: Out Of Order (Lectric Eye)
6. Pigs: Ran Me In (1977)
7. Jetaways: Rock-A-Bayou Baby (Let’s Get Juiced)
8. A-Bones: Go Betty Go (The Life Of Riley)
9. Buffalo Johnson & his Heard: Tappin’ Boogie (Kentucky)
10. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Well I Knocked Bim Bam (s/t)
11.’s: Charumera Sobaya (Third Man)
12. Doubt: Time Out (Solo)
13. Jack Rabbit Slim: I’m Shook (Western Star)
14. Wildebeests: Bloodhound (Dimbo Party!)
15. Masonics: Please Please Please (In You Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures)
16. Nikki & the Corvettes: Summertime Fun (s/t)
17. Bill Fadden & the Rhythm Busters: Be Mine (Migraine)
18. Side-Wynders: Bird Dog Boogie (Rompin’ And Stompin’)
19. Warm Jets: Beach Tag Baby (Wanna Start A War)
20. Triumphs: Surfside Date (Norton)
21. Motions: Land Beyond The Moon (Mercury)
22. Royal Flairs: One Pine Box (Marina)
23. Untamed Youth: I’m More Punker Than You (An Invitation To Planet Mace)
24. Cheap Time: Another Time (Cass)
25. Aggravation: Pressure (P.Trash)
26. Pupils: You’re Gonna Die (s/t)
27. Baddat For Trubbel: Snalla Snalla (Ken Rock)
28. Total Control: Stare Away (Aarght!)
29. Young Identities: Instant Feelings (Shake Music)
30. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: Pussycat Burglers (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
31. Replacements: Run It (Hootenanny)
32. Puncture: Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
33. Toyotas: TV Injection (Make Headlines)
34. Chosen Few: Adolph, You Beauty! (The Jokes On Us)
35. Los Explosivos: Boys (Primeras Grabaciones)
36. Guzzlers: Fine And Mine (Knights Of Trashe)
37. Distractors: Tell Me Now (Dimebox)
38. Black Jaspers: Can’t Stand The Summer (Slovenly)
39. Garbo’s Daughter: He’s Good At Everything But Being Good To Me (Surfin’Ki)
40. Missing Monuments: It’s Like XTC (Painted White)
41. Spivs: It’s True (Almost Ready)
42. Royal Coachmen: Lollipop (Coachmen)
43. Dirt Shit: Holocaust (De Guade Oide Zeit)
44. Wax Museums: Between (Eye Times)
45. Local Oafs: Back In Style (Power And Glory)
46. Korean Gut: Your Misery Our Benefit (Mammoth Cave)
47. Retardos: Come On Back (Super*Teem)
48. Tyvek: Frustration Rock (Fast Metabolism)
49. Sleaze: Called You Once (Total Punk)
50. Black Time: Secret (Trakmarx)
51. Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads: It’s Hard To Be A Motor (Black Gladiator)
52. Night Beats: Ain’t A Ghost (s/t)
53. Wasps: JJJJenny (This Was Punk)
54. Cramps: Mad Daddy (Songs The Lord Might Of Taught Us)
55. Dead Heats: Nobody But You (Way Out Front The Hideout)
56. Reatards: Olive V (Teenage Hate)
57. Users: Kicks In Style (Kicks In Style)
58. Useless Eaters: Difficult (Goodbye Boozy)
59. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: Quarter To Two (Battle Of The Bands)
60. Guitar Wolf: Tears Are Violence (SpaceBattleShipLove)
61. Headcoatees: Cara-Lyn (Punk Girls)
62. Benders: Can’t Tame Me (Big Sound)
63. Pulsating Heartbeats: Talkin’ About You (Pace Setters Internationale)
64. Heavy Cream: Lava Lamp (Danny)
65. 50’s High Teens: Balla Balla (Punch De Beat)
66. Top Ten All Stars: Pim Pim Pim (Beat On The Krauts)
67. Spits: Come With Me (Kill The Kool)
68. Predator: Alright (s/t)
69. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Nobody Else (RIP Society)
70. Feral Beat: American Car (demo)
71. Loli & the Chones: I’m A Mess (Rock And Roll Genocide)
72. Midnight Snaxxx: Guy Like That (Total Punk)
73. Rough Kids: Trudie Gold (No Glory)
74. Hygiene: National Front Tea Party (Public Sector)
75. Black Mamba Beat: D.I. And Die (vs. Wake Up Dead)
76. Just Urbain: The End (Shake Music)
77. Head: Pull The Plug (Evil Clown)