Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/12/11

1. Eddie & the Flatheads: Record Hop (Tail)
2. Bloodshot Bill: Kerry Lee (All Messed Up)
3. Slapbacks: All I Wanna Do (Racin’ And Rockin’)
4. Tyvek: Hole In My Mind (Les Disques Steak)
5. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins w/the Leroy Kirkland Orchesatra: Person To Person (Okeh)
6. Little Willie John: Leave My Kitten Alone (King)
7. Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck (Berry-Go-Round)
8. Neatbeats: Baby Let’s Get Shake (Everybody Need)
9. Friar Tuck & his Merry Men: Peanut Butter (Sherwood Forest)
10.’s w/Jack White: Great Balls Of Fire (Third Man)
11. Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns: Sittin’ Here Waitin’ (Who’s The Fool)
12. Jerry Byrne: Lights Out (Specialty)
13. Greyhounds: Mean Red Spider (The Story Of Our Life)
14. Wildebeests: I Remember You (Gnus Of Gnavarone)
15. Hunx & his Punx: If You’re Not Here (I Don’ Know Where You Are) (Too Young To Be In Love)
16. Apache Dropout: Teenager (s/t)
17. Hunx & his Punx: Lover's Lane (Too Young To Be In Love)
18. Les Olivensteins: Euthanasie (s/t)
19. Routes: I Never Learn (Alligator)
20. BOB: The Things That You Do (Dumb)
21. X: Simulated Lovers (Aspirations)
22. Predator: Choke (s/t)
23. Useless Eaters: Mr. Oscillations (Cheap Talk)
24. Skulls: Victims? (What)
25. Baddat For Trubbel: Bara Inte Branog (Det Har Ar Inte New York)
26. High Tension Wires: Lose Face (Welcome New Machine)
27. Devil Dogs: Can’t Get Enough (Choad Blast)
28. Drab Doo Riffs: Drives Me Crazy (Bury Me In Drab)
29. B-Lines: Houseplants (s/t)
30. Telecommande: Panique Devant L’ecran (Leather Bar)
31. GG King: Day Turns Into Night (Red Lounge)
32. Eat: Communist Radio (Brain Transplant)
33. Knifefight: Boredon (Aarght!)
34. Rocks: Chaos (Point Blank)
35. Harelip: Heads Off (Ken Rock)
36. Shakey Aches: Junk Island (Pretty Bad)
37. Nobunny: Ain’t It A Shame (First Blood)
38. Pheromoans: Soft Targets (It Still Rankles)
39. Rough Kids: Going Blank (Rough)
40. Spider Babies: Rock And Roll Rejects (Ken Rock)
41. Wrong Words: Say Goodbye (s/t)
42. Pagans: Give Up (Shit Street)
43. Vomit Pigs: Useless Eater (Bad Wreckors)
44. A Frames: Afterbreath (333)
45. OBN III’s: Do My Thing (Tic Tac Totally)
46. Davila 666: Patitas (Tan Bajo)
47. Wet Bags: All Bones (Ken Rock)
48. Girls At Dawn: Back To You (Tic Tac Totally)
49. Trent Fox & the Tenants: Mess Around (Kind Turkey)
50. Bill Cosby & his White Puddin’ Pops: The Scream! (The Passion Of the Pops)
51. Spartan Dreggs: Forensic R&B (Damaged Goods)
52. Achtungs: No Place To Stay (demo)
53. Proto Idiot: Heros And Villains (Still Stupid)
54. Hollywood Sinners: I Wanna Be Your Man (Disastro Garantito)
55. Maybe Baby: All I Got (Windian)
56. Personal & the Pizzas: I Can Read (Gooc Entertainment)
57. Gaggers: I Don’t Care about You (Bowery/No Front Teeth)
58. Yolks: I Do What I Do (s/t)
59. Louder: No Way (no label)
60. Firestarter: The Beat Goes On (Living On The Heat)