Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/05/11

1. Vanguards: Wild (Mecca)
2. Caps: Red Headed Flea (White Star)
3. Don Jobe & the Ghosters: Going To Have A Party (T&R)
4. Eddie Bond & the Stompers: Boppin’ Bonnie (Merccury)
5. Bloodshot Bill: A Girl I Don’t Know (Thunder And Lightning)
6. Phantoms Of The Opry: Ain’t Worth The Trouble (s/t)
7. Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros: Stacy Lee (Just A Matter Of Manners)
8. Willie Ward & the Warblers: Oo-Wee Baby (Fee Bee)
9. Night Beats: Ain’t Dumbo (s/t)
10. Spivs: It’s True (Almost Ready)
11. Missing Monuments: Hot Class (Painted White)
12. Sleaze: Weird Truck (Three Dimensional)
13. Juke Joint Pimps: Eat For Me (Boogie Down The Church)
14. Malcolm Yelvington & the Star Rhythm Boys: Drinkin’ Wine Spodee-O-Dee (Sun)
15. Buddy Starr & the Starliners: Hold It (Kangaroo)
16. Untamed Youth: Whistle Bait (An Invitation To Planet Mace)
17. Hasil Adkins: The Slop (Peanut Butter Rock And Roll)
18. Coasters: Framed (Atco)
19. Billy Barrix: Cool Off Baby (Chess)
20. Psycho Surgeons: Horizontal Action (Wallaby Beat)
21. Del Counts: Bird Dog (Soma)
22. Jackie & the Cedrics: Bird Dog (Hillsdale)
23. Everly Brothers: Claudette (Cadence)
24. Jerks: Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me (Underground)
25. Impo & the Tents: Way Past Cool (Pickled Herring Punk)
26. Divorced: Stupid Shit (Separation Anxiety)
27. Buzzcocks: I Don’t Mind (Another Music In A Different Kitchen)
28. Personal & the Pizzas: 7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
29. Creamers: Can And Will (Jolly Dream)
30. Brad X: We’re Pretty Quick (demo)
31. Moscow Moscow Moscow: Hammers, Sickles And Girls (Eradicator)
32. Mummies: That Girl (Pre BS)
33. Cola Freaks: Uppers And Downers (s/t)
34. Telecommande: Pixels (Leather Bar)
35. Wax Museums: Chase Your Shadow (Eye Times)
36. Heavy Cream: Pretty Baby (Danny)
37. Moralens Vaktare: Visa Fran En Bakgata (Pickled Herring Punk)
38. Fuck Knights: Moderation/Kilometers (Let It Bleed)
39. Squares: I Got More Hate (Squarification)
40. Radio Exiles: Secret Station (Psychic Volt)
41. Baddat For Trubbel: Fan Ta Dig (Det Har Ar Inte New York)
42. Hygiene: Desirable Places To Live (Public Sector)
43. Spits: Get Our Kicks (In The Red)
44. Sparkles: Ain’t No Friend Of Mine (Hickory)
45. Cynics: Crawl (Spinning Wheel Motel)
46. Savages: The World Ain’t Round It’s Square (Live ‘n Wild)
47. Spartan Dreggs: Physics Of Blown Sand And Desert Dunes (Damaged Goods)
48. Southside Stranglers: I’m A Cannibal (Grave Mistake)
49. Tranzmitors: Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty)
50. Replacements: Love You Till Friday (The Early Mats)
51. Action Swingers: I Don’t Wanna Be This Way (The Complete Toe Rag Sessions)
52. Black Flag: Fix Me (Nervous Breakdown)
53. Arsene Obscene: Planet Obscene (13 O’Clock)
54. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: Die In The City (s/t)
55. Midnight Snaxxx: Guy Like That (Total Punk)
56. Outdoorsmen: She Wants To Go Steady (Psychic Handshake)
57. Mickey: For You (Rock n’ Roll Dreamer)
58. Los Explosivos: Quiza (Primeras Grabaciones)
59. Night Birds: Killer Waves (Art Of The Underground)
60. Midwest Beat: Back To Mono/Blind Flower Girl (Eradicator)
61. Sir Bald Diddley & his Right Honourable Big Wigs: What’s In Your Fridge (What’s In Your Fridge)
62. Jeff Slack: Towel Rag (demo)
63. Oblivians: Kick Your Ass (SFTRI)
64. Reatards: I’m Down (Teenage Hate)
65. Jetz: You Stepped Out Of Line (The Anthology 1977-1979)
66. Panic: Follo The Trend (13)
67. Pupils: Destroy (s/t)
68. Fuckin’ Boneshakers: Kill Kill Kill (MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions)
69. Scrotum Poles: Night Train (One Tone/Dulc-I-Tone)
70. Wet Bags: Down By The Docks (Ken Rock)
71. Total Control: Full Moon (Aarght!)
72. Charles Albright: I Am The Counter Culture (Drop Out) (Permanent)