Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/29/11

1. Baddat For Trubbel: Fan Ta Dig (Det Har Inte New York)
2. Teengenerate: Bad Boy (Estrus)
3. Rudy Green: Teeny Weeny Baby (Excello)
4. Red Mass: Miss Hurricane (Goodbye Boozy/Red Mass)
5. Protex: Don’t Call Me Up (Good Vibrations)
6. Buzzcocks: What Do I Get (Singles Going Steady)
7. Real Numbers: Pinckney St. (Florida’s Dying)
8. Bloodshot Bill: Big Eyes, Crazy Curls (All Messed Up)
9. Milkshakes: Boys (Milkshakes Revenge!)
10. Grizzly Family: Bad Bad Boy (The JCR Sessions)
11. GG King: Day Turns Into Night (Red Lounge)
12. Cramps: TV Set (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
13. Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Make Up Your Mind (Berry-Go-Round)
14. Dragtones: You’re Going To Fast (Wild)
15. Wize Guyz: Love Me Or Leave Me (Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair)
16. Slapbacks: Pretty Baby (Buckle Up)
17. Wet Bags: Zombie Tonight (demo)
18. Suicide Commandos: Monster Au Go-Go (P.S.)
19. Telecommande: Panique Devant L’ecran (Leather Bar)
20. Homostupids: Wildman (Strawberry Orange Peach Banana)
21. Useless Eaters: White Gurls (Cheap Talk)
22. Topless Mongos: Hey My My (Mammoth Cave)
23. Heartbeeps: Just For Her (My Bones Are Tattooed)
24. Dow Jones & the Industrials: Can’t Stand The Midwest (Hardly Music)
25. Bill Cosby & his White Puddin’ Pops: We’re Here To Party (The Passion Of The Pops)
26. Pagans: Give Til It Hurts (s/t)
27. Davila 666: Mala (Tan Bajo)
28. Radio City: She’s A Radio (Media Wave)
29. Brain Car: Detonate (Reel Time)
30. Chiefs: Riot Squad (Hollywood Crisis)
31. Hubble Bubble: Pogo Pogo (s/t)
32. Registrators: Fast My Bike (Rare Tracks)
33. Indian Wars: Get TO the Point (Bloodstains Across British Columbia)
34. Hollywood Sinners: Soy Bueno (Disastro Garantito)
35. Derek Lyn Plastic: Garden Of Eden (NMG)
36. Mean Jeans: Total Creep (Rehab)
37. Moonhearts: I Need Your Love (Under The Covers vol.2)
38. Boys: I Don’t Care (NEMS)
39. Radiations: Operation L (demo)
40. New Christs: Born Out Of Time (Citadel)
41. Burning Itch: Me, Myself And I (Leather Bar)
42. Les Olivensteins: Fier De Ne Rien Faire (s/t)
43. UV Race: Slow Mo (Homo)
44. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Waste Of Time (RIP Society)
45. Splash Four: She’s Too Young (Wild Wild)
46. Chopper Chicks: This Is My Dance (s/t)
47. Moby Dicks: Always Be Around (demo)
48. Neatbeats: Three Five-O (Big Beat Mind!!)
49. German Measles: Totally Mild (A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter)
50. Overnight Lows: Slit Wrist Rock n’ Roll (Goner)
51. Angry Samoans: Coffin Case (Back From Samoa)
52. I.V. Eyes: They Saved Teri’s Tube (Rubber Vomit)
53. Irritones: Rejection Is All We Got (Negative Dots)
54. Wrong Words: Summer’s Gone (s/t)
55. Twerps: Dance Alone (s/t)
56. Hunx & his Punx: He’s Coming Back (Too Young To Be In Love)
57. OBN III’s: Mad (Tic Tac Totally)
58. Magnums: Rock And Roll Girl Bait (NMG)
59. Filth: Sex (Plurex)
60. Midnight Snaxxx: Guy Like That (demo)
61. Carbonas: Blackout Waiting To Happen (Shattered)
62. Oops: Shave And Quit (Taste Of Zimbabwe)