Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/14/11

1. Washboard Sam: Digging My Potatoes (Chess)
2. Pepper Hot Boys: Cutest Girl (Oriental Bop!)
3. Triads: Bacon Fat (Dilly Dilly Womp Womp) (Ringo)
4. Kip Tyler: Rumble Rock (Ebb)
5. Bloodshot Bill: Heeby Jeeby Blues (Squoodge)
6. Kyra Rubella & the Shanks: Love In A Void (Damaged Goods)
7. Radiators From Space: Love Detective (Chiswick)
8. Hunx & his Punx: He’s Coming Back (Too Young To Be In Love)
9. Arch Villains: She’s A Hunchback (Sigma Phi)
10. Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Love My Baby (Sun)
11. Dynamite Girls: Ten Cats Down (Rockabilly Catching)
12. Reducers: Information Overload (s/t)
13. David Moore: I Do What I Want When I Want (The Hillbilly Stroll)
14. Piccadilly Bullfrogs: The Ace Boogie (Hoppers, Boppers And Rockers)
15. Trashmen: Church Key (Surfin’ Bird)
16. Hi-Fives: Out Of Control (Welcome To My Mind)
17. Masonics: Please Please Please (In Your Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures)
18. Korean Gut: If You Want (Mammoth Cave)
19. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds (Bunner Mentality)
20. Eddie Clendening: Be Good Or Be Gone (Wild)
21. Souta & the Blitz Attack Boys: I Weep Alone (Oriental Bop)
22. Mama Rosin w/ Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Voodoo Walking (Louisiana Sun)
23. Trashwomen: I’m Dangerous (… .vs Deep Space)
24. Armitage Shanks: Icon Schmicon (Damaged Goods)
25. Hussy: I’m Me (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
26. Predator: You (s/t)
27. Log Jammers: Hit 2 (No Patience)
28. Pupils: I Got Something (s/t)
29. Outdoorsmen: Tell Your Folks I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
30. Happy Thoughts: Anything But Love (s/t)
31. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: Dance Floor Queen (s/t)
32. Moralens Vaktare: Konsumera (Ken Rock)
33. First Base: Chemical Valley (Bloodstains Across Ontario)
34. Spartan Dreggs: Intertidal Marshland (Damaged Goods)
35. Next: Cheap Rewards (Sharp)
36. Puncture: You Can’t Rock And Roll In A Council Flat (Small Wonder)
37. Distractors: Let’s Get Sick (Cheap Date)
38. Gaggers: Two Fingers Down My Throat (Rip You Apart)
39. Mickey: Summer Night (Rock n’ Roll Dreamer)
40. Los Explosivos: Boys (Primeras Grabaciones)
41. Divorced: Nothing To Do (Separation Anxiety)
42. Useless Eaters: Difficult (Goodbye Boozy)
43. Hygiene: Done Before (Public Sector)
44. Users: It’s Not True (Kicks In Style)
45. Cheap Time: Another Time (Cass)
46. Roses Are Red: Your Love is Like A Ballistic Missile (Posthumous Petal)
47. White Wires: Ontario (Bloodstains Across Ontario)
48. Knife Fight: Hopeless (Aarght!)
49. Wax Museums: Mad Gasser (Eye Times)
50. Replacements: Customer alt. (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash reish.)
51. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Nobody Else (RIP Society)
52. Fuck Knights: Bind Torture Kiss (Let It Bleed)
53. Bare Wires: She’s So Out (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
54. Doctor Explosion: Dejame Marchar (Hablaban Con Frases Hechas)
55. Routes: Now I Don’t Know You (Alligator)
56. Oblivians: Trouble (Popular Favorites)
57. Reatards: Not Good Enough For You (Teenage Hate)
58. Invasion: The Invasion Is Coming (Dynamic Sound)
59. Chosen Few: T.A.L.O.I.G.A. (Dirty Dog)
60. Warm Jets: Go Go With Me (Wanna Start A War)
61. Baddat For Trubbel: Foedd Att Foerlora (Det Har Inte New Yoork)
62. Hard Ons: Something About You (Dickcheese)
63. Dalai Lamas: I Want You (Hozac)
64. German SS: Air Raid (Kryptonite)
65. Onions: Unsustainable Lifestyle (2011 Tour CD-R)
66. Supercharger: Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo (s/t)
67. Personal & the Pizzas: I Can Read (Gooc Entertainment)
68. Cola Freaks: Kniven (s/t)
69. Okmoniks: Not That Good (Party Fever)
70. Loli & the Chones: Gush On You (Rock And Roll Genocide)
71. Veins: Controle (Bourgeois Standard)
72. Four Slicks: Bad Girl (Savage)
73. Oops: Sex Disaster (Taste Of Zimbabwe)
74. Happy Death: Nazi Zombies (no label)
75. Skunks: Dance With The Fuehrer (no label)