Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/03/11

1. Barker Brothers: You Can’t Stay Here (Kent)
2. Kids: This Is Rock And Roll (s/t)
3. Calamities: The Kids Are Alright (Rodney On The ROQ)
4. Sounds: Charlie Chan (Sarg)
5. Night Caps: Bamboo Rock And Roll (Chop Suey Rock)
6. Mo Klein: The Japanese Kid (Crystalette)
7. Dave & Deke Combo: Caryin’ On (Bucket-Lid)
8. Hopelessly Devoted: Radio Radio (Introducing…)
9. Southwest Skiffle Boys: SIe Simon Skiffle (Skiffle With Southwest Style)
10. Hasil Adkins: I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Lips (Peanut Butter Rock And Roll)
11. Los Marauders: She’s A Wrecking Machine (Every Song We Fuckin’ Know)
12. Luis & the Wildfires: Breakdown (Heart-shaped Noose)
13. Tunnelrunners: Words (Sonic International)
14. Dalai Lamas: I Want You (Hozac)
15. Lewis Reed & his Band: Merry Go Round (Norton)
16. Steve Carl & the Jags: Stone Cold Mama (Meteor)
17. Hot Stuff: Just Another Party (The Rockabilly Quartet)
18. Red Mass: Freak Show (Hozac)
19. Numbers: Sunset Strip (Able Lable)
20. Tyvek: Time Change (Les Disques Steak)
21. B.A.T.: Bad Girlfriend (Kool Kat)
22. Fingers: Barracuda (Pre B.S.)
23. Barreracudas: Diet Coke (Bachelor)
24. Chellos: Chicken Back Twist (Bug Out)
25. Outdoorsmen: Tell Your Folks I’m A Goner (Psychic Handshake)
26. Figures Of Light: I’m So Sick Of Everything (Smash Hits)
27. Baddat For Trubbel: Dom Sager Att (Ken Rock)
28. Normals: Vacation To Nowhere (Vacation To Nowhere)
29. Spider: Down And Out (Pennine)
30. Armitage Shanks: Incendiary Device (Sing And Play 20 Punk Hits Of The 70’s)
31. Users: Listen (Kicks In Style)
32. Makers: I Just Might Crack (Howl!)
33. Spartan Dreggs: Are You A Wally Or Are You A Smooth (Damaged Goods)
34. Hygiene: O-Level Girl (Public Sector)
35. Useless Eaters: Malfunction (Cheap Talk)
36. Routes: I’m Spent (Alligator)
37. Cheap Time: Another Time (Cass)
38. Folded Shirt: Wet Brain (F/S)
39. Feelin’ Lucky: Nothing (s/t)
40. Loli & the Chones: Dropout (P.S. We Hate You)
41. Knife Fight: Hobbies (Aarght!)
42. Wrong Words: Pay The Price (s/t)
43. Total Control: Stare Away (Arrght!)
44. People’s Temple: Miles Away (Sons Of Stone)
45. Shirks: On Time (Grave Mistake)
46. Shakey Aches: Junk Island (Pretty Bad)
47. Blue Hearts: Kiss Shite Hoshii (s/t)
48. Chosen Few: Slimy Characters (Really Gonna Punch You Out)
49. Flakes: Hang Up (Lipstick)
50. Bloodclot Faggots: Total Dicktator/Mental Satisfaction (No Patience)
51. GG King: Want (Esoteric Lore)
52. Women In Prison: Strange Waves (Hozac)
53. Statics: Burgers And Fries (Rat City)
54. Replacements: Like You (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash)
55. Carbonas: Count Me Out (s/t)
56. Ty Segall: Buick Mackane (Ty Rex)
57. B-Lines: Sunglasses (s/t)
58. Marauders: I Can Tell (Coulee)
59. Creations: Don’t Be Mean (Top Hat)
60. Distractors: Don’t You Just Know It (Dimebox)
61. Drags: Taste Like Poison (Stop Rock And Roll)
62. Predator: Bite (s/t)
63. Le Face: Nothing Cult (Psychic Handshake)
64. Doctor Explosion: Te Delatas (Hablaban Con Frases Hechas)
65. Squares: You Ain’t Square (Curse Of The Squares)
66. Panic: Requiem For Martin Heideggar (13)
67. Personal & the Pizzas: Dead Meat (Total Punk)
68. Ace: Go Go Girl (Advance Of The Ace)
69. Movements: Thinking Too Fast (Follow The…)
70. Crime: I Stupid Anyway (San Francisco’s Still Doomed)
71. Pheromoans: Bad Dandelion (It Still Rankles)
72. German Measles: Color Vibration (A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter)
73. Thor’s Hammer: I Don’t Care (From Kefllavik With Love)
74. Shannon & the Clams: Done With You (Sleep Talk)