Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/07/11

1. Corvairs: Slipped Disc (Twin)
2. Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Ho-Dad Machine (Checkered Flag)
3. Portuguese Joe w/the Tennessee Rockabillys: Teenage Riot (Surf)
4. Happy Thoughts: Hang Around (s/t)
5. Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns: Runaway Girl (That Crazy New Sound)
6. Rusti Steel & the Tin Tax: Jukebox Jukebox (Juke Joint)
7. Roses Are Red: Can’t Understand (Posthumous Petal)
8. Uncle Nic & the Alternators: Rock n’ Roll Pneumonia (Hot Rod Man)
9. Johnny Burnette: Crazy Legs (Wampus Cat)
10. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds: Injun War Crimes (Gorilla Rose)
11. Boppin’ Passions: I Got A Hick Up (Rockin’ By The Moon)
12. David Moore: The Ride (The Hillbilly Stroll)
13. Side-Wynders: One Of These Days (Rompin’ And Stompin’)
14. Tinopeners: I’m Not Your Type (Logo)
15. Windbreakers: That Girl (Big Monkey)
16. Les Olivensteins: Euthansie (s/t)
17. First Base: I’m All Alone Again (demo)
18. Overnight Lows: Slit Wrist Rock And Roll (Goner)
19. Welders: P-E-R-V-E-R-T (BDR)
20. Mickey: Dance (Rock n’ Roll Dreamer)
21. Bobby Freeman: Do You Wanna Dance (Josie)
22. Ramones: Oh Oh I Love Her So (Leave Home)
23. Baddat For Trubbel: Inte New York (Det Har Ar Inte New York)
24. Crime: Feel The Beat (San Francisco Is Still Doomed)
25. Fuck Knights: Kristina (Let It Bleed)
26. Armitage Shanks: Shirts Off (Takin’ The Piss)
27. Spits: Black Kar (s/t)
28. High Tension Wires: Subprime Love (Welcome New Machine)
29. Kravin’ A’s: Beatnik Girl (Krave On)
30. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Nobody Else (RIP Society)
31. Reatards: You Ain’t No Fun No More (Teenage Hate)
32. Red Mass: Freak Show (Hozac)
33. Los Explosivos: Ya No Puedes Escapar (Primeras Grabaciones)
34. Cola Freaks: Slukket (s/t)
35. unknown: Follow Her Home (You Tore My Brain)
36. Eirik & the Secret Agents: Sorry About That (Ikon)
37. Puncture: Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
38. Useless Eaters: Daily Commute (Daily Commute)
39. BOB: The Things That You Do (Dumb)
40. Personal & the Pizzas: Dead Meat (Total Punk)
41. Golden Staph: Yung Lung (s/t)
42. Cynics: I Need More (Spinning Wheel Motel)
43. Pupils: Look At Me (s/t)
44. Liminanas: AF3458 (SDZ)
45. Venereans: Future Primitive (Future Primitive)
46. Radio City: She’s A Radio (Media Wave)
47. Wax Museums: Tunguska (Eye Times)
48. Angry Samoans: Todd Killings (Back From Samoa)
49. Unfuckable: Day Off (Aarght!)
50. Prescription Pills: 3rd Homosexual Murder (Kryptonite)
51. GG King: Bored Of Breathing (Esoteric Lore)
52. Estrogen Highs: Subtle Girl (Southpaw)
53. Young Identities: Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music)
54. Feral Beat: Feral Beat (demo)
55. Shrapnelles: My Mom Is Hot (Hozac)
56. Onions: Garbage Party (Tour CDR 2011)
57. Predator: Choke (s/t)
58. Moralens Vaktare: Moralens Vaktare (Roda Sten)
59. Gaggers: Dirty Looks (Rip You Apart)
60. Bloodclot Faggots: Total Life Fuck (No Patients)
61. Mummies: In And Out (Death By Unga Bunga)
62. Mean Things: 99th Floor (Change Our Ways)
63. Vein Cranes: Pink Motherfucker (Florida’s Dying)
64. Shannon & the Clams: Done With You (Sleep Talk)
65. Hard-Ons: Something I Don’t Wanna Do (Yummy)
66. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: 10010001000010000 (s/t)
67. Outdoorsmen: Stink Up The Bathroom (Psychic Handshake)
68. April March w/the Makers: Explosion (April March Sings The Makers)
69. Acid Baby Jesus: It’s On Me (Slovenly)
70. Pheromoans: Neurotic Sunbeams (It Still Rankles)
71. Hollywood Sinners: Modernix (Disastro Garantito)
72. Dow Jones & the Industrials: Can’t Stand The Midwest (Gulcher)
73. Fingers: The First Time (Pre BS)
74. Tyvek: Hole In My Mind (Les Disques Steak)
75. Hussy: Oh No (Cement Tomb Mind Control)