Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/12/11

1. Boppin’ Passions: Rockin’ And Boppin’ Tonight (Rockin’ By The Moon)
2. Jerry Hawkins: Swing Daddy Swing (Ebb)
3. Joey Warren: Goatee (Superior)
4. Willie Joe & his Unitar: Unitar Rock (Specialty)
5. Southlanders Orchestra & Chorus w/vocals by the Cheerleaders: The Wiggle (Castle)
6. Texabilly Rockets: Step Back Baby (45’s Jamboree)
7. Tom Pettings Hertzattacken: Radio Radio (De Guade Oide Zeit)
8. Stompin’ Riffraffs: Horror Show (Miz Liz)
9. A-Bones w/Roy Loney: Stop It Baby (Norton)
10. Feral Beat: Rich Boys Rich Girls (demo)
11. Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns: Ah Ha Baby (That Crazy New Sound)
12. Piccadilly Bullfrogs: No Time To Lose (Hoppers, Boppers And Rockers)
13. Wasps: Teenage Treats (4 Play)
14. Spits: Beat You Up (Kill The Kool)
15. Bloodshot Bill: Puppy Dog Love (Thunder And Lightning)
16. Chris Almoada: Somebody’s Knockin’ (Come To New Orleans)
17. Johnny Tan w/Charlie & his Go Go Boys: Shakin’ All Over (Star Swan)
18. King Uszniewicz & his Uszniewicztones: Shakin’ All Over (Battle Of The Bands)
19. Key: Oh Susan (De Guade Oide Zeit)
20. Pupils: Sin Girl (s/t)
21. Kidda Band: Radio Caroline (Last Laugh)
22. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Bop-A-Little (Sleazy)
23. Tex Speed Combo: Lights Out Baby (Speedville)
24. Unnatural Axe: Three Chord Rock (Varulven)
25. Wax Museums: Nothing To Do With The 60’s (Eye Times)
26. Undead Apes: Brain Sell (s/t)
27. Kyra Rubella & the Shanks: Orgasm Addict (Damaged Goods)
28. Vogue: Pill Girl (De Guade Oide Zeit)
29. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Help (RIP Society)
30. Ty Wagner & the Scotchmen: I’m A No Count (Chatahoochee)
31. Spivs: Tapped Up (Almost Ready)
32. Guitar Wolf: Hakata Tactics (SpaceBattleShipLove)
33. Pajamas: I Am Error (demo)
34. Magnus Sellegren: Come Back (demo)
35. Outcasts: 1523 Blair (Gallant)
36. Creamers: Purgatory (Jolly Dream)
37. Grudge: When Christine Comes Around (Black Label)
38. Missing Monuments: Dance All Night (Painted White)
39. Masonics: She’s My Baby (In Your Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures)
40. Fabulous Falcons: Midnight Express (EAP)
41. Normals: Got You Runnin’ (Vacation To Nowhere)
42. Venereans: Terminal Beach (Future Primitive)
43. Ugly Beats: Bee Line (Hillsdale)
44. Gaggers: Spit You Out (Rip You Apart)
45. Aversions: Black Alibi (Die In Style)
46. No-Brainers: Hot Dog (demo)
47. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: My Life Is All Fucked (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
48. Midwest Beat: Alone Now (Gone Not Lost)
49. Mighty Caesars: Lie Detector (John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited)
50. Happy Thoughts: Anything But Love (s/t)
51. Baddat For Trubbel: ISO 9004 (Ken Rock)
52. Tunnel Of Love: American Girls (Rock And Roll Bitches)
53. Jet Boys: I’m Trash (Jumpin’ Jet Flash)
54. Jack Of Heart: Eureka (Slovenly)
55. Love Boat: Cannonball (Love Is Gone)
56. Hi-Fi Twins & the Kings: Papa Oom Mow Mow (Star Swan)
57. Five Americans: Slippin’ And Sliddin’ (Jetstar)
58. Useless Eaters: I Get I Get (Daily Commute)
59. Fuck Knights: Kristina (Let It Bleed)
60. Warm Jets: Wanna Start A War (Wanna Start A War)
61. Shirks: On Time (Grave Mistake)
62. Reatards: Fashion Victim (Teenage Hate)
63. Predator: Choke (s/t)
64. Sleaze: Retro Sexy In Blue (Total Punk)
65. Schund: Terror (De Guade Oide Zeit)
66. Headcoats: Girl From ’62 (Regal Select)
67. Filth: Don’t Hide Your Hate (Plurex)
68. Divorced: I Want You (Separation Anxiety)
69. Tyvex: Honda (X)
70. Arsene Obscene: Conseiller Municipal (13 O’Clock)
71. Numbskull Action: New Twist (Songs The Hideout Taught Us)
72. Rocks: Damn You (Point Blank)
73. Irritones: We Are Negative Dots (Negative Dots)