Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/24/11

1. Magnetix: Gone Gone Crazy (…Amazing First Album)
2. Gizmos: Human Garbage Disposal (Gulcher)
3. Piccadilly Bullfrogs: No Time To Lose (Hoppers, Boppers And Rockers)
4. Jackie & the Cedrics: TV Hop (Hillsdale)
5. Milton Allen: Don’t Bug Me Baby (RCA Victor)
6. Twerps: Dance Alone (Night People)
7. Black Jaspers: 21st Century Pox (s/t)
8. Nashville Ramblers: The Trains (UT)
9. Rizlaz: Rackin’At The Space City (Thousand)
10. Moralens Vaktare: Kungens Fasad (Ken Rock)
11. Bozo Ratliff: Rock A Long Time (Space)
12. Buzz: Insanity (Red Ball)
13. Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns: Lonesome Teasrdrops (That Crazy New Sound)
14. Moongooners: Moongoon Twist (Donna)
15. Slugs: Problem Child (Whiplash)
16. Quintron: All Night Right Of Way (Sucre Du Sauvage)
17. Bloodshot Bill: A Girl I Don’t Know (Thunder And Lightning)
18. Side-Wynders: Sweet Dreams (Rompin’ Stompin’)
19. Rudy Preston: Four Tired Car (Katona)
20. Dave & Deke Combo: Warm Lips (Big Trouble) (Moonshine Melodies)
21. Normals: Don’t Pick Me (Vacation To Nowhere)
22. No Way: TV Pox (Our Own)
23. Scrotum Poles: Radio Tay (One Tone)
24. Pupils: Destroy (s/t)
25. GG King: Want (Esoteric Lore)
26. Johnny Notebook & the Gigabytes: Rochnroll Treppe (s/t)
27. Jam: Art School (In The City)
28. Bloodclot Faggots: This Is Living (No Patience)
29. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Don’t Wanna Know (RIP Society)
30. German SS: Hollow (Kryptonite)
31. Onions: Unsustainable Lifestyle (2011 Tour CD)
32. Moby Dicks: Whiskey And Palm Trees (Southpaw)
33. Dogmatics: Gimme The Shakes (Ramo)
34. Hex Dispensers: Agatha’s Antlers (Vice)
35. Spider: Back To The Wall (Pennine)
36. Liquid Stone: Because Of You (Liquid Stone Music)
37. Predator: You (s/t)
38. Gaggers: Spit You Out (Rip You Apart)
39. Machines: You Better Hear (Wax)
40. Baddat For Trubbel: Koepenhamn (Det Har Ar Inte New York)
41. Von Zippers: Can’t Stand Rock And Roll (Wow ‘em Down At Franzl’s)
42. Dalai Lamas: I Want You (Hozac)
43. Ed Nasty & the Dopeds: I Wanna Be Everything (Sexo)
44. Red Mass: Crawl Space (Certified PR)
45. Doubt: Time Out (Solo)
46. Barracudas: Surfers Are Back (Wipout)
47.’s: Edie Is A Sweet Candy (Karate)
48. Outdoorsmen: Tell Your Folks I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
49. Burning Itch: Satisfied (Goodbye Boozy)
50. Prescription Pills: Zyklon B (Kryptonite)
51. Vinyl Stitches: Runaway Baby (Death Pop)
52. Mad Virgins: I Am A Computer (Romantik)
53. Le Face: Nothing Cult (Psychic Handshake)
54. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Mama Rolling Stone (Damaged Goods)
55. Mummies: That’s Mighty Childish (Regal Select)
56. Useless Eaters: Difficult (Goodbye Boozy)
57. Routes: I’m Spent (Alligator)
58. Tyvek: Inner City Walks (Les Disques Steak)
59. Real Numbers: Tear It In Two (Florida’s Dying)
60. Cococoma: Don’t Tempt Me (Shit Sandwich)
61. Filth: Sex (Plurex)
62. Happy Thoughts: Sweet Dirty Love (s/t)
63. Cheap Time: Immediate Future (Cass)
64. Morning Shakes: Youngblood (Sack O’Shit)
65. Hygiene: T.S.G. (Public Sector)
66. Wrong Words: Everything Is Different Now (s/t)
67. Rough Kids: Trudie Gold (No Way)
68. Golden Staph: Riding (s/t)
69. Hussy: Wrong/Right (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
70. Estrogen Highs: Subtle Girl (Southpaw)
71. Young Canadians: Fuck Your Society (No Escape)
72. Davila 666: Ratata (Tan Bajo)
73. Boomgates: Layman’s Teeth (Smart Guy)